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Millionen Tiere leiden und sterben in China für den weltweiten Export

Verizon tower location irks some in the Town of Eden

Citing potential health risks, some Town of Eden residents have voiced strong opposition to the latest proposed site for a telecommunications tower.

Residents and a woman who lives near the town expressed concerns about cancer, declining property values and aesthetics during a public hearing at the Eden Town Board meeting held last Wednesday (July 9) night.


Lieberman: Trading facts for fear to help McCain

Mother Jones
by David Corn


On Wednesday, Senator Joe Lieberman went on Fox News (where else?) to blast Barack Obama for sticking to what Lieberman called a policy of surrender in Iraq. And he slammed the presumptive Democratic nominee for his upcoming trip to Iraq: ‘He’s already decided his position. He’s not going to listen to Petraeus. He’s not going to listen to our troops. He’s not going to listen to his own eyes with what he sees there. I think that’s not the kind of leadership we need in the Oval Office.’ Listen to his own eyes? It’s as if Lieberman was channeling George W. Bush. But put that aside. Lieberman was trotting out again his I-know-Iraq-best stance, as he continues to be a leading surrogate for John McCain on the war and terrorism. But why should Lieberman have any standing on these matters?...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Congress, Bush clash on control of spy secrets

USA Today


The House on Wednesday passed legislation governing next year’s intelligence budget that demands lawmakers be given greater access to the nation’s most closely held secrets. The bill is the latest attempt by Democrats, struggling to challenge President Bush on major national security issues, to step up their role in overseeing an intelligence program they say has gone astray...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Help Cindy Sheehan Get On The Ballot For Congress

We made a commitment to you that when the time came, we would do everything we could to help Cindy Sheehan. That time is now.

Cindy Sheehan is making a courageous run for the Congressional seat in San Francisco, to challenge Nancy Pelosi, who has done nothing but cave in to the Bush/Cheney criminal war agenda, while the approval rating of Congress drops into single digits for the first time ever.

But FIRST Cindy needs to get on the ballot, and to do that as an independent she still needs another 6,000 petitions signatures in the next couple weeks.

Even with her many valiant volunteers, you can really help now by making a donation to put more paid signature gatherers for Cindy Sheehan on the street to give the voters of San Francisco a pro-courage choice. Help put Cindy safely over the top with enough margin of petition signatures that they cannot keep her off the ballot.

Cindy Sheehan Petition Donations:

You will remember we told you that unless we defeated Nancy Pelosi in June that not only would impeachment remain "off the table", but that Congress would wave through yet another 200 billion for illegal war profiteering. That's why we worked out hearts out for that race. It's worse than that, they threw in telecom immunity with the omnibus surrender.

The fact is that unless and until Congress sees a downside to their despicable cowardice there will be NO policy change. We'll repeat that. No policy change whatsoever. Their whole self-justification is they point to the elections they are winning. Unless and until we defeat one of their own, one of the biggest of them all, we can send emails and make phone calls until we're blue in the face, and they will must keep lying to us and stalling. Yeah, sure they're just about to impeach. Sure.

Now some people (defeatists) will say, "Oh, you'll never defeat the Speaker of the House". Well guess what, until we do they will never take the voice of the people seriously. We HAVE to win. And we have to do everything we could have done to make that a reality. So we are calling on all of our participants to throw everything everything they have to support candidates who will fight for the issues, the real issues.

And there is no better investment in time, energy or money we can make now than to give Cindy Sheehan the biggest platform possible to advocate for us.

Paid for by Cindy Sheehan for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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Financial Collapse Edges Closer

By Martin Hutchinson

A total collapse of the US financial system, while not inevitable, is a contingency which should now be planned for.

It's a Failed System

"Something Big is Happening"

By Rep. Ron Paul, M.D.

The world economy and political system will share in the chaos about to be unleashed.

How Guantanamo Pushes Inmates To The Edge

By Leonard Doyle in Washington

An unprecedented glimpse into the harsh conditions at Guantanamo Bay has emerged via a grainy video of a weeping Canadian teenager undergoing interrogation after he had been tortured by sleep deprivation for three weeks.


Treatment of Khadr Inexcusable

Big Brother Database Recording All Our Calls, Texts And E-mails

By Matthew Hickley

In an Orwellian move, the Home Office is proposing to detail every phone call, e-mail, text message, internet search and online purchase in the fight against terrorism and other serious crime.


Curse of the DNA Register

Nigel Morris for The Independent UK: "A generation of young Britons is being criminalised for life by the relentless expansion of the national DNA database, ministers are warned today. Alarm and hostility over the massive scale of the collection of DNA has been uncovered by groundbreaking research funded by the Home Office among panels of members of the public."

US Troops Poised to Invade Pakistan

By Zahid Hussain in Islamabad

US occupation troops in Afghanistan massed close to the border yesterday for a possible attack on al-Qaeda and Taleban bases in the "lawless" North Waziristan tribal belt in Pakistan.

Mortgage Meltdown

This week, PBS's Bill Moyers Journal travels to ground zero of the mortgage meltdown - Cleveland, Ohio. Correspondent Rick Karr takes viewers to Slavic Village, one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods in the nation when it comes to the spate of foreclosures caused by the sub-prime mortgage crisis. There, more than 1,000 homes stand vacant and decaying in a neighborhood that once thrived with families living the American dream of home ownership. Moyers gets perspective from veteran journalist William Greider on the current financial crisis and what he calls "the great deflation of Wall Street."

Don't Lose Focus of the Real Issues

Truthout's Wilmer J. Leon III writes on the recent scuffle between the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Senator Barack Obama: "Jesse Jackson is not alone when he expresses concern that Obama's efforts to run a 'deracialized' campaign may come at the expense of African-American issues. Some believe that as Obama competes for the center of the electorate, he is 'adjusting' more liberal positions that were taken to secure his party's nomination. Some are asking, 'How can a self-proclaimed "agent of change" deliver if he uses tactics of the past?'"

Bush Claims Executive Privilege on CIA Leak

Laurie Kellman, reporting for The Associate Press, writes: "President Bush has asserted executive privilege to prevent Attorney General Michael Mukasey from having to comply with a House panel subpoena for material on the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity."


Bush claims “privilege” as Plame probe closes in on Cheney



President George W. Bush invoked executive privilege to avoid turning over records of an FBI interview of Vice President Dick Cheney and other documents subpoenaed by Congress in the CIA leak investigation. The materials demanded by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee ‘deal directly with internal White House deliberative communications relating to foreign policy and national security decisions,’ the Justice Department said in a letter to the panel’s chairman, Representative Henry Waxman. … The committee is investigating what role Cheney and Bush may have had in the leak of Central Intelligence Agency operative Valerie Plame’s identity in 2003...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Above the law: Bush won't give Congress papers in CIA leak probe

Rep. Henry Waxman, the California Democrat who chairs the committee, called the executive privilege claim "ludicrous," but postponed committee action against Mukasey, saying lawmakers needed time to review Bush's claim.

From Information Clearing House

Privat statt Staat: Bürger zahlen drauf,1872,7265660,00.html

PPP gefährliche Mogelpackung

Read this document on Scribd: PPP: gefährliche Mogelpackung


Privat statt Staat. Bürger zahlen drauf

„Öffentlich-private Partnerschaften gelten in Zeiten knapper
Haushaltskassen für viele Kommunen als eine Art Allheilmittel beim Bau und Erhalt öffentlicher Einrichtungen. Dabei erweist sich das so genannte
"Public Private Partnership"-Modell (PPP) immer häufiger als finanzieller
Flop - zu Lasten der Bürger…“ Frontal21-Sendung vom 15.07.2008 von
Reinhard Laska und Ullrich Stoll,1872,7265660,00.html

Aus: LabourNet, 22. Juli 2008


Angeblich neutrale Consulting-Agentur soll PPP-Projekte vorantreiben. Attac warnt vor Schuldenfalle für die öffentliche Hand

„Das globalisierungskritische Netzwerk Attac kritisiert die Pläne der Bundesregierung, die Gründung von Öffentlich-Privaten Partnerschaften
(Public Private Partnerships / PPP) in Deutschland weiter voranzutreiben. Derzeit gründet das Bundesfinanzministerium im Auftrag der Bundesregierung die "Partnerschaften Deutschland Gesellschaft" (PDG), eine Consulting-Agentur, die Kommunen, Bundesländer, Anstalten des öffentlichen Rechts sowie den Bund angeblich neutral über PPP-Projekte beraten soll…“ Pressemitteilung von Attac Deutschland vom 29. Juli 2008

Siehe dazu die Homepage des Projektes "Partnerschaften Deutschland" des Bundesministerium der Finanzen

Aus: LabourNet, 5. August 2008

Ron Paul Defends the Dollar

Informant: Neo Mulder

Ventura Blasts Culture That "Cannot Handle The Truth"

Informant: Neo Mulder

Biological warfare against US troops

Little War Criminals Get Punished, Big Ones Don’t

'You've Got a Gun on Your T-Shirt'


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