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Investment Banks Blamed for Oil Spike — After months of pummeling oil industry executives, Congress is zeroing in on a new alleged villain for today's record oil prices: investment banks, the same ones who've been instrumental in the housing meltdown. During two highly partisan hearings, Democratic lawmakers alleged that the lack of regulation for complex financial instruments is contributing to the oil price run-up, while Republicans defended the investment banks and their involvement in energy trading as merely reflective of supply and demand in world oil markets.

McCain Hates Social Security

Bill Scher writes for The Campaign for America's Future: "Sen. John McCain, I'm one of your friends, right? The kind of friend who can handle some of your special brand of Straight Talk. So why won't you just tell me you hate Social Security?"

Vicious Ideologue Renews Attack on Social Security

U.S.-India Nuclear Deal Undermines Global Non-Proliferation

Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation: New Push for U.S.-India Nuclear Deal Undermines Global Non-Proliferation and Congressional Authority

Signing of U.S.-India Nuclear Deal Undermines Nonproliferation and Congressional Intent

Friends of The Earth: French Uranium Spill Shows Nuclear Is Not Safe

Retired Military Leaders Oppose Provocative House Resolution on Iran

Council for A Livable World / Common Cause

Crime, Punishment and ExxonMobil

Washington has refused to accept real responsibility for the consequences of its decision to invade Iraq

The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals

Book Cites Secret Red Cross Report of CIA Torture of Qaeda Captives

Israel Hints at Pre-emptive Attack on Iran


Israeli jets using Iraq's Airspace

The activities and traffic of warplanes- especially at nights- has lately increased in the US airbases in Nasiriya southeast of Baghdad and Haditha a city in the western Iraq province of Al Anbar, the Iraqi residents and sources said.

From Information Clearing House


Renewables versus Carbon Capture and Storage

ISIS Press Release 11/07/08

A study commissioned by the German federal government finds carbon capture and storage emits ten to forty times as much greenhouse gases as wind or solar energy and gives no protection against the rising cost of fossil fuels Dr. Mae- Wan Ho

The study commissioned by the German federal government and led by researchers at the German Aerospace Center in Stuttgart compared carbon capture and storage (CCS) with renewable energy technologies using a combined lifecycle analysis and cost assessment for Germany [1].

The results show that per KWh of electricity generated, CCS cuts CO2 emissions by 72-90 percent, and total greenhouse gas emissions by 65-79 percent, assuming that the technology works as planned and the geologically stored CO2 does not leak out at all; any leakage would compromise the mitigating potential of CCS. However, the net emissions from CCS are still 10 to 40 times those from renewable energies such as solar and wind (see Figs. 1 and 2).

The difference between CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions comes from the methane released when coal is mined; and methane has a global warming potential about 20 times that of CO2. If companies take steps to prevent the release of methane and capture it for use in combined heat and power generation plants, then the advantage gained is equivalent to fitting CCS for lignite power plants.

Read the rest of this article here

Or read other articles on Climate Change

Deutsche als Weltmeister im Gürtel-enger-Schnallen

McCain's Arizona Woes Continue

John Dougherty, of The Washington Independent: "In a sign of continued weakness in his home state, an online poll shows Sen. John McCain trailing Sen. Barack Obama by 3-percentage points in Arizona. The poll also shows the candidacy of Liberterian Bob Barr is having a significant impact on McCain's campaign by siphoning off conservative voters nationwide. The Arizona poll was part of nationwide Zogby International poll that put Obama ahead in total electoral votes with 273 to 160 for McCain."

Please sign Glastonbury WiFi petition

The Glastonbury people have requested that we help them by signing the
petition against WiFi in Glastonbury.

It will affect visitors as well as residents.


There is also another petition, as mentioned in the latest copy of "The Ecologist" July/Agust issue:-

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to introduce legislation to require all UK schools to remove Wi-Fi installations and replace them with wired alternatives."

By Jane Gray.

It would be good if we could all sign up to this too.

Incidentally there are petitions to give students and/or the Public access to free Wi-fi! Great Not !


Did they really die for our freedom or more government lies?

Liberty For All
by Roderick T. Beaman


Yes, we do think we’re clever and classless and free. We delude ourselves into thinking it. There is no way that we are. We may have once been, but no more. It began to dissolve not long after George Washington took office and it’s been downhill ever since. That is where the politicians come in to help us celebrate our lies...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Obama, McCain and the coming fiscal disaster

Chicago Tribune
by Steve Chapman


Federal budget policy is a dry subject with far too many numbers and charts, which makes it uninviting to most Americans. But the theme of the current budget story is one that could have come from a blockbuster summer movie: We are doomed. There is a fiscal asteroid on course to pulverize us, and no one is coming to the rescue. The problem is simple and depressingly familiar. This year, federal spending will exceed federal revenue by more than $400 billion. Given the weak state of the economy, the deficit will get worse before it gets better. Actually, it may never get better, because the current shortfall coincides with the start of the most dreaded fiscal event of all time: the retirement of the Baby Boomers, who will soon consume eye-popping amounts in Social Security and Medicare...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Worse than McCain

By Mike Whitney

For nearly a year now, the public has been treated to regular doses of Mr. Obama's grandiloquent oratory and his sweeping "Follow me to Shangri-la" promises. These flourishes are usually followed by "clarifications" on the central issues which identify Obama as a center-right conservative with no intention of disrupting the status quo.

Cluster Bombs: A shameful stance

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
by staff


In May, much of the world signed a treaty outlawing cluster bombs, the Nazi-created munitions that injure, maim and kill indiscriminately long after their initial use. Now comes the U.S. government to announce it will improve its cluster bombs. Eventually. The world bans an inhumane weapon. We want to perfect it. Embarrassing...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Essen ohne Gentechnik: Einkaufsratgeber für gentechnikfreien Genuss

Das Aus für geförderten Strom aus Palmöl: Die Proteste gegen Urwaldrodung für Palmölproduktion zeigen Wirkung


Ich möchte Sie auf den Artikel im Focus aufmerksam machen:

Tank oder intakte Natur

Um Palmöl-Plantagen zu gewinnen, holzen Großkonzerne täglich bis zu 20 Hektar des Tanoé-Walds ab. Das ist eine ökologische Katastrophe und treibt Anwohner schlimmstenfalls in sklavereiähnliche Verhältnisse.

Weiter unter...

Am Ende des Artikels können Sie den Artikel bewerten und Kommentare an den Focus senden.

Auf unserer Webseite finden sich auch noch die Protestaktionen zu Unilever und zu Kenia:

Reinhard Behrend
Rettet den Regenwald e. V.öl

Der irakische Premierminister Maliki verlangt einen Zeitplan für den Abzug der amerikanischen Truppen

A Lesson From the 2004 Ohio Election: How Latinos Were Disenfranchised

Richard Hayes Phillips for Alernet says, "On the eve of the 2004 presidential election, the Republican Party threatened to challenge the qualifications of 35,000 registered voters in Ohio, and went to court to secure their right to do so. For the most part, this turned out to be a smokescreen, or what Steven Rosenfeld has aptly called a 'perfect football fake.' Not only did it force the Democratic Party to send its own voting rights advocates to inner-city polling places to defend the challenged voters, but it served as a distraction that allowed other methods of voter disenfranchisement to escape detection."

Suburbs Feeling the Pinch as Fuel Prices Soar

Reuters reports: "Ever since the rise of the automobile in the 1950s, the American Dream has featured a home in the suburbs and two cars in the garage. Now the iconic white picket fence comes with a hefty price tag in the form of the cost of the gasoline needed to drive to work and to the supermarket, and the suburban idyll is under review."

Time for Iraq War Oil Profits Taxes

Nick Mottern writes for Truthout, "The reality of US troops killing and dying for Iraq oil hit US public consciousness hard on June 19, 2008, when it was announced that the occupied government of Iraq intended to award no-bid oil service contracts to ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Chevron and Total."

Time for Iraq War Oil Profits Taxes - Part II

Nick Mottern writes in the second of this two-part series for Truthout: "Based on an analysis of economist Dean Baker, co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, we estimate about 25 percent of oil company profits since the 2003 invasion of Iraq can be traced to the war's impact on world oil prices. On this basis, the excess war profit for ExxonMobil alone, between 2003 and 2008, would amount to about $40 billion."

Military Whistleblower Highlights Attempts to Keep War Dead From Public

Dana Milbank for The Washington Post says: "The ghost of Rummy is proving difficult to exorcise. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has tried to sweep out the symbols of his predecessor's capricious reign, firing acolytes of Donald Rumsfeld and bringing glasnost to the Pentagon. But in one area, Rummy's Rules still pertain: the attempt to hide from public view the returning war dead."

We Speak for Gaia, Deal with It

Earth revolutionaries speaking ecological truth -- the Earth is dying and there is just time to save her and us -- and that are willing to take action to ensure those destroying being are stopped, are our best hope for survival

Personal essay by Dr. Glen Barry, July 10, 2008

There are very few selflessly telling truth these days. Let me. Gaia, the Earth system and provider of humanity's habitat, is imploding and ecosystem loss and an inoperable atmosphere mean we are moving towards a horrific death for most if not all life. Yet, perhaps in the nick of time, there is a new breed of environmentalists imbued with a revolutionary spirit of action, speaking ecological truth, and willing and able to take sufficient action on behalf of Mother Earth. I speak not of revolutionary violence at the moment, but profound societal and personal transformation adequate to sustain being and ourselves.

The way many in the over-developed world live, and to which most of the rest aspire, is based upon numerous fundamental lies. Democratic consumption cannot provide all everyone wants forever (or even much longer). Industrial capitalism bent upon endless growth will allow itself to be reformed to steady- state sustainability or it will be destroyed -- by revolution or its own collapse on a lifeless planet. Working people have become slaves for the elites, and if things continue, will soon be crushed by ecosystem collapse while the rich continue to live well for a while longer.

Those that speak and act upon ecological truths are the antidote to global ecocide waged by fat cat financial speculators, industrialists and oil men. We are special. Our scope of life and love is larger. We are global citizens, and our family includes all species, and the Earth herself. Without the Earth there is nothing. Too numerous humans ravaging ecosystems like locusts are destroying all that is sacred -- water, air, land and oceans -- the requirements for all life. We know, care and feel, and are better people, the model for future humankind.

Ecological revolutionaries are smart and speak scientific and other truths. Those that do not believe in climate change or feel the Earth's pain are stupid and dull. We reject mainstream environmentalism -- where what is asked for is insufficient even if fully achieved -- for a revolutionary spirit of ever increasing pressure upon criminal Earth destroyers. First we ask, then we protest, then we obstruct and perhaps sabotage, and if and when every offer to embrace sustainability by the elite has been rejected, we must be willing to fight.

I Am Special, You Can Be Special Too

It is ok to be special. I am special by virtue of my embrace of Gaia and all her species and people as kin; and unique skills I have to see ecological wrongs, envision sustainability, and possess the smarts, dedication and skills to continuously organize awareness and solutions. There are thousands like me and together we are going to save the Earth. If we are to weather the times that are coming we had better overcome the tyranny of mediocrity and start recognizing genius and truth.

Herein I have often been frank with my human frailties. How myopic to think it is ego to now discuss what makes me and others like me special. Why are game athletes, play actors and screaming singers revered and viewed as being special and not political ecologists defending the Earth and all life? Being able to conceive and implement specific actions to promote ecological sustainability, allowing being to continue and averting disaster, is at least as cool as kicking a goal, pretending a part, or rocking out (and these are all way cool).

Perhaps my unique gift is to see and communicate the scale of the ecological problems facing the Earth, and absurd inadequacy of nearly every response. Too many people consuming recklessly with nary a thought to conservation and the future are eating ecosystems required to keep the Earth habitable. This and a dedication to sufficient solutions set this ecologist apart.

This gift is wielded at a price. To feel viscerally my oneness with the Earth, to know this is profound truth, yet to often be unable to personally communicate it without repelling others. So I write and organize information, and live a lonely life. It is damn hard to often be the only sane, fully ecologically aware one in the room (the Earth is dying, arghh!), even as I am condemned by the ignorant as strange and a bit scary. I have been shocked by withdrawals of love by family and friends because I am different. I refuse to change to get along.

How easy it is to confuse vision, passion, commitment and sacrifice for egoism. How saddened I am by the selfishness of modern hairless apes, dismayed at our detachment from ecosystems, and scared by the full apocalyptic implications of our ignorance. This is not messianic, it is prophetic, and we need more of the latter and much less of the former, as the only God is Gaia.

I am sick and tired of people saying there is nothing I and others can do for the Earth, that we cannot make a difference. It is as if society went straight from denying the problems to being unwilling to embrace transformative solutions because they require sacrifice and an end to wallowing competitive consumption. Yes we can re-learn how to live with the Earth, there is still just time to thrive and survive.

Ecological truth-tellers infused with a revolutionary spirit of action to save the Earth are the most special people around. We are the future hope for humanity and all being. We are going to stop coal, ancient forest logging, and implement numerous other transformative changes necessary to save the Earth and all her creatures.

After some time for rest and reflection, and having regained my health and semblance of peace of mind, I look forward to using all of my power of intellect and persuasion to advocate for a spirit of revolutionary action in response to the abysmal crises faced by the Earth and her humanity. I see no choice.

Time for a Earth Revolution to Save Being

Thoughtful, widespread consideration, enunciation and organization of a revolutionary strategy for global ecological social change are long overdue. The revolutionary spirit of which I speak must aspire to completely smash the growth machine devouring ecosystems we need to live, in order to usher in an era of global ecological restoration and sustainability. Nothing less will suffice. The only option remaining for survival of humans and Gaia is clearly to embrace profound, radical transformations in the way we live.

Revolutionary change means reducing our homes, driving, meat eating and other consumption; and re-localizing our economies and governance, returning to the Earth to grow organic gardens, and just generally living more simply yet fully. Nothing less will allow billions -- or those that survive the coming ecologically-mediated social collapse -- to live equitably, peacefully and sustainably for much longer.

Yet revolutionary change need not necessarily be violent. Within the Earth Revolution option there are many tactical choices of which revolutionary violence is but one last possibility, and is hopefully not needed, because peaceful persuasion is often effective. There are many ways for revolutionary "people power" to resist including mass protest, petitions, sabotage, sit-ins, strikes and boycotts. Various participants within an Earth Revolution will feel comfortable with, and embrace different tactics, and you are urged to select active means of resistance of your choice soon, taking full responsibility for doing so.

Given unprecedented threats to human well-being, the threat of revolutionary action cannot be taken off the table. If the ruling elite are so intransigent that they will not stop their violence against the Earth, workers and sister species, then they will have to be eliminated. Revolutionary war like all killing is always murder. Yet either that or we all die a miserable and terrifying death, leaving a ravaged Planet to regenerate or perhaps just slip away into nothingness.

I look forward to contemplating and discussing Earth Revolution strategies and tactics further, and have not and will not now condone any imminent illegal acts. Yet I remain committed to academically investigating how a revolutionary spirit, and commitment to sufficient ecological and social change to sustain the Earth, will come about one way or another.

Indeed, I have a long list of planned essays and am writing a book on the topic. Your financial support to Earth Meanders, to help fund radical ecological free thinking, will help make this writing possible. You can donate to support these personal essays at on the right hand menu bar. Thank you for caring for Gaia.

Dr. Barry is founder and President of Ecological Internet; provider of the largest, most used environmental portals on the Internet including the Climate Ark at and http://www.EcoEarth.Info/ . Earth Meanders is a series of ecological essays that are written entirely in his personal capacity. This essay may be reprinted granted it is properly credited to Dr. Barry and with a link to Earth Meanders. Emailed responses are public record and will be posted on the web site unless otherwise requested.

Optasite chose wrong location

Danbury News Times - Danbury, CT, USA

There are too many unknowns regarding radio frequency electromagnetic radiation and its long-term effects. The only safe level of exposure is zero. ...

U.S. may secretly deploy ballistic missiles in Poland

The U.S. may station intermediary and shorter-range ballistic missiles in Poland under the guise of interceptors, a Russian expert said Thursday.

Russia must punish states hosting U.S. missile shield

Russia must use economic and political means, and military ties with Asia, to punish European states that agree to host U.S. missile defense elements, a Russian political analyst said on Wednesday.

From Information Clearing House


A Summary of Contemporary Polish Foreign Policy

Pakistan Rejects Foreign Troops

Pakistan's top diplomat Wednesday rejected the idea of any foreign troops operating inside Pakistan, reinforcing its refusal to accept U.S. military aid in battling insurgents near the Afghan border.

From Information Clearing House

Iraq toughens stance on U.S. troop withdrawal

"Our stance in the negotiations with the Americans will be strong. We will not sign any memorandum of understanding without specifying a date for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq," al-Rubaie told reporters in the Shi'ite holy city.

US: Pull-out Demand Signals Final Bush Defeat in Iraq

The official Iraqi demand for U.S. withdrawal confirms what was becoming increasingly clear in recent months -- that the Iraqi regime has decided to shed its military dependence on the United States.

U.S. ground troops in Iraq done by mid-2009: general

U.S. ground troops in Iraq will be "mostly" finished with security operations by the middle of 2009, the senior U.S. Army officer in charge of training Iraqi forces said on Wednesday.

Security firms lose immunity in Iraq deal

The Iraqi armed services are likely to target widely-hated American security contractors when they lose their immunity to Iraqi law under a new agreement between the US and the Iraq.

Iraqis demand end to 'occupation

Iraqi opposition and resistance groups have renewed their demands for an end to all negotiations with the United States while US troops remain on Iraqi soil.

Brown ends hopes of withdrawal from Iraq

Gordon Brown dashed hopes that he was about to announce a withdrawal of British troops from Iraq when he rejected calls by Labour MPs and the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, for a clear timetable to pull out. "I cannot set an artificial timetable," the Prime Minister said yesterday.

Iraq says hope slim for security deal with current U.S. gov't

"There is a large possibility of postponing the signing of the long-term agreement between Iraq and the U.S., until a new U.S. administration is elected," Ali al-Dabbagh was quoted as saying by the Voice of Iraq news agency.

From Information Clearing House

From The Bad To The Really Sinister

By The Mogambo Guru

The Plunge Protection Team (composed of the US Federal Reserve, the Treasury and bank insiders) tried to drive the stock markets up on Monday, June 30 - to make those account statements look not quite as bad, and, hopefully, prevent people from dumping all of their stock and bond holdings in a desperate attempt to save something before the whole idiotic, fiat-currency, unlimited-fractional-banking thing just collapses.

Governed by Fraud and Delusion

New Federal Policy Prohibits Voter Registration on Veterans' Administration Properties

A new policy by the Veterans' Administration now prohibits voter registration activities on federal VA properties.

Are we going to sit by and let the men who fought for our country and who are not able to leave VA facilities due to disabilities or injuries be denied access to vote?

Here are news articles on the topic:

Senators Feinstein and Kerry Express Concerns About Apparent Reversal
in Department of Veterans' Affairs Policy in Providing Access to Voter
Registration for Veterans

V.A. Ban on Voter Drives Is Criticized

Press Release - Secretary of the State outraged by policy
disenfranchising veterans

VA policy that bans voter drives is flawed and must be fixed
Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed has asked members of the
state's congressional delegation to review the policy.

Press Release - Reed again urges policy change on voter registration
drives in VA facilities

Top Senator Attacks VA for Banning Voter Registration Drives

Akaka calls on VA to lift ban on voter registration drives

A Few Possible Actions you Might Take:

If you are a League of Women Voters' member ask your local LWV to sign on to a letter that the national LWV, US is sending to the chief elections officer in every state asking them to remedy this situation.

Ask your local Vets group what they think.

Ask your local State Election Official what they plan to do about it or ask them to take the same actions that the CT or WA Secretaries of State took.

Alert your local press.

Contact your local VA hospital and ask them what their position is.

Kathy Dopp

The material expressed herein is the informed product of the author Kathy Dopp's fact-finding and investigative efforts. Dopp is a Mathematician, Expert in election audit mathematics and procedures; in exit poll discrepancy analysis; and can be reached at

P.O. Box 680192
Park City, UT 84068
phone 435-658-4657

History of Confidence Election Auditing Development & Overview of
Election Auditing Fundamentals

Vote Yes on HR5036

Voters Have Reason to Worry

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body
and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day," wrote
Thomas Jefferson in 1816

Bush Administration's 935 Lies to Iraq War

Daniel Ellsberg on FISA

Kucinich's Impeachment Movement Against Bush

Mortgage ruling could shock U.S. banking industry

Rove ignores subpoena, refuses to testify


Where is Karl Rove?

ANP: Evading Congress...again


Send Karl Rove to Jail

Take Action Now!

This sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, it's not. We have a unique opportunity right now to send Karl Rove to jail, but only if we take immediate action.


Arrest Karl Rove now

Brave New Films: 100,000 Urge Congress to Send Rove To Jail

The 'Respectable' People Continue to Make War on the Rest of Us


Independent Media Source

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