Freitag, 26. September 2008

US Interrogator: Abuses in Iraq Violated International Law

Pamela Hess, The Associated Press: "A military interrogation expert, Air Force Col. Steven Kleinman, told Congress on Thursday that prior to the abuses at Abu Ghraib, he witnessed interrogations of Iraqi detainees that he considers violations of the Geneva Conventions."

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Bush's Bailout Meeting Ends in Disarray; McCain Gets Blame

David Lightman and Margaret Talev, McClatchy Newspapers: "Congressional negotiators' carefully-crafted agreement on a $700 billion rescue plan threatened to unravel Thursday as lawmakers at an often tense White House meeting clashed over details."

More Than Ever, We Need Healthy Debate

The Minneapolis Star Tribune: "GOP presidential nominee John McCain may have been trying to underscore the seriousness of the Wall Street crisis Wednesday, when he suspended his campaign and headed to Washington to join in talks on the matter. But in abruptly proposing to postpone the first of three scheduled debates with Democrat Barack Obama, McCain misjudged one consequence of that crisis."

Protesters Take Their Outrage to Wall Street

Steven Wishnia, AlterNet: "Enraged by the prospect of $700 billion of their taxes going to reimburse Wall Street speculators for their dubious investments, about 500 protesters paraded through Lower Manhattan's financial district Thursday afternoon, their chants of 'You broke it, you bought it' reverberating through the narrow office building canyons and off the flag-draped wall of the New York Stock Exchange."


National Protests Erupt Over Bailout Plan

Popular Anger Puts Fat Cat CEOs on the Run

Financial Crisis Likely to Further Erode U.S. Influence

How Wall Street Can Bail Itself Out Without Destroying The Dollar

Once In A Century Rip-Off

Largest Bank Failure in American History

Eric Dash and Andrew Ross Sorkin, The New York Times: "Washington Mutual, the giant lender that came to symbolize the excesses of the mortgage boom, was seized by federal regulators on Thursday night, in what is by far the largest bank failure in American history."

Southport residents take on telecommunications giant Vodafone in mast battle

Southport Visiter - Southport, UK

SOUTHPORT residents are taking on the world’s biggest mobile phone operator in its attempts to build four 40ft masts across the resort. ...


Phone firm under attack over mast

Shropshire Star - Telford, England, UK

... council yesterday, which was lobbied by a dozen placard-waving protesters angry at the erection overnight of a Vodafone mobile phone mast in Malinslee. ...


Microwave Antennas Installed on Kiely Roof Queens College

The Knight News (subscription) - NY, USA

However, the biological health effects, regarding the emission of electromagnetic radiation by these antennas, have not been taken into account. ...


Anger in town over phone mast

Shropshire Star - Telford, England, UK

Angry campaigners today have accused Vodafone of betrayal after a controversial mobile phone mast was erected on a Telford playing field. ...

Martial Law Plans Revealed?

What we chose to ignore - the plans to suspend the constitution

MTV Martial Law Warnings

How Long Will Americans Stay Apathetic To The Reality

Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist

Directive 51

Naomi Wolf, author of "The End of America"

Billy Vegas - The Militarization of Our Police
The Militarization of Our Police
a somewhat humorous discussion of a serious subject


We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

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Helfen Sie uns, den Raubbau an den Regenwäldern zu stoppen!

Palin picked as the titular head of the coming police state?

by Naomi Wolf


What’s the plan? It is this. McCain doesn’t matter. Reputable dermatologists are discussing the fact that in simply actuarial terms, John McCain has a virulent and life-threatening form of skin cancer. It is the elephant in the room, but we must discuss the health of the candidates: doctors put survival rates for someone his age at two to four years. I believe the Rove-Cheney cabal is using Sarah Palin as a stalking horse, an Evita figure, to put a popular, populist face on the coming police state and be the talk show hostess for the end of elections as we know them. If McCain-Palin get in, this will be the last true American election.”

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

What $700 billion could buy

The Progressive
by Ruth Conniff


There is no doubt that the Bush Administration’s massive $700 billion bailout plan for Wall Street will pass, in some form, in the coming days. Whether or not Congress succeeds in adding pay caps for the executives of floundering investment firms, or help for homeowners to avoid foreclosure, and regardless of the outcome of the FBI fraud investigations of some of the very firms lined up at the trough, it is clear that American taxpayers will ultimately shell out close to a trillion dollars to the speculators who drove the economy to the brink. It is breathtaking how the Bush Administration has turned a national budget surplus into a massive deficit, and squandered over a trillion dollars on the disastrous war in Iraq. But now, overnight, the same incompetent people in the White House, with the help of members of Congress who pushed for deregulation on Wall Street, are poised to commit nearly as much money to the bank bailout as they have already wasted on the war...

Bailout plan is like pushing on a string

Heartland Institute
by Jim Johnston


Will the bailout work? The one-word answer is NO. The more complete answer is that banks, once burned, will be twice shy in making new loans. A lot of lending will not take place. That, in turn will cripple the economy. The bailout will surely exceed $1 trillion and attach a permanent string on the money in the taxpayers pocketbooks, on which the government will frequently pull...

The insanity of the $700 Billion giveaway

by Michael Hudson


The banksters’ plan now is for icing on the cake – to take Mr. Paulson’s $700 billion and run. It’s not a “bailout of the financial system.” It’s as giveaway – to insiders, to sell out all their bad bets. Companies across the board will get rid of their bad mortgages, and also their bad car loans, furniture time payments, credit-card loans, student loans – all the debts that any competent actuary could have told them never could have been paid in the first place...

Dr. Frankenstein’s bubble: Made in Washington

Classically Liberal
by CLS


Now a libertarian might say that tax relief is not a bad thing. But there is tax relief that can create problems. When you have a tax on all capital gains but one specific kind then tax relief linked to one investment alone it will distort investment patterns. The tax policy, in essence, lowers the return on all investment save the favored one. Thus more capital flows into the favored investment than into the others. The natural market is distorted. Some areas lack the investment they ought to have under natural returns and the favored area receives more investment than it would if on an equal playing field. When one sector of the economy has too much investment the rate of return in that sector will eventually fall. Over investment drives down profits in that sector while pushing up profits in the underinvested sectors. Housing was over built and with each new house the pressure was increasing. The bubble had to burst. What Secretary Paulson is doing is trying to artificially pump up the bubble — the very sort of policy which caused the problem in the first place.

Bush to purchase fiddle

Unqualified Offerings
by Thoreau


I don’t like to credit this gang with being a bunch of masterminds, but, well, they came in at a time of peace and prosperity, gutted the whatever remained of institutions that might have checked them, funneled a trillion dollars into a disastrous war, and now on the way out they’re demanding $700 billion from us while the foreigners announce that the lending is at an end. If one were going to deliberately loot a country until it’s ruined, this is exactly what it would look like...

Bailout bums

by David Weigel


To understand how Washington, D.C.’s fiscally conservative and libertarian-leaning Republicans are handling Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s proposed $700 billion bailout of the financial services sector, think of a child who’s just learned that there is no Easter Bunny. Better yet, think of a guy who sunk his portfolio into Lehman Brothers or Bear Sterns and watched everything he was taught to believe about his investments declared moot, wrong, meaningless, at the mercy of the state. The bailout ‘does ensure that President Bush will have a legacy,’ laughed Fred Smith, the president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a staunchly pro-free markets group, on Wednesday. ‘It’s a legacy that will discredit every economic concept that we have on the right. It will set back the concept of economic liberty by a century.’ Openly or secretly, a lot of Smith’s fellow travelers in the Beltway agree...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Mobile phone pole vote due

8:58am Friday 26th September 2008

By Janaki Mahadevan

Concerns have been raised over the prospect of a new mobile phone pole being erected in Shenley.

Councillors on Hertsmere Borough Council’s Potters Bar and Shenley planning committee were last night due to approve mobile phone giant Orange’s application to erect a monopole — smaller than a full phone mast — in Black Lion Hill, at its junction with Porters Park Drive.

But worries have arisen because the proposed site is in the Green Belt and there is a similar pole operated by T-Mobile just 21 metres away.


Prototyp eines Systems zur Erkennung "feindlicher Absichten" vorgestellt

Das Heimatschutzministerium fördert mit dem Projekt "Future Attribute Screening Technology" weiterhin die Entwicklung von Techniken, um durch physiologische Daten und Verhaltensweisen Verdächtige zu identifizieren.

As Homes Are Lost, Fears That Votes Will Be, Too

Ian Urbina, The New York Times: "More than a million people have lost their homes through foreclosure in the last two years, and many of them are still registered to vote at the address of the home they lost. Now election officials and voting rights groups are struggling to prevent thousands of them from losing their vote when they go to the polls in November."

The New Corporate Threat to Our Water Supplies

Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman, "In the last few years, the world's largest financial institutions and pension funds, from Goldman Sachs to Australia's Macquarie Bank, have figured out that old, trustworthy utilities and infrastructure could become reliable cash cows - supporting the financial system's speculative junk derivatives with the real concrete of highways, water utilities, airports, harbors and transit systems."

Katharine Gun: The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War

Norman Solomon, Truthout: "Of course, Katharine Gun was free to have a conscience, as long as it didn't interfere with her work at a British intelligence agency. To the authorities, practically speaking, a conscience was apt to be less tangible than a pixel on a computer screen. But suddenly - one routine morning, while she was scrolling through email at her desk - conscience struck. It changed Katharine Gun's life, and it changed history."

The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War

Katharine Gun: The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War

Marcia Mitchell, Truthout: "Pigeons are coming home to roost in the prestigious halls of the United Kingdom's Parliament building. Whether they make it across the Atlantic to the US Capitol is a matter that should be of interest to all Americans. On March 19, Katharine Gun testified before British lawmakers, asking them to commit to a full public inquiry into the decision to invade Iraq. Gun is well-known to Members of Parliament. She was the young British secret service officer who was arrested for leaking an illegal US spy operation against members of the UN Security Council debating the decision for war. The operation, mounted by the NSA, targeted six nations whose vote for a preemptive strike was considered essential to winning broad international support for war."

Hedge funds move $100bn into safe havens

Citigroup estimates that hedge funds have now placed $600bn in cash, and that $100bn of this is held in money market funds, normally seen as some of the safest places to invest cash.

From Information Clearing House

Palin: Iraq, Afghanistan presence makes US secure

"I think our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan will lead to further security for our nation. We can never again let them onto our soil," she responded.

From Information Clearing House

McCain's Debate Ploy

By Michael Tomasky

A move so unserious, contemptible and cynical that it's hard to imagine how they even thought of it.

Show Us the Money

By William Greider

Taxpayers should wake up the politicians and ask them to tell Wall Street: "We want the same deal Warren Buffett got."

Richest Americans See Their Income Share Grow

By Jesse Drucker

In a new sign of increasing inequality in the U.S., the richest 1% of Americans in 2006 garnered the highest share of the nation's adjusted gross income for two decades, and possibly the highest since 1929, according to Internal Revenue Service data.

America's Elephant In The Room

By David Michael Green

The scope of the destruction is breathtaking to gaze upon. The rapidity with which American affluence and power and respect and responsibility were converted into their opposite numbers is mind-boggling.

The New World War: The Silence Is A Lie

By John Pilger

It is a war of the world. In Latin America, the Bush administration is fomenting incipient military coups in Venezuela, Bolivia, and possibly Paraguay, democracies whose governments have opposed Washington's historic rapacious intervention in its "backyard". Washington's "Plan Colombia" is the model for a mostly unreported assault on Mexico.

Morales Cites "Evidence" of U.S. Meddling

By Haider Rizvi

Bolivian President Evo Morales reiterated the charge Tuesday that the U.S. government was plotting to overthrow his government and that Washington had a hand in the recent episodes of violence in which a number of his supporters were killed and wounded by opposition gangs.

The Destabilization of Bolivia and the "Kosovo Option"

By Michel Chossudovsky

The death squads armed with automatic weapons responsible for killing supporters of Evo Morales in El Porvenir are supported covertly by the US. According to one report, "USAID has an "Office of Transition Initiatives" operating in Bolivia, funneling millions of dollars of training and support to right-wing opposition regional governments and movements."

Russia Signals Its Intention to Step Up Its Influence in Latin America

When the Bush administration dispatched two U.S. warships to the Black Sea to deliver humanitarian aid to war-stricken Georgia, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reacted with indignation and a warning. "There will be an answer," Putin said during a visit to Uzbekistan. Asked to elaborate, Putin replied, "You'll see."

From Information Clearing House


Russia-Venezuela military exercises reaction to US moves


Russia is displaying its military power in America’s back yard, sending a convoy of warships to Venezuela for joint naval exercises, the first such deployment since the Cold War. The Kremlin is becoming increasingly cozy with Venezuela, Cuba and other Latin American countries unhappy with the United States, in apparent response to thorny issues such as U.S. missile defense plans in Eastern Europe, NATO’s eastern expansion, and U.S. warships dispatched to Georgia...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Pakistani Troops Fire on US Helicopters at Border


Two American OH-58 reconnaissance helicopters, known as Kiowas, were on a routine afternoon patrol in the eastern province of Khost when they received small arms fire from a Pakistani border post, said Tech Sgt. Kevin Wallace, a U.S. military spokesman.

US, Pakistani troops trade gunfire at border

A U.S. military official says American and Pakistani troops traded gunfire during a five-minute skirmish on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

No intrusion into Pakistan territory will be tolerated: Minister

Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Labour and Manpower Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah has said that no intrusion into Pakistani territory by any foreign power would be tolerated, Pakistan military is capable of defending every inch of the country.

Pakistani and American Troops Exchange Fire

Pakistani and American ground troops exchanged fire along the border with Afghanistan on Thursday, a top American military official said, ratcheting up tensions as the United States increases its attacks against militants in Pakistan's restive tribal areas.

Pakistan leader condemns attacks from 'friends'

After placing a picture of his assassinated wife, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, on the podium, President Asif Ali Zardari told world leaders that such attacks strengthen the extremists the United States and others are trying to destroy.

U.S. Raids on Pakistan

Pakistan warns US troops after exchange of fire

Pakistan warned U.S. troops not to intrude on its territory on Friday, a day after the two anti-terror allies traded fire along the volatile border with Afghanistan.

From Information Clearing House

Israel Asked US for Green Light to Bomb Nuclear Sites in Iran

By Jonathan Steele

US president told Israeli prime minister he would not back attack on Iran, senior European diplomatic sources tell Guardian.

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Phone tower concerns communicated

Northern Rivers Echo - Lismore, New South Wales, Australia

I’m concerned about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. What can I do to stop the tower being built?

A: We can’t comment on the health aspects ...

No Amnesty For Wall Street

by Chuck Baldwin

At the time of this writing, the U.S. House and Senate are poised to pass a $700 billion bailout to Wall Street. At the behest of President George W. Bush, the U.S. taxpayers are going to be on the hook for what can only be referred to as the biggest fraud in U.S. history. Virtually our entire financial system is based on an illusion.......

The collapse of the US dollar


Bailout must address the foreclosure crisis

Boston Globe


Congress and the Bush administration must address the underlying issue in the financial crisis — foreclosures. The only real solution is to restructure mortgages based on what the homeowners can afford. This solution can be achieved on scale with little or no taxpayer money. … We have trusted the government before and are still paying the price in Iraq. Now Congress is ready to support it on a second request for a blank check. It is unacceptable to provide such a huge amount of taxpayer money to be used under the sole discretion of decisionmakers who use the ‘idiot’ defense...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Truth and War Mean Nothing at the Party Conferences

Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity?

Govt Regulation Caused The Crisis

War Is Good for the Economy?

The financial meltdown the economists of the Austrian School predicted has arrived

Bush the Socialist and Destroyer


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