Check your voter registration status

This is a very important concern because tens of thousands of voters have been in the past, and continue to have potential to be, unable to vote using a regular ballot due to inaccurate automatic purges of electronic voter registration rolls.

U.S. citizens should check the status of your voter registration at least a month prior to the November election. All U.S. states are required by federal law to use electronic voter registration rolls now.

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1a. Re: NYTimes begins the prediction of election problems in November Posted by: Barbara Simons
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I also am very concerned about large scale voter disenfranchisement, because people's names have been stripped from the statewide computerized voter registration databases, also discussed in the article. While I think that some members of Congress supported the statewide databases because they thought that such a system would make it less likely for people's names to be incorrectly removed from the voting rolls, in fact the opposite is true. The introduction of computers into the process significantly increases the opportunity for widespread disenfranchisement of legitimate voters.

Therefore, voters, especially new voters, should be encouraged to check that their names are on the voting rolls. They should do so enough in advance that there will be time to get their names back onto the voting rolls, if necessary. It would also be good if organizations, such as local LWVs and other election integrity groups, could coordinate collection of information from people whose names are incorrectly missing from the voting rolls. That way, it might be possible to detect a problem (i.e. if large numbers of people living in a certain area complain) enough in advance to perhaps get them fixed - or at a minimum to put out an alert.

Election officials should also be urged to create strong meaningful levels of security to minimize the possibility of names being incorrectly deleted, either because of mistakes or malfeasance.

Barbara Simons, Los Altos/Moutain

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Judy Bertelsen wrote: The article linked below predits that our November elections will be strained with all the new voters. It is shameful and stunningly short sighted that Congress didn't pass paper ballot funding legislation.

We will need to work state by state to shore up the election process, especially in areas where many new voters can be expected to register. We need to be registering people as early as possible and informing voters of the process and their rights.

Kathy Dopp

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