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The Current Oil Shock

Citizens Speak Up Against Military Action In Iran

Americans Say No to War with Iran: Will Washington Listen?

Peace Action West: House Iran Resolution Would Send Alarming Message to President Bush

Tell the Bush administration to stop the slaughter of gray wolves!

Star Wars-style laser technology to reach battlefield

Informant: Kev Hall

Fannie und Freddie in der Finanzmarktkrise

Nachtrag zum Bilderberg-Treffen

Phone mast sparks fury

3:17pm Wednesday 16th July 2008

FURIOUS businesses, shoppers and councillors in Lower Gornal have said it would be “absolutely horrific” if another phone mast was put up in the village.

Mobile phone company O2 have submitted plans to Dudley Council proposing to build a 12.5 pole and a radio base station in the middle of the Abbey Road roundabout in the centre of the village - just a few hundred yards away from another mast.


An aggressive and hypocritical US policy toward Iran

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


The chauvinistic American news media have focused on evil Iran’s missile tests and the indignant Bush administration reaction, while missing some key causes of the event. As if the Iranians had started the entire dust up, the media reported Gordon Johndroe, the White House spokesman, barking, ‘The Iranian regime only furthers the isolation of the Iranian people from the international community when it engages in this sort of activity.’ The U.S. press then reported Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as bristling that the U.S. would defend its allies and protect its interests against attack. The media could have given equal emphasis to the recent strident rhetoric and behavior of Israel and the Bush administration towards Iran, but didn’t. Not only has the Bush administration pointedly declined to rule out military action against Iran, the United States was conducting provocative naval maneuvers in the Persian Gulf near Iran before the Iranian missile tests...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Congress overrides Bush veto on Medicare bill



The U.S. Congress voted on Tuesday to override President George W. Bush’s veto of a bill to keep government payments from being slashed for doctors who treat the elderly under the popular Medicare health program. … the Senate overturned the president’s veto by a vote of 70-26. … the House of Representatives also had voted to enact the legislation over the president’s objections...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


On Medicare, Congress Hands Bush Third Override of Presidency

Drew Armstrong reports for Congressional Quarterly: "Congress sent President Bush one of the strongest rebukes of his administration Tuesday, overturning his veto of a Medicare bill by a substantial margin in both chambers. The override marked a victory in a long ideological battle between Bush and congressional Democrats, largely over private Medicare plans known as Medicare Advantage. The legislation cuts those plans substantially."

“We can arrest you for anything”



Those driving down the road without an insurance card or driver’s license with a correct address may find themselves in jail if they get pulled over by Irving police. In fact, it happened to two women who were pulled over by the same two Irving cops last weekend. Both women said their traffic stops turned into a nightmare. Mikki Stokes said she was headed to the store for some sour cream when she was stopped by two Irving police officers. ‘And I was like, ‘Is this something that someone with no criminal record would get arrested for, that’s never been in trouble for anything?” she said. ‘I’ve never been in trouble before. Why are you arresting me for this? And they were like, ‘We can arrest you for anything”...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush hebt Verbot für die Suche nach Öl vor den US-Küsten auf

Energie wird angesichts der steigenden Kosten zum beherrschenden Wahlkampfthema.

Kanadischer "Kindersoldat" Omar Khadr in Guantanamo auf Video

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50 Percent of Sequoia Voting Machines Flawed

Kim Zetter writes for Wired: "New York state is in the process of replacing its lever voting machines with new voting equipment, but the state revealed recently that it has found problems with 50 percent of the roughly 1,500 ImageCast optical-scan machines that Sequoia Voting Systems has delivered to the state so far - machines that are slated to be used by dozens of counties in the state's September 9 primary and November 4 presidential election."

Wholesale Inflation Worst in 27 Years

Martin Crutsinger, reporting for The Associated Press, writes: "Soaring costs for gasoline and food pushed inflation at the wholesale level up by a larger-than-expected amount in June, leaving inflation rising over the past year at the fastest pace in more than a quarter-century."

The Current Oil Shock: No Relief in Sight

Dilip Hiro, writing for, says: "When will it end, this crushing rise in the price of gasoline, now averaging $4.10 a gallon at the pump? The question is uppermost in the minds of American motorists as they plan vacations or simply review their daily journeys. The short answer is simple as well: 'Not soon.'"


A nation of worriers

The Weekly Standard
by Irwin M. Stelzer


This is the summer of our discontent. Only 14 percent of us are satisfied with the way things are going in the United States, the lowest figure recorded by Gallup’s pollsters since they began asking that question almost fifteen years ago. Consumer confidence is at its lowest level in 28 years, according to the respected Reuters/University of Michigan survey. And not many Americans are expecting things to improve soon. ‘Consumers’ economic outlook is so bleak that the Expectations Index has reached a new all-time low,’ reports the Conference Board. In part this pervasive gloom is due to gasoline prices that have passed the $4 per gallon level. In part it is due to the squeeze soaring food prices are putting on consumers’ pocketbooks. In part it is due to falling house prices, and to a deteriorating job market, with long-term unemployment up 37 percent from last year. And there is no escape from the gloom...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Irresponsible Bush Clueless on the Economy — With the stock market sliding down around the 11,000 marker, with unemployment up, and gas prices up, and food prices up, and home foreclosures up, Bush acknowledged, in his usual perfunctory manner, that "these are tough economic times for the American citizens." But what does he know?

Drilling Without Oil, Tax Cuts Without Growth

Dean Baker, writing for Truthout, says: "Senator McCain is in the unenviable position of running on the track record of a president with the worst economic performance since Herbert Hoover. He has adopted the strategy of ignoring the record while embracing his predecessor's policies. McCain is betting the media will be so incompetent that they will not notice. He might be right."

It's the Economic Stupidity, Stupid

Frank Rich, of The New York Times: "In 2000, he told an interviewer that he would make up for his lack of attention to 'those issues.' As he entered the 2008 campaign, Mr. McCain was still saying the same, vowing to read 'Greenspan's book' as a tutorial. Last weekend, the resolutely analog candidate told The New York Times he is at last starting to learn how 'to get online myself.' Perhaps he'll retire his abacus by Election Day."

Planning Board Recommends Approval of Communications Tower

by Christopher Pike

Jul 15, 2008

Eighty-Foot Tower Opposed by Log Hill Residents

RIDGWAY – An application to construct an 80-foot communications tower and accessory building that would improve cell phone and emergency communications throughout Ouray County and the state was recommended for approval by the Ouray County Joint Area Planning Board following a public hearing on Tuesday, July 8.


Did You Know All the Drugs in Your Milk?

Video: Did You Know All the Drugs in Your Milk? Must-view Fox video that never aired on TV due to pressure from Monsanto.

Informant: peter6264

Accountability Now: Take Action Against FISA!

Using a Crime To Justify a War

It is Martial Law

July 15, 2008

Alex explains the martial law being instituted in America.

Informant: shane_digital

Arsen, die grösste Massenvergiftung der Menschheit

Tages-Anzeiger Online - Zurich, Switzerland

Bangladesh setzt wie auch die Schweiz den Grenzwert bei 50 Mikrogramm an. «Wir sind überrascht, wie gut unsere statistischen Modelle funktionieren» ...


Gift im Korn - München, Bayern, Germany

China ist zurzeit eines der wenigen Länder, das einen Grenzwert für Arsen in Lebensmitteln festgelegt hat. 2005 senkte die Regierung die zulässige Menge von ...

McCain Lost in Space


Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR): Washington Post's Deceptive McCain-Friendly Poll

Analysts say more U.S. banks will fail

As home prices continue to decline and loan defaults mount, U.S. regulators are bracing for dozens of American banks to fail over the next year.

Cops to IndyMac bank customers: Remain calm or face arrest

Police ordered angry customers lined up outside an IndyMac Bank branch to remain calm or face arrest Tuesday as they tried to pull their money on the second day of the failed institution's federal takeover.

Banks hit by fallout from the crisis at IndyMac

Some depositors at the failed thrift, seized by regulators, leave without all of the funds that were in their accounts. Bank shares slide, but institutions say they are well-capitalized.,0,431088.story

Fannie Plan a `Disaster' to Rogers; Goldman Says Sell

The U.S. Treasury Department's plan to shore up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is an "unmitigated disaster'' and the largest U.S. mortgage lenders are "basically insolvent,'' according to investor Jim Rogers.

From his office in clouded cuckoo land: Bernanke's Dour Message

The Fed chief says the economy should improve "gradually" over the next two years, but warns of "considerable uncertainty" about that outlook.

From Information Clearing House

A Phony Crisis And a Real One

By Patrick J. Buchanan

A Democratic House that came to power denouncing the rush to war on Iraq is about to vote to demand that Bush commit an act of war against Iran.


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