Sonntag, 7. September 2008

Nearly 600,000 Voters Subject to Possible Caging in Ohio

David Rosenfeld, Miller-McCune: "How many voter-registration mass mailers are 'returned to sender' in the run-up to Election Day may determine how many Ohio residents are eligible to vote."

MIMO hat mit der Verminderung des Esmogs nichts zu tun

No moderate, no realist, McCain the neocon

Matt Welch, of, provides a history of McCain and his move to the militant neocons.


McCain’s big speech: More prison cell than policy

Mother Jones
by David Corn


Number of sentences in John McCain’s acceptance speech about his experience as a POW in Vietnam: 43. Number of sentences about his 25 years in the House and Senate: 8. The convention ended as it began: a commemoration of McCain’s hellish years in a Hanoi prison cell four decades ago. The political equation was a simple one: POW equals patriotic hero equals a fighting president. Before McCain walked down the long runway at St. Paul’s Xcel Center, a baritone voice declared over the P.A., ‘When you’ve lived in a box …you put your people first.’ Case closed. But there was a speech to get through. And before McCain arrived at the climactic I-was-a-POW finale, he delivered, in wooden style, a no-better-than-par speech that was mostly a series of traditional GOP buzz phrases: lower taxes, cut spending, open markets...

It’s the phonies, stupid

Tom Paine/Our Future
by Tom Sullivan


Would America seriously consider giving them another four years? Millions of viewers who tuned in to watch the GOP convention in St. Paul found out, if they did not know already, that America is hip deep in phonies. Events recorded during and after the convention demonstrate that leading conservative opinion makers resemble tobacco industry lobbyists. Garrison Keillor recognized these aging boomers from high school, ‘as cohesive now as they were back then, dedicated to school spirit, intolerant of outsiders, able to jump up and down and holler for something they don’t actually believe’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Whiners' Recession

Dean Baker, Truthout: "Senator McCain and his friends no doubt still believe that the economy's fundamentals are strong, but Friday's jobs numbers clearly show how bad things have gotten. The 6.1 percent unemployment rate reported for August is almost as high as the worst levels from the last recession. A broader measure of labor market weakness, that includes people who can only find part-time work or who have given up looking for jobs, is higher than at any point in the last recession."


Country Last

By David Michael Green

Hey, did you know that John McCain was a POW? Did you also know that he was a POW, and that he was a POW? Now that I've recapped seventy percent of the Republican Convention last week, let me fill in the remaining 30 percent: hypocrisy, arrogance, lies and b...


Tyranny on Display at the Republican Convention


McCain's Integrity

Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic: "For me, this surreal moment - like the entire surrealism of the past ten days - is not really about Sarah Palin or Barack Obama or pigs or fish or lipstick. It's about John McCain. The one thing I always thought I knew about him is that he is a decent and honest person. So far, he has let us all down. My guess is he will continue to do so."

The Mighty, Scary Press Corps

America's State-Loving Media

UN Says Eat Less Meat To Curb Global Warming

Soziale Ungerechtigkeit tötet im großen Stil

WHO präsentiert Studie über soziale Gesundheitsfaktoren.

Kipppunkte im Klimawandel werden absehbar

Früheren Ereignissen plötzlicher klimatischer Veränderungen gingen typische Vorläufer-Signale voraus.

Das Vertrauen in die Atomenergie schwindet

Atomenergie ist sicher, billig und klimafreundlich behaupten CDU, CSU und FDP. Doch in diesen Tagen sind die Atomfreunde seltsam wortkarg geworden. Man könnte meinen, die fast unglaublichen Schlampereien mit Atommüll im Versuchsendlager Asse, habe die Befürworter längerer Laufzeiten von Atomkraftwerken sprachlos gemacht.

Atomkraftwerke sind gefährliche Terrorziele

Kurz vor dem siebten Jahrestag des Anschlags auf das World-Trade-Center in New York hat der BUND vor den unverändert hohen Terrorrisiken bei deutschen Atomkraftwerken gewarnt.

EU als Ausbeuter der Meere entlarvt

Fischereiflotten werfen jährlich 1,4 Mio. Tonnen Fische weg.


37 Prozent der Fläche Spaniens sind bedroht, sich in eine Wüste zu verwandeln

Schon fast 50 Prozent Spaniens sind von starker Erosion betroffen und erst jetzt tritt ein Aktionsplan gegen Desertifikation in Kraft.

Next-up news Nr 674

Ron Suskind: Bush Administration lied us into war

The best secret government money can buy

US spying on Maliki angers Iraq

"If it is true, it reflects that there is no trust and it reflects also that the institutions in the US are used to spying on their friends and their enemies in the same way," said Mr Ali al-Dabbagh, spokesman of the Iraqi government.

Iraq does not need agreement violating country's sovereignty - Iraq's Vice President

"We do not need the agreement unless it guarantees sovereignty conditions, taking Iraq out from the UN charter seven, and assures the implementation of the Iraqi law in general," al-Hashemi said during a visit to al-Adhamiya neighborhood in Baghdad

From Information Clearing House

US military trained Georgian commandos

The revelation, based on recruitment documents and interviews with US military trainers obtained by the Financial Times, could add fuel to accusations by Vlad­imir Putin, Russian prime minister, last month that the US had "orchestrated" the war in the Georgian enclave.

US unloads aid to Georgia, Russians eye every move

As nearby Russian forces watched intently, a U.S. Navy ship unloaded 17 tons of humanitarian aid to a strategic Georgian port that was devastated in last month's war between Russia and Georgia.

Kremlin-watchers warn of direct U.S.-Russia clash

In the aftermath of last month's war between Russia and U.S.-backed Georgia, Kremlin-watchers in Moscow are worried that Russia and America are closer to direct confrontation than at any point since the end of the Cold War.

Russia backed over Georgia, angry at US

Russia has won backing over Georgia from six heads of ex-Soviet states and hit out at the United States for sending a navy flagship to a key Georgian port where its troops have been patrolling.

Try not to laugh:

Cheney says Russia's actions in Georgia an 'affront to civilized standards'.

He also says NATO enlargement must continue as the allies see fit, despite Russia's...

Russia a nation 'to be reckoned with'

"Russia will never allow anyone to infringe upon the lives and dignity of its citizens. Russia is a nation to be reckoned with from now on," he said.

Try not to laugh:

Cheney to Peres: Russia supplies weapons to terrorists

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney met with President Shimon Peres on the sidelines of the Ambrosetti forum on the edge of Italy's Lake Como on Saturday, telling the Israeli leader that Russia is selling arms to Damascus and Iran with the clear knowledge that they are being channeled to Hezbollah and terror groups in Iraq.

Allegations of Israeli Plan to Attack Iran from Georgia

Deputy speaker of the Russian parliament, Sergei Markov, seems to have alleged an even more aggressive plan on Israel's part.

From Information Clearing House

On Sarah Palin Hypocrisy

Jon Stewart


On "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart hit Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly with damning evidence of their hypocrisy regarding Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Palin's Churches and the Third Wave

Video documentary "Sarah Palin's Churches and The New Wave"

Sarah Palin's churches are actively involved in a resurgent movement that was declared heretical by the Assemblies of God in 1949. This is the same 'Spiritual Warfare' movement that was featured in the award winning movie, "Jesus Camp," which showed young children being trained to do battle for the Lord. At least three of four of Palin's churches are involved with major organizations and leaders of this movement, which is referred to as The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit or the New Apostolic Reformation. The movement is training a young "Joel's Army" to take dominion over the United States and the world.


Palin and McCain's Shotgun Marriage

Frank Rich, The New York Times: "Given the actuarial odds that could make Palin our 45th president, it would be helpful to know who this mystery woman actually is. Meanwhile, two eternal axioms of our politics remain in place. Americans vote for the top of the ticket, not the bottom. And in judging the top of the ticket, voters look first at the candidates' maiden executive decision, their selection of running mates. Whatever we do and don't know about Palin's character at this point, there is no ambiguity in what her ascent tells us about McCain's character and potential presidency."

Palin's "Trooper-Gate" Cover-Up

Robert Parry, Consortium News: "Ripping a page from George W. Bush's playbook on obstructing investigations, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her senior aides are maneuvering to thwart an abuse-of-power investigation that Palin initially vowed to assist."

Sarah Palin: "A Gidget for God's Truth"

Steve Weissman, Truthout: "'The Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation,' declared John McCain back in September 2007. With his vice-presidential pick of Governor Sarah Palin, he has found a winsome soul mate who is even more of a Christian nationalist, eager to use government to impose her religious views on the rest of us."

As Campaign Heats Up, Untruths Can Become Facts

Jonathan Weisman, The Washington Post: "From the moment Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin declared that she had opposed the infamous 'Bridge to Nowhere,' critics, the news media and nonpartisan fact checkers have called it a fabrication or, at best, a half-truth. But yesterday in Lebanon, Ohio, and again in Lancaster, Pa., she crossed that bridge again. 'I told Congress: "Thanks but no thanks for that Bridge to Nowhere up in Alaska,"' Palin told the crowds at the 'McCain Street USA' rallies. 'If we wanted a bridge, we'll build it ourselves.'"

Pulling the Curtain on Palin

E.J. Dionne Jr., The Washington Post: "John McCain's campaign acknowledged this weekend that Sarah Palin is unprepared to be vice president or president of the United States. Of course, McCain's people said no such thing. But their actions told you all you needed to know. McCain, Barack Obama and Joe Biden all subjected themselves to tough questioning on the regular Sunday news programs. Palin was the only no-show. And it's not just the Sunday interviews. She has not opened herself to any serious questioning since McCain picked her to be next in line for the presidency."

A Palin Theocracy

Marjorie Cohn, Truthout: "John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate has invigorated a lackluster campaign. The media can't stop talking about her. Given McCain's age and state of health (his medical file was nearly 1,200 pages long), Palin would indeed be a heartbeat away from becoming president. But what would a Palin administration really look like?"

Sarah Palin, the Free Market and Certificate of Need Laws

Niko Karvounis, Health Beat: "A few days ago over at The Health Care Blog, Robert Laszewski posted a list of Sarah Palin's health care priorities while serving as governor of Alaska. No. 1 on her list was the repeal of certificate of need (CON) laws in the state."

Blizzard of Lies

Paul Krugman, The New York Times: "Did you hear about how Barack Obama wants to have sex education in kindergarten, and called Sarah Palin a pig? Did you hear about how Ms. Palin told Congress, 'Thanks, but no thanks' when it wanted to buy Alaska a Bridge to Nowhere? These stories have two things in common: they’re all claims recently made by the McCain campaign - and they’re all out-and-out lies. Dishonesty is nothing new in politics. I spent much of 2000 - my first year at The Times - trying to alert readers to the blatant dishonesty of the Bush campaign’s claims about taxes, spending and Social Security. But I can’t think of any precedent, at least in America, for the blizzard of lies since the Republican convention."


Sarah Palin’s ossified vision of America

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


One Cheer for the Republicans?

Sarah Palin: The Xena of the War Party

Palin: Just Another Awful Candidate

The Power of One


Palin: The real scandal

Informant: Teresa Binstock


Loyalty first

In These Times
by Hans Johnson


John McCain’s bending to the religious right in choosing Sarah Palin and two ominous charges of abuse of power from her tenure in Alaska raise new concerns about how the Republican team would govern. The selection of Palin, who tried to oust a town librarian resistant to censorship and fired a law-enforcement official who was the boss of her sister’s former husband, risks a renewal of and not an end to illegal actions that have marked the Bush administration...

Sarah Palin’s nine most disturbing beliefs

by staff


Let’s forget for a moment that Sarah Palin likes to kill moose, has lots of children and was once voted the second-prettiest lady in Alaska; that’s all part of the gusher of sensationalist, but not particularly substantive, news that has dominated coverage of the Alaska governor’s addition to the Republican ticket. Before the next news cycle brings the shocking information that Palin was actually impregnated by Bigfoot, we need to shift the discussion to what really matters about her in the context of the White House: her dangerous views...

Don’t be swept away by Palin campaign hype

Christian Science Monitor
by Jerry Lanson


In the summer of 2002, a senior aide to President George W. Bush met with a writer whose work had annoyed him to deliver a lesson in how his administration saw its mandate. ‘The aide said that guys like me … ‘believe that solutions emerge from … judicious study of discernible reality,” Ron Suskind wrote, recalling the event two years later. ”That’s not the way the world really works anymore …’ [the aide] continued. ‘When we act, we create our own reality.” Even in the days before the Bush presidency and Karl Rove, widely believed to be the source of that quote, political campaigns of all stripes have strived to ‘create their own realities.’ But while reporters have ridiculed Democrat Michael Dukakis for riding in a tank and belittled Barack Obama for the Greek columns at his nomination speech, Republicans have succeeded in turning the manipulation of myth into an art form...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Mocking Constitutional Rights

And Then We Will Die

By Angie Riedel

The US government now confronts every minor inconvenience with brutality and force. With lies. With tricks. With deceit. With unrivaled hypocrisy. It speaks a scripted and rehearsed dialog of illogic and insults. It changes the meanings of words and uses those words as weapons to crush, to silence and oppress, to steal what it wants.

How McCain Sees the World

Randy Scheunemann: How McCain Sees the World

McCain recognizes there are certain people in the world whom you can't use any word other than evil to describe.

By Adam B. Kushner

KUSHNER: Does McCain divide the world into good and evil?

SCHEUNEMANN: He believes deeply that America is a force for good, and he recognizes there are certain people in the world who send children off to be suicide bombers or repress their citizens viciously whom you can't use any word other than evil to describe. On the larger question-does he see the world in black and white, in dividing lines?-absolutely not.

McCain and The Forrestal

By Robert Dreyfuss

Perhaps it is too much to expect McCain, born on a naval air station in the Panama Canal Zone and programmed virtually since birth for his part in the war, to have let his conscience get the better of him.

Bank Tied To McCain's Son Goes Under

Andrew K. McCain, a son of Republican presidential nominee John McCain, sat on the boards of Silver State Bank and of its parent, Silver State Bancorp. Andrew McCain also was a member of the bank's audit committee, responsible for oversight of the company's accounting.

From Information Clearing House


She's Clueless, He's Worse

Triangulating an Asian Conflict

By Chan Akya

One of the more predictable turns during any US presidential election year is the sheer speed with which issues of longer-term strategic importance are quietly subsumed by a global media fed a steady diet of soap-operatic drama on the candidates, their spouses, born and unborn children and so on.


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