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Referendum gegen Biometriezwang auf Schweizer Pässen und Identitätskarten - Switzerland

Mit RFID kann jeder Schritt aller Menschen überall hin verfolgt werden. Pässe und Identitätskarten mit einem RFID-Chip können von unautorisierten Personen ...


Schweiz Referendum gegen biometrische Pässe

Gulli - Bochum, Germany

Kritisiert wird unter anderem die verpflichtende Nutzung sogenannter RFID-Chips in Personalausweisen und Reisepässen. Diese könnten nämlich, wie in anderen ...ässe

Housing Prices Haven't Hit Bottom Yet

Kevin G. Hall, of McClatchy Newspapers: "The Bush administration's pledge to rescue ailing housing finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac raises anew questions about just when the nation's dismal housing market will hit bottom. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson have suggested over the past year that an end is in sight. But with each prediction, things have grown worse. For many homeowners, the deep housing slump feels like a drop off a skyscraper."


Who will be able to pay these taxes?

Nolan Chart
by Dan Steward


The House of Representatives today decided to ignore the true causes of intense pain in the housing market, and let Freeloading Freddie Mac and Fiendish Fannie Mae get a pass for ripping off American home buyers and the taxpayers. They seldom get it that when any market stumbles and falls, it’s because the government pushed them...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cheney and ExxonMobil Linked to Global Warming Policy Shift

James Gerstenzang, of The Los Angeles Times: "A congressional investigation has produced new details on the degree to which senior Bush administration officials favored using the Clean Air Act to limit greenhouse gas emissions - until pressure from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, ExxonMobil and others in the oil industry led the Bush administration to change course."

Nine Reasons to Investigate War Crimes Now

Spying Worried Groups


Protesters added to database of terrorist suspects

Undercover Maryland state troopers infiltrated three groups advocating peace and protesting the death penalty - attending meetings and sending reports on their activities to U.S. intelligence and military agencies, according to documents released Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

Nationwide Protests to Oppose War with Iran


No Attack On Iran

Protest Outside Pelosi's House


KRON 4 News caught this symbolic die-in protest in front of Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco residence. Anti-War protesters demonstrate against US lead-up to a war with Iran and Nancy Pelosi's support for Bush administration policies and tactics. Booo Nancy!

Taser Death Ignites Racial Tensions

Coal: End of Civilization as We Know It?

Iraqi Leader: US Should Leave as Soon as Possible

Bush, US Military Pressure Iraqis on Withdrawal


Premier says Iraq can look after own security

We are making great progress in the security situation,' al-Maliki said, adding there was now a considerable measure of freedom and democracy in the country. 'Iraq is able to take the security situation into its own hands. We have achieved great success,' al-Maliki said.

From Information Clearing House


The man who can end the war in Iraq


Former "Bush Puppet" Calls for US Withdrawal

Truthout's Maya Schenwar reports: "Dr. Ayad Allawi, the former interim Iraqi prime minister previously referred to even by US Congress members as a 'Bush puppet,' voiced his strong support for a US withdrawal timeline during a Wednesday Congressional hearing. During his term in office, from June 2004 to April 2005, Allawi endorsed the US's controversial bombings of Fallujah and echoed Bush's speeches almost word for word in many of his own statements; The Washington Post reported that Bush administration officials coached Allawi on the content of his public comments. Prior to his involvement in the US-backed, post-invasion Iraqi government, Allawi worked with the CIA. Yet, on Wednesday, Allawi blatantly called for 'a time frame for reduction of US forces,' a statement that stands in stark contrast to the hazy, deadline-less 'time horizon' recently advocated by President Bush."

You Need Uncle Sam, Iraq Told

By Gareth Porter

Instead of moving toward accommodating the demand of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a timetable for United States military withdrawal, the George W Bush administration and the US military leadership are continuing to pressure their erstwhile client regime to bow to the US demand for a long-term military presence in the country.


Who will determine Iraq's future?

Sabah al-Nasseri: The majority of US troops and private security firms will stay in Iraq.

The Pentagonization of US life

Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt of on the system of militarization.

Take off those yellow ribbons, they're a fraud

Concrete evidence indicating fraudulent manipulation of prior U.S. elections is emerging in Ohio and Georgia

Breaking News

Most of us who have worked on election integrity since 2003 were aware of the highly suspicious 2002 election results in Georgia's senate and gubernatorial races - the surprise upsets were well outside the margin of random poll error. These upsets occurred immediately after the Diebold paperless DREs were first implemented in GA.

Some of us recall the reports by the first whistle blower from Georgia who reported that he was told to help install uncertified software patches on the Diebold DREs in GA at the last minute prior to the 2002 election, without the knowledge of the GA Secretary of State or other officials, but with the knowledge of Britt Williams, GA's voting system evaluator/administrator.

We did a lot of analyses and report writing that showed that Ohio's
2004 presidential exit poll discrepancies were much more consistent with vote fraud than with exit poll response bias, in contrast to claims by the media and exit pollsters.

But not until now has there been hard evidence available to back up what we suspected all along.

Additional concrete evidence has also emerged that the Ohio 2004 presidential election results were fraudulently manipulated and there are court cases in progress in Ohio based in part on Ohio's election officials violating court orders to preserve all their election records from the 2004 election.

Here are some articles discussing the emerging concrete evidence of vote fraud. Karl Rove is named in the Ohio lawsuit:

Ohio Attorney Files to Lift Stay on '04 Election Case, Cites Allegations, Evidence of Massive Fraud by a Number of GOP Operatives

Ohio Attorneys to Assert RICO Claim Against Karl Rove for Orchestrating Theft of 2004 Election - Election Lawyers, in Refocus of 2004 Ohio Election Lawsuit, Ask US AG Mukasey to Save Rove's Emails, US Chamber to Name Complicit Contributors, In Effort to Protect Integrity of 2008 Election

GOP cyber-security expert suggests Diebold tampered with 2002 election RawStory 7/18/08

Today, many U.S. voters are forced to blindly trust to secretly cast and count e-votes without sufficient public oversight to ensure accurate election outcomes.

The recommendations of computer scientists who are voting system experts that we use economical paper ballots, not e-ballot voting machines continues to be ignored in many states. See Avi Rubin's "Paper ballots" not "paper trails".

A lot of states do very poor election auditing, if at all. See "Interview with Aviel Rubin, e-voting activist and professor of computer science"

Many states continue to permit private companies and their own election officials to keep voting and elections procedures a secret - by denying public access to election records and by denying public oversight over key aspects of elections and by opposing valid election auditing. Voting machine vendors continue to spin and repeat misinformation. See Dan Wallach's "Vendor Misinformation in the E-Voting World", Wednesday 02 July 2008

Most election officials continue to oppose meaningful audits. See this current case of Florida State Election Officials trying to stop election auditing required by a successful ballot initiative: "The value of election audits - Sarasota County case involves an issue of national concern"

International press often covers the vulnerabilties of US elections.

In a recent Chinapost article, Goldsmith says, "It is time that we got over denial of the problems. Elections are worth stealing and people will try. Scientific studies of voting machines across the U.S. point out that in fourteen states it is impossible to verify the results of all or most of the electronic voting machines. Independent investigators estimate that at least 138 of the 270 electoral college delegates needed to win the presidency will be determined in states whose machines are glitch prone, security lax, or simply unreliable."

Let us hope that the U.S. press covers these developing news stories and thus helps to make the public aware of the continuing susceptibility of US elections to election tampering today.

"The 19 states calling on the Veterans Administration to allow registration drives are now: Connecticut, Washington, Minnesota, Maine, Vermont, Montana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Iowa, Missouri, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, New Hampshire and Oregon. The District of Columbia has joined the effort as well."

Is your state in this list?

VA Ban on Voter Registration Drives for Injured Vets Becomes National Fight

Secretary of the State and Attorney General express outrage, V.A. extends ban to voter education

Conn. officials demand reversal of VA ban,0,844926.story

Kathy Dopp

The material expressed herein is the informed product of the author
Kathy Dopp's fact-finding and investigative efforts. Dopp is a
Mathematician, Expert in election audit mathematics and procedures; in
exit poll discrepancy analysis; and can be reached at

P.O. Box 680192
Park City, UT 84068
phone 435-658-4657


History of Confidence Election Auditing Development & Overview of
Election Auditing Fundamentals

Voters Have Reason to Worry

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body
and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day," wrote
Thomas Jefferson in 1816

Impeachment Begins: Be on Capitol Hill on Friday July 25th

Anthrax-Briefe: FBI-Ermittlung ergebnislos

Sechs Jahre nach der "zweiten Welle von Terrorangriffen" (Bush) erhielt der einzige Verdächtige eine Entschädigung in Millionenhöhe, der oder die Täter bleiben - gewollt oder nicht - im Dunklen.

Terrormerkmal Gewerkschaftsmitgliedschaft?

Während in den USA die Anti-Terrorpolitik wieder heftig in der Kritik steht, nimmt der Datentransfer zwischen der EU und der USA zu.

Prepare Now for Future Disasters Linked to Global Climate Change

Anticipating that natural disasters will soon pose even greater threats to children and their families due to global climate change, Save the Children issued a new report urging the international community to invest now in projects that will reduce the devastating impact of future disasters.

Better World Links

Better World Links is probably the most comprehensive and important set of links for NGOs on the web and a central tool for change.

Klimawandel bedroht jedes Jahr 175 Millionen Kinder

Zahl der Naturkatastrophen durch Klimawandel heute vier Mal höher als vor 40 Jahren.

Verheerende Hitzeperioden für Australien prophezeit

Garnaut Klimabericht zeichnet dramatisches Zukunftsszenario.


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