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Deutsche genervt von lauten Handy-Telefonaten,1518,566895,00.html

Deutsche genervt von lauten Handy-Telefonaten

Öffentliches Handy-Telefonieren stört zwei Drittel

Handy: Laute Klingeltöne und Telefonate nerven



09:00 - 21 July 2008

A mobile phone company has been ordered to remove a 72ft mast it put at the end of two gardens in Eastwood without telling the owners.

But T-Mobile has told Broxtowe Borough Council it will appeal against the enforcement notice as it needs more time to set up an alternative.

The company put up the temporary mast on December 17 using "emergency powers" because the signal from an existing smaller mast was blocked by a new housing development, as previously reported in the Post.


African Americans overcome the profound feelings of hopelessness, confusion, and self hatred

Exercise the universal right to free and fair elections

Reclaiming Our Citizen-Soldier Heritage

For, William J. Astore writes: "When did American troops become 'warfighters' - members of 'Generation Kill' - instead of citizen-soldiers? And when did we become so proud of declaring our military to be 'the world's best'? These are neither frivolous nor rhetorical questions. Open up any national defense publication today and you can't miss the ads from defense contractors, all eagerly touting the ways they 'serve' America's 'warfighters.' Listen to the politicians, and you'll hear the obligatory incantation about our military being 'the world's best.' All this is, by now, so often repeated - so eagerly accepted - that few of us seem to recall how against the American grain it really is. If anything - and I saw this in studying German military history - it's far more in keeping with the bellicose traditions and bumptious rhetoric of Imperial Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm II than of an American republic that began its march to independence with patriotic Minutemen in revolt against King George."

Heißer Sommer am Mast

Heimliche Überwachung Tausender mithilfe von Bluetooth

Gulli - Bochum, Germany

Diese Technik kann durchaus die Überwachungstechnik der Mobilfunk-Industrie werden. Es braucht nicht viel, um das System anzupassen, ...Überwachung

Iraq events moving out of US control

Sabah al-Nasseri: Washington cannot dictate politics in Iraq.

Intervention vs. non-intervention

Nolan Chart
by Gary Wood


When did we alter our course and begin to intervene? How long has the struggle to ‘make the world safe for democracy’ been carried out? Has democracy proven to be the answer for the global community or even for the United States? Can anyone remember, clearly, a time in our nation’s history when we did not approach foreign affairs with intervention, carrot and stick diplomacy, or preemptive measures to stave off enemies perceived to be readying an attack against our shores? Are we safer, is the world safer, since we began the campaign under President Wilson?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

I was a victim of the TSA

by Dave Lindorff


Which brings me to the real question: Why do we have all this pointless and easily breached security, not to mention a list that contains an astonishing one million names of suspected ‘terrorists’? Clearly, the security program is not about protecting the flying public, or the nation’s tall buildings. That could be done much more cheaply by putting air marshals on all flights, the way they do at El Al, the Israeli airline that has never had a successful hijacking. No, this is all about heightening the fear level of the American people, to routinize us to living in a police state...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Netroots Nation or nation of sheep?

Common Dreams
by Ronnie Cummins


Saturday morning, July 19. Sitting here at the Netroots Nation conference in Austin, Texas with several thousand other online activists. Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Party Speaker of the House, the third most powerful politician in the United States, is up on the podium, doing her best to damp down the mounting criticism of the Democratic Party’s shameful collaboration in funding the war and aiding and abetting the Bush administration’s shredding of the Constitution. Before Pelosi speaks, an announcement is made from the podium that disruptions will not be tolerated — if any of us express our frustrations too passionately with Pelosi and the sell-out Democratic Party leadership we will be arrested...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Is the attention deficit disorder crisis afflicting many of our political leaders?


Los Angeles Times

by Rosa Brooks


I want Ritalin! Added to the water supply in Washington, I mean. In a nation where every other 9-year-old seems to be medicated for attention deficit disorder, why do we refuse to take seriously the attention deficit disorder crisis afflicting so many of our political leaders? Take John McCain. Immediately after 9/11, McCain shared the widespread view that the U.S. should go to war in Afghanistan to take out those responsible for the 9/11 attacks. But by late November 2001, he wanted to ‘move on to the next country.’ Uh-huh: ‘Next up, Baghdad!’ Of course, we stayed in Afghanistan too, but McCain had gotten tired of it. By April 2003, he said that ‘nobody in Afghanistan threatens the United States of America,’ so we could focus instead on the shiny new war in Iraq. ‘We don’t read about [Afghanistan] anymore, because it’s succeeded,’ he explained in October 2005...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Strahlendes Erbe der Geisterstadt,1518,566501,00.html

Weitergeleitet vom Dugi-News-Team am Montag, den 21. Juli 2008 mit der Bitte um Weiterleitung.

Getting out of Iraq

The Free Liberal
by US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


What will it take to get our troops out of Iraq? The roughly 70 percent of Americans who are firmly against the war often ask this question. Those in power are reluctant to give conditions, but when they do and those conditions are met, the goal post is quietly moved. Voters were promised, passionately and vehemently, that the new Congress would bring our troops home. Many were explicitly elected in 2006 under that banner. But our troops are still overseas, funding has been increased even beyond the administration’s wish list, and troop withdrawal has been negotiated away. When things are going badly in Iraq, they say we must stay until the situation improves. When things improve, they tell us we must stay because our gains cannot be jeopardized...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

To end war, prepare for peace

The Libertarian Enterprise
by L. Neil Smith


On the other side of the economic, geopolitical, and military mess we find ourselves in right now (provided, of course, that we survive it), certain things that we have done routinely as a civilization — or that have been done to all of us — must be changed, radically and permanently. The first is to establish widespread recognition that, in addition to being immoral because it happens to be theft, taxation is the fuel of war. If you remember nothing else from this essay, try to remember that...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Commercial bankruptcies soar, reflecting widening economic woes

Driven by a sour economy and skittish consumers, U.S. business bankruptcies saw their sharpest quarterly rise in two years, jumping 17 percent in the second quarter of 2008, according to an analysis by McClatchy.

From Information Clearing House

How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals

US tells lies about torture, say MPs

Britain can no longer believe what Americans tell us about torture, an MPs' report to be published today claims. They also call for an immediate investigation into allegations that the UK government has itself 'outsourced' the torture of its own nationals to Pakistan.

From Information Clearing House

Inflation and the Specter of World Revolution

By James Petras

In the past, inflationary disorders and desperation brought forth rightist demagogues who specialize in imposing order and stability. It ill behooves the left to once again ignore the destructive effects of inflation, the demands for order and stability and mass consumer discontent. Inflationary fears are as much entrenched as class and property issues.

War Sucks: It Ain't what you see on TV

By Scott Ritter


Acts of War

The Democrats Are The Real Problem

By Mike Whitney

Is the State Above the Law?

Why No Outrage?

Through history, outrageous financial behavior has been met with outrage. But today Wall Street's damaging recklessness has been met with near-silence, from a too-tolerant populace, argues James Grant.

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Presidents can now declare anyone an enemy combatant

US Special Forces counterinsurgency manual leaked

Stopping a false flag attack

American Fascism in the Ascendant

America First

Having the 'Best Military' Is Not Always a Good Thing


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