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The Problem Is Empire


The Lifeblood of the Empire

Bush Pushes for More Police Power

Nat Hentoffölice+state

Collapse of Arctic Ice Shelves Shows Seriousness of Global Warming

Lieberman wants a president 'enemies will fear'

Pepe Escobar and Paul Jay react to Lieberman's speech to the RNC.

Act of war: US Troops Attack / Kill Civilians in Pakistan

Mowaz Khan, an official in South Waziristan tribal district, said on Wednesday that helicopters dropped troops into the border village of Jalal Khel, and that the troops shot civilians who had left their homes upon hearing the helicopters.

Pakistan strongly condemns cross-border killing by coalition forces

This completely unprovoked act of killing is strongly condemned and the loss of precious lives is regretted, said the statement.

Pakistanis furious over U.S.-led border raid

"At a minimum they want an apology ... and an assurance that this kind of operation will not be repeated ... It could have an irreparable effect on long-term relations."

US attack inside Pakistan threatens dangerous new war

By Peter Symonds

The attack was unprovoked. US troops landed by helicopter in the village of Jalal Khei in South Waziristan at around 3 a.m. and immediately targetted three houses. The engagement lasted for about 30 minutes and left between 15 and 20 people dead, including women and children.

Turning Away From American State Terrorism

By Peter Chamberlin

In Pakistan we find the complete history of the American "war on terrorism," from its Cold War origins nearly thirty years ago to its present incarnation in the illegal American aggression in Pakistan's Frontier region (FATA, Federally Administered Tribal Areas) and in American attempts to reignite the Cold War with Russia.

From Information Clearing House


US Troops Enter Pakistan, 20 Dead

Candace Rondeaux, The Washington Post: "At least 20 people were killed in northwest Pakistan on Wednesday after U.S. and Afghan troops crossed from Afghanistan to pursue Taliban insurgents in an early morning attack that marked the first known instance in which U.S. forces conducted an operation on Pakistani soil since the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan began, according to witnesses and a Pakistani official."

Overcoming Human Nature

The Revolution of the Meek

By Peter Chamberlin

Americans must reconcile themselves to the horrendous truth about what has been done to the world in our name. We must face the ugly truth that we have allowed our government to rampage through the world like some rabid beast, devouring the weak and wounding the strong. We have allowed our government to assume illegitimate power to a level that rivals all predecessor progenitors of evil.

US tries to create an 'iron curtain' around Russia

F William Engdahl: US in decline as Russia asserts its rising power


The US provoked Russia to respond militarily and the US as the dominant power is beginning to stumble and "to look desperately for ways to hold on to that power."

Amazon Deforestation Rises

Ron Paul Channeling Losing Presidential Bid Into Political Push of His Own

Robert T. Garrett, The Dallas Morning News: "Texas Rep. Ron Paul, shunned by the Republicans because he won't endorse John McCain, starred in his own political convention Tuesday. Dr. Paul seeks to channel momentum from his losing presidential bid into an ongoing political push, though it's unclear whether the effort will hurt Mr. McCain's chances. 'I don't worry a whole lot about that,' the Surfside congressman said as 12,000 supporters flocked to the Target Center for nine hours of hot rhetoric about big government, trampling of the Constitution and President Bush's foreign misadventures."


McCain Campaign Tries To Block Ron Paul From Convention Floor

Paul was barred from speaking at the convention "because the congressman would not change his position on the war in Iraq, which he opposes."

From Information Clearing House


Ron Paul says it's time to end the empire

Paul Jay interviews Ron Paul from the "Rally for the Republic".

Ron Paul and civil liberties - a debate

Con Carroll of Heritage Foundation debates Bruce Fein of American Freedom Agenda.

McCain's Dereliction of Duty

Cliff Schecter, In These Times: "At a town hall meeting in Denver in early July, a Vietnam veteran asked presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) why he had opposed increasing healthcare for veterans whenever Congress had taken up the issue over the past six years. McCain virtually ignored the man's question, dissembling his opposition to an updated GI Bill for veterans. After the questioner challenged McCain's response, the senator reacted as he usually does when queried beyond his comfort level: He got visibly angry. Because McCain is running for president almost solely on his biography as a war hero, he can't - and won't - allow the slightest doubt to linger about his dedication to soldiers both past and present."

Protest victory as mast scheme is turned down

Residents and councillors are celebrating after plans for a controversial phone mast were turned down – despite officers' recommendations.

Derbyshire Dales planning officers wanted the application by Telefonica O2 UK for a 20-metre tower at Farley Hill in Matlock to be granted.

However, district councillors rejected the recommendations at a meeting on Tuesday and voted for refusal on the grounds the mast would have a detrimental impact on the landscape.


Residents’ anger at second phone mast

Ben Turner

3/ 9/2008

ANGRY Tytherington residents are bracing themselves for a second new phone mast near their homes in as many years.

Vodafone follow T-Mobile in planning a mobile phone "base station" on Manchester Road, a short distance from Marlborough primary and Tytherington high schools.


Residents win phone mast review victory

By Colin Hutton

DELIGHTED: Archie McDowall lives next to two masts and believes a review is “encouraging”

Survey prompts Government action

MEMBERS of a community blighted by an “excessive” amount of phone masts are delighted that planning guidelines for the towers are to be reviewed.


Red tape blunder over phone mast

Published Date: 03 September 2008

By sue irving

RESIDENTS in Wisbech's Waterlees Road area are shocked to see work start on a phone mast they thought had been rejected at the planning stage.
In 2005, residents fought what they thought was a successful battle to stop phone giant Vodafone from building a 12 metre-high mast on the grassy area east of Waterlees Road and west of Lynn Road.

Residents understood permission was turned down in February 2006 but it has transpired the mast can go ahead because Fenland Council did not say it was refusing the application when it asked for more information.


Homeland Security and other boondoggles

Mother Jones
by Bruce Falconer


‘Government likes to begin things — to declare grand new programs and causes,’ President Bush said in 2001 at the unveiling of his ‘Management Agenda,’ a program aimed at improving the performance of federal agencies. ‘But good beginnings are not the measure of success. What matters in the end is completion. Performance. Results.’ In subsequent years, the Bush administration gave birth to numerous new executive departments, offices, and programs of its own — and the results are in. A stroll through the graveyard of best intentions …

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The next president and the next war

Liberty Unbound

by Jon Harrison

Time is running out for the Bush presidency. On balance, it seems likely that Bush will hand off to his successor without having started a new war in the Middle East. Certain circumstances (including U.S. electoral politics) could change the odds in favor of war, and these will be discussed below. Whether the next president inherits a new war or not, he will certainly face critical problems in the region. How will it all play out over the next twelve months? In part, of course, this depends on who wins the November election... (for publication 10/08)

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

World Bank: Two and a half billion people live on less than $2 a day

UN warns of Ethiopia food crisis

About eight million people need urgent food relief and another 4.6 million need emergency assistance, accoring to the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

World Bank: Two and a half billion people live on less than $2 a day

The most dire conditions exist in Sub-Saharan Africa. After a quarter-century (1981-2005) that witnessed the most extraordinary advances in technology, the percentage of people living in absolute poverty in that region remained unchanged; some 50 percent of its population subsists on $1.25 a day or less.

From Information Clearing House

Oil really is the root of all evil

The State Embrace: On the Folly of "We"

Secret American History

The Calamity of Bush's Conservatism

Französische Epidemiologen stellen fest, dass soziale Ungleichheit mit tödlichen Krebserkrankungen korreliert

When Fairness Became a Four-Letter Word

Why Its Iraqi "Client" Blocked US Long-Term Presence


US-Iraqi Agreement: Leaked

By Raed Jarrar

This leaked draft is a treasure of information. It's the first time any document related to this topic is made public. It shows how weak the Iraqi negotiations team is (it is really pathetic to read their "suggestions" on how to fix the disaster of an agreement).

Police Response in Twin Cities 'Out of Control'

Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar Released After Illegal Arrest at RNC

Preemptive Strikes Against Protest at RNC

Free Press Calls for Charges to Be Dropped Against Amy Goodman, Independent Journalists

ACLU Calls For Investigation Into Raids And Mass Arrests At RNC

How The GOP Bought Police 'Tough Tactics' and Political Repression

Democracy Now!: DN! Journalists Facing Charges for Reporting on the Republican National Convention

ACLU Renews Its Call for Investigation Into Civil Liberties Violations at RNC

The Party Police


Militarized St. Paul

Czarist America


Looking at America's Police State

By Timothy V. Gatto

Our leaders have no conscience, and hatch their schemes and plan for conquest, while millions of us wait for a chance to change this nation's direction. Sadly, for all of us that are truly paying attention, we see that real change is only a mirage.

Police, National Guard, Fire Tear Gas Into Protest Group

By Pioneer Press staff - Includes video

Local police and Minnesota National Guard units are using a combination of pepper spray, concussion grenades and tear gas on a group of breakaway protesters gathered on Kellogg Boulevard in downtown St. Paul. The group of about 150 protesters, many thought to be with the group "Funk the War," had been blocking traffic for much of the afternoon.

Anti War Protester Offers Flower To Police

Pepper Sprayed As Thank You.


Click to view

Amy Goodman Arrested at Republican National Convention


Democracy Now's Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar were arrested by the Minneapolis Police Department. Charged with conspiracy to riot. Footage from Rick Rowley and Brandon Jourdan.

Where Protest Is Terrorism

RNC 8 Charged as Terrorists Under State Patriot Act

By Bruce Nestor

"The charges represent an abuse of the criminal justice system and seek to intimidate any person organizing large scale public demonstrations potentially involving civil disobedience, he said."


Marches continue

Minneapolis Star Tribune


A third day of rallies outside the Republican National Convention took aim at the plight of the poor. Police and marchers clashed again, but arrests were way down. A vocal group of demonstrators took to the streets of St. Paul again Tuesday evening, voicing their anger about economic justice issues on Day 2 of the Republican National Convention. The number of protesters and arrests were way down from the 10,000 who marched and the nearly 300 who were arrested Monday, but police and demonstrators did clash briefly. Trading choruses of ‘Who’s streets? [sic] Our streets,’ more than 500 people started marching at Mears Park through downtown before their numbers swelled at the Capitol. The march ended near the Xcel Energy Center about 8 p.m., but hundreds of stragglers disbanded only after police fired smoke bombs and concussive grenades...

Raiding democracy in St. Paul


by Marjorie Cohn


In the months leading up to the Republican National Convention, the FBI-led Minneapolis Joint Terrorist Task Force actively recruited people to infiltrate vegan groups and other leftist organizations and report back about their activities. On May 21, the Minneapolis City Pages ran a recruiting story called ‘Moles Wanted.’ Law enforcement sought to preempt lawful protest against the policies of the Bush administration during the convention. Since Friday, local police and sheriffs, working with the FBI, conducted preemptive searches, seizures and arrests...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The message of the militarized convention cities

UFPPC statement: On the arrest of journalists at the 2008 RNC in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


Silencing the Town Crier

Leslie Griffith, Truthout: "Amy Goodman, who hosts one of the rare alternative news programs in the country, 'Democracy Now,' is not known for attracting attention to herself. She is not a Bill O'Reilly, shouting and screaming at anyone who disagrees. She is a journalist who loves diverse voices and putting events into perspective - helping American citizens get the information they need to make informed decisions. Yesterday, Goodman witnessed and experienced something very frightening that likely was not mentioned on your local news."

Why We Were Falsely Arrested

Amy Goodman, Truthdig: "Government crackdowns on journalists are a true threat to democracy. As the Republican National Convention meets in St. Paul, Minn., this week, police are systematically targeting journalists. I was arrested with my two colleagues, 'Democracy Now!' producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar, while reporting on the first day of the RNC. I have been wrongly charged with a misdemeanor. My co-workers, who were simply reporting, may be charged with felony riot."

Police Arrest 200 in March on GOP Convention, Including Journalists

Ryan J. Foley and Martiga Lohn, The Associated Press: "Police surrounded and arrested about 200 protesters Thursday night after a lengthy series of marches and sit-ins timed to coincide with Sen. John McCain's acceptance of the Republican Party's nomination for president. Caught up in the clash were several reporters assigned to cover the event, including Amy Forliti and Jon Krawczynski of The Associated Press. Officers ordered them to sit on the pavement on a bridge over Interstate 94 and to keep their hands over their heads as they were led away two at a time."


Arrested at the RNC

Amy Goodman talks about being detained at the RNC.

The right to assembly

The American Civil Liberties Union is representing dozens of protestors arrested at the RNC.

Beyond Carbon: Scientists Worry About Nitrogen's Effects

Richard Morgan, The New York Times: "Public discussion of complicated climate change is largely reduced to carbon: carbon emissions, carbon footprints, carbon trading. But other chemicals have large roles in the planet's health, and the one Dr. Giblin is looking for in Arctic mud, one that a growing number of other researchers are also concentrating on, is nitrogen."

Doubts Grow Over Flu Vaccine in Elderly

Brenda Goodman, The New York Times: "The influenza vaccine, which has been strongly recommended for people over 65 for more than four decades, is losing its reputation as an effective way to ward off the virus in the elderly."

Violating Someone's "Sphere of Influence" Can Be Dangerous

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: "What is it about American foreign policy that constantly gets the US military involved in another country or region and then winds up with our troops bogged down in a dimly understood local conflict? Are our strategists and international experts missing something?"

Renewing America's "Contract With the Middle Class"

Leo Hindery Jr., The Los Angeles Times: "In the last 25 years, what is good for America and what is good for much of corporate America have gotten way out of sync."

Biden: Republicans Silent on Issues That Matter to Middle Class

Mike Chalmers, The News Journal: "A sometimes angry Sen. Joe Biden on Friday railed against the 'abject failure' of Republicans to help middle-class Americans cope with shrinking wages, job losses and the rising cost of gas, groceries, health insurance and college."

Gonzales Mishandled Terrorism and Spying Documents

The Associated Press: "While serving as attorney general, Alberto Gonzales mishandled top secret documents, risking the release of classified information about two of the Bush administration's most sensitive counterterrorism efforts - a surveillance program and detainee interrogations."

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