Concrete evidence indicating fraudulent manipulation of prior U.S. elections is emerging in Ohio and Georgia

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Most of us who have worked on election integrity since 2003 were aware of the highly suspicious 2002 election results in Georgia's senate and gubernatorial races - the surprise upsets were well outside the margin of random poll error. These upsets occurred immediately after the Diebold paperless DREs were first implemented in GA.

Some of us recall the reports by the first whistle blower from Georgia who reported that he was told to help install uncertified software patches on the Diebold DREs in GA at the last minute prior to the 2002 election, without the knowledge of the GA Secretary of State or other officials, but with the knowledge of Britt Williams, GA's voting system evaluator/administrator.

We did a lot of analyses and report writing that showed that Ohio's
2004 presidential exit poll discrepancies were much more consistent with vote fraud than with exit poll response bias, in contrast to claims by the media and exit pollsters.

But not until now has there been hard evidence available to back up what we suspected all along.

Additional concrete evidence has also emerged that the Ohio 2004 presidential election results were fraudulently manipulated and there are court cases in progress in Ohio based in part on Ohio's election officials violating court orders to preserve all their election records from the 2004 election.

Here are some articles discussing the emerging concrete evidence of vote fraud. Karl Rove is named in the Ohio lawsuit:

Ohio Attorney Files to Lift Stay on '04 Election Case, Cites Allegations, Evidence of Massive Fraud by a Number of GOP Operatives

Ohio Attorneys to Assert RICO Claim Against Karl Rove for Orchestrating Theft of 2004 Election - Election Lawyers, in Refocus of 2004 Ohio Election Lawsuit, Ask US AG Mukasey to Save Rove's Emails, US Chamber to Name Complicit Contributors, In Effort to Protect Integrity of 2008 Election

GOP cyber-security expert suggests Diebold tampered with 2002 election RawStory 7/18/08

Today, many U.S. voters are forced to blindly trust to secretly cast and count e-votes without sufficient public oversight to ensure accurate election outcomes.

The recommendations of computer scientists who are voting system experts that we use economical paper ballots, not e-ballot voting machines continues to be ignored in many states. See Avi Rubin's "Paper ballots" not "paper trails".

A lot of states do very poor election auditing, if at all. See "Interview with Aviel Rubin, e-voting activist and professor of computer science"

Many states continue to permit private companies and their own election officials to keep voting and elections procedures a secret - by denying public access to election records and by denying public oversight over key aspects of elections and by opposing valid election auditing. Voting machine vendors continue to spin and repeat misinformation. See Dan Wallach's "Vendor Misinformation in the E-Voting World", Wednesday 02 July 2008

Most election officials continue to oppose meaningful audits. See this current case of Florida State Election Officials trying to stop election auditing required by a successful ballot initiative: "The value of election audits - Sarasota County case involves an issue of national concern"

International press often covers the vulnerabilties of US elections.

In a recent Chinapost article, Goldsmith says, "It is time that we got over denial of the problems. Elections are worth stealing and people will try. Scientific studies of voting machines across the U.S. point out that in fourteen states it is impossible to verify the results of all or most of the electronic voting machines. Independent investigators estimate that at least 138 of the 270 electoral college delegates needed to win the presidency will be determined in states whose machines are glitch prone, security lax, or simply unreliable."

Let us hope that the U.S. press covers these developing news stories and thus helps to make the public aware of the continuing susceptibility of US elections to election tampering today.

"The 19 states calling on the Veterans Administration to allow registration drives are now: Connecticut, Washington, Minnesota, Maine, Vermont, Montana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Iowa, Missouri, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, New Hampshire and Oregon. The District of Columbia has joined the effort as well."

Is your state in this list?

VA Ban on Voter Registration Drives for Injured Vets Becomes National Fight

Secretary of the State and Attorney General express outrage, V.A. extends ban to voter education

Conn. officials demand reversal of VA ban,0,844926.story

Kathy Dopp

The material expressed herein is the informed product of the author
Kathy Dopp's fact-finding and investigative efforts. Dopp is a
Mathematician, Expert in election audit mathematics and procedures; in
exit poll discrepancy analysis; and can be reached at

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