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Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column?

Bill Moyers, from an adaptation of his keynote address at the National Conference for Media Reform, writes for In These Times: "Democracy without honest information creates the illusion of popular consent at the same time that it enhances the power of the state and the privileged interests that the state protects. And nothing characterizes corporate media today more than its disdain toward the fragile nature of modern life and its indifference toward the complex social debate required of a free and self-governing people."

Coral decline hits rich and poor

The gradual disintegration of the world's coral reefs under climate change will have significant impacts on food supplies, international tourism, water quality, and the safety of coastal communities.

A third of world's reefs at risk of extinction

Almost a third of the world's reef-building corals are threatened with extinction, according to the first comprehensive assessment of their conservation status.,25197,24003121-30417,00.html

Vanishing zooplankton spells disaster for fishing

The Scottish fishing industry could be facing disaster as a result of a dramatic collapse in zooplankton, "the tiny organisms at the bottom of the marine food chain", according to a conservation charity.

Fall in tiny animals a 'disaster'

Experts on invertebrates have expressed "profound shock" over a government report showing a decline in zooplankton of more than 70% since the 1960s.

Informant: Teresa Binstock

US Environmental Agency Lowers Value of a Human Life

The Guardian UK reports: "It sounds like a spot of gallows humour, but the numbers are no joke: the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has lowered the value of a human life by nearly $1 million under George Bush's administration. The EPA's estimate of the 'value of a statistical life' was $6.9 million as of this May - down from $7.8 million five years ago - according to an Associated Press study released today."

Street protest over mast plans

Shropshire Star - Telford, England, UK

Angry residents today packed into one of Shrewsbury’s main shopping streets in protest at controversial plans to build a communications mast in a village. ...

Merkel widerspricht sich selbst

Noch vor einem Jahr hielt die Kanzlerin Klimaschutz und Atomausstieg für vereinbar, sagt der Umweltexperte der SPD, Ulrich Kelber. Scharfe Kritik übt er an den Energiekonzernen. Diese hätten sich als unzuverlässig erwiesen.

Ursprüngliche Meldung:

Weitergeleitet durch das Dugi-News-Team am Samstag, den 12. Juli 2008 mit der Bitte um Weiterleitung.


Atomausstiegsgesetz unumstößlich

"Die internationalen Diskussionen um die künftige Nutzung der Atomkraft nehmen wirre Züge an."

Gegen die Verdummungskampagne der Atomwirtschaft: Stromwechsel!

Aktionsbündnis „Atomausstieg selber machen“: Stromwechsel gegen Volksverdummung!

"Point of no return" - Strategie für die Energieversorgung!

Bis spätestens 2030 muss die Menschheit den Ausstieg aus der fossilen Energieerzeugung geschafft haben, sonst wird der "Point of no Return", der Kipppunkt, mit ziemlicher Sicherheit überschritten.

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BIZ befürchtet Pleitewelle bei Heuschrecken-Opfern

Von "Private Equity" übernommene Unternehmen müssen bis 2010 rund 500 Mrd. USD an Krediten refinanzieren - was laut BIZ auf erhebliche Schwierigkeiten stoßen dürfte.

Americans Face Hurdles Voting Abroad in Upcoming Election

Richard Wolf reports for USA Today, "Millions of Americans abroad, including about 175,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, face chronic timing and technological problems if they try to vote in this fall's presidential election."

White House Disavows EPA Plan on Emissions

Juliet Eilperin and R. Jeffrey Smith report for The Washington Post, "The Bush administration today disavowed its own proposal to seek comment on whether the government should regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act, declaring that the proposed approach would be unworkable."

Monsanto versucht mit Patentantrag Schweinezucht zu monopolisieren

British Ministry of Defence pays out £3m and issues grovelling apology to Iraqis tortured by British Army

THE Ministry of Defence has agreed to pay almost £3 million to the family of an Iraqi who died while being detained by UK troops, and to nine other men who were also allegedly mistreated.

From Information Clearing House

'US strike' hits Pakistan troops

Officials in Pakistan say the shells were fired by coalition troops operating in the Barmal area on the Afghan side of the border.

From Information Clearing House

Is There an Oil Shortage?

By Ismael Hossein-zadeh

Why would our Energy Secretary say there's a supply and demand problem when none exists? Why would he say that speculators have little or nothing to do with the incredibly high price of oil and gasoline, when it's clear they do? President Bush-a former oilman-gives the ever-growing demand for gasoline as the primary reason prices are so high, yet that notion can be dispelled with one minute of research.


Oil and War


Like shoot’n fish in a barrel

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Robert Jackman


Last article, I broached the concept that there is no shortage of fuel or protein, save for a lack of distillation capacity in America Norte. Even if Oil were running out, which I suspect it is not, but, we will never get Big Oil to provide more since they haven’t enough competition to ‘move’ them to provide the service we should expect. For literal Mills on the Dollar, they have managed that MSM news which they own and promoted the false notion that we are screwed and must sacrifice more and more troops to go forth and steal other’s resources. It didn’t work for Spain or Rome and it won’t bloody work for us either...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


A Few Speculators Dominate Vast Market for Oil Trading

Informant: Teresa Binstock

The jig is up, the game is over, no more rebates, gimmicks, tax cuts or hollow promises

The Seething

By David Glenn Cox

The bulk of the American people are struggling to make it now and what happens when they reach the tipping point and no longer can? The jig is up, the game is over, no more rebates, gimmicks, tax cuts or hollow promises. The seething is just the beginning. It is the job of the government to insure domestic tranquility.

Marine Describes Killing Prisoners In Iraq

By Tony Perry

Nelson said that he watched in shock as Nazario shot a kneeling prisoner at point-blank range: "He hit the dude in the forehead, the dude went down and there was blood . . . all over his [Nazario's] boots."

When Patriotism Becomes a Cult

Informant: Lew Rockwell


The Problem Of Patriotism

By James Rothenberg

Race, sex, and religion do not demand your loyalty but your country does. Your village or town doesn't. Your city doesn't. The state you live in doesn't. New York and California don't care if you are loyal to them. What's the difference? Armed force. Uncle Sam needs you. To fight.

No More Blank Checks for War

Recession: With War or Without It?

We the People vs. The (cyst)em


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