Freedom is self-correcting

Christian Science Monitor
by Gary Watts


Is freedom a virtue or a vice? That question goes to the heart of some of the past century’s most violent conflicts. And it seems to be driving much of the criticism against the US today. But as it’s described in the quintessential work on freedom — the US Declaration of Independence — liberty is worthy of all the world’s admiration. Essentially, the signers declared: We believe that it is true beyond any doubt that every human enters the world with the right to live and with the freedom to pursue happiness. But since it’s a jungle out there, few people are actually able to enjoy these freedoms. The sole purpose of the people-elected government is to protect these basic rights. Detractors argue that this government-protected liberty licenses a lust for the kind of greed responsible for much of the world’s misery. To satisfy this lust, they say, Americans, or their proxies, kill, steal, and destroy other cultures — and then justify this behavior on the basis of ‘freedom’...


Tyranny of the Pinheads

Last Free Voice
by Steve Kubby


These days, Americans find their government increasingly concerned with limiting not just their freedom, but their very thoughts. A new cult of punishment and authoritarianism has turned society upside down with mindless pinheads on top and society’s brightest and most intellectually gifted, on the bottom, under virtual house arrest. Everywhere we look, we see swarms of retarded Pinheads micro-managing our lives to the lowest and most banal level, unfettered by ambiguous notions like due process or constitutional rights. Self-righteous Pinheads are constantly telling us how we should live, what we should think, and how important their parasitic, non-productive, bureaucratic activities are to our well-being. At every level of government, pompous Pinheads wallow at the public trough, ever more arrogant, resentful and ignorant of the people they pretend to serve...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



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