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Cellphone Popcorn Popping & Bird Flock Suicides!!

I notice a lot of pro and con discussion about popcorn and cellphones lately.

Notice that the popcorn kernels are surrounded by at least three cellphones with antennae pointed at the kernels. Kernels must be in middle of area so all cellphone antennae transmissions center on them.

I'm no physicist (B.S., M.E.), but after collecting info on unusual and rare event EMF effects, natural and artificial, since 1965, I see some possibe tie-ins here with at least three bird flock suicides I have on record.

1. Many bird flocks and schools of fish turn as one unit, almost instantaneously....kind of a "group mind" effect. We know birds and fish and other creatures (even humans??....charisma?) receive and transmit natural geoelectromagnetic and EMFs from each other, as well as interactions with the environment....it's called "survival"!

2. We are becoming more aware that specie-specific window frequencies and waveforms (not necessarily intensity) affect living systems in various ways. It's the information content of the signals that creates biological effects. Humans are not the only living things that transmit information contents with EMF signals!! .. alltho our artificial signals are often far stronger (and sometimes less informative) than most natural signals.

3. I understand (comments here, please) that there is such a phenomenon known as interference, when two EMF or sonic frequencies intersect......Depending of phase of signal you get either destructive (reduction) or constructive (increase) interference....I believe this kind of situation creates a "standing wave" effect.

4. O.K., so, with three, or more, cellphone antennae aimed precisely at the kernels the transmission signals from the sound input to the cellphones all hit the kernels at the same time with the same signal phase, thus it would seem that an additive effect (constructive) interference of the transmitted beams concentrate in just one tiny area...an intense standing wave of microwave energy results,.and pop goes the corn!.....one cellphone won't do it....gotta have concentration and standing wave....

5. Now, back to the birds. It seems very likely (considering the large nuimber of antennae in close proximity in the environment now) that occasionally that two or more cellphone antennae transmission beams intersect and happen to be sending the same signal information at the same time, creating a standing wave. When birds hit this temporary standing wave microwave field, they become totally disoriented and confused and sometimes dive straight into the ground as a group. It appears their automatic natural altimeter and sense of direction is destroyed.

6. This happened in England several years ago, and last year a similar incident occurred in Austin Texas. Several years ago a homing pigeon racing event up in Philadelphia area had to be held during the week, because weather prevented the contest during the weekend. Almost no pigeons made it home. Pigeons, which we know are very sensitive to geoelectromagnetic natural signals, do not seem to fly in flocks like blackbirds and starlings, so I suppose there was a lot of general confusion.

So, there are my comments on the popcorn situation.

Condemnation before Investigation is a great way to prevent progress!

James B. Beal
EMF Interface Consulting


Cell-phone popcorn a hoax, radiation changes aren't

Scripps Howard News Service for June 17, 2008
By Martin Schram

It was the pop heard ’round the world.

Four pops, actually. Faster than a speeding kernel _ YouTube viewers around the planet became eyewitnesses to something that looked like corny fun-time science. Here’s what they saw: Four corn kernels on a table cloth, surrounded by four cell phones, lying flat and pointed at the kernels. Four young folks dialed their cell phones. The ringing commenced. Suddenly _ pop…pop...pop...pop. Lo, right before our eye-witnessing eyes, the corn jumped and popped into popcorn.

The popping of the popcorn set the blogs buzzing. In English, French, Japanese. The buzzing of the blogs begat the babble of the 24/7 cable news anchors _ hey, this was their kind of story. After all, hadn’t a world of cell phone users just seen, with their own eyes, evidence of a scientific truth, at last _ proof of the perils of cell phone radiation?

Well, no. It was a hoax.

Not a hoax pulled off by youthful pranksters. It was a hoax pulled off by corporate hucksters. After putting three cell-phony videos on YouTube and letting the buzz and babble build for about a week, the business people who run Cardo Systems, a Pittsburgh-based manufacturer of wireless Bluetooth headsets, put out the word that it was all a hoax _ and they were the proud hoaxsters.

“We wanted to generate more buzz about Cardo Systems,” Kathryn Rhodes, Cardo’s national marketing director, said in an interview, speaking from her cell phone to mine. “We found it tremendously successful.”

They had used some sort of gimmick to make the corn pop. Hot stove under the tablecloth? A microwave beam from above? “We don’t intend to explain it,” Rhodes said. “We’ll keep it a trade secret.” Then she tossed in one last kernel of corporate corn: “We want to preserve the integrity of the videos.” Say what? For a minute I thought I’d heard a fifth “pop” _ only a corporate marketeer would think that “integrity” and Cardo’s “videos” belonged in the same sentence.

Before Cardo Systems confessed its sins, this columnist was on the receiving end of just a bit of the buzzing. Friends and strangers sent me the YouTube videos. Because in 2001, I had co-authored a book with Dr. George L. Carlo, entitled “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age.” Carlo, an epidemiologist (and yes, coincidentally his name does rhyme with Cardo), had been the insider of the cell phone industry. He’d been hired to run a program of scientific studies that the industry figured would prove that cell phones posed no hazard; but when studies began to show that radiation from cell phones seemed to cause some changes in biological cells, Carlo followed the science _ and the industry began to discredit Carlo.

Our book contained results of studies that had showed that changes in blood cells that had been exposed to cell phone radiation _ they developed micro-nuclei (which are also found in cancerous tumors). The book also noted a study that indicated how far inside a skull radiation can penetrate into the brain when a phone is held against the head: Just near the surface in adults, but penetration was said to increase the younger the cell phone user, so that it went quite far into the skulls of small children.

Carlo, who now heads the Science and Public Policy Institute and the Safe Wireless Initiative, said this week that a number of recent studies have confirmed the risks posed by extensive usage of cell phones. He noted that a Swedish study by Dr. Lennart Hardell and Dr. Kjell Mild showed a correlation between cell phone use and tumors on the side of the head where the phone is regularly held. And another study conducted in 12 European labs replicated findings of genetic change in cells produced by cell phone radiation _ which is not related to the sort of heat that pops popcorn.

Those findings deserve to be major news in a world of more than three billion cell phone users. But the sad truth is that the popcorn hoax got far more coverage than any scientific study ever did.

“What the studies are showing is that there is a fundamental disruption of the normal physiology in cells and tissues and organs,” Carlo said. These changes could increase the risk among those who might be susceptible. “Not everyone who is exposed to pollen sneezes and not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer,” Carlo said. “But those who are more susceptible are at greater risk.”

The risks are real. They were discovered not by hoaxes but by science. That’s why we urgently need more industry-independent studies. And just this once, we don’t need a congressional investigation of Corngate.



Cell Phones Pop Corn, Toast Brains


Mobiles boil eggs!

Tanveer Thakur

CHANDIGARH, Oct 8: It is not quite the fastest way to cook an egg, but researchers have found that if a raw egg is placed in between four switched-on cell phones, it will be ready to eat in about 80 minutes.
Researchers at Panjab University studying the impact of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile cell phone devices on living matter, have found that the radiation adversely affect tiny insects, wheat and mustard grains, in addition to eggs.

Scientists have already linked the extinction of common birds like the house sparrow to the excessive electromagnetic radiation in the environment.

According to the researchers, Mr VP Sharma, Dr RK Kohli, Dr HP Singh, and Dr Upma Baghei, the radiation released by the mobile devices have two kinds of effect ~ thermal effect and non-thermal radiation effect.

These rays, the same as those in a microwave oven, generate heat and adversely affect seed germination in plants and impair cell expansion.
In the experiments, the mobile phones were connected to pre-recorded tapes and four of them were kept live with an egg in the middle. After around 80 minutes, the egg was found to be hard-boiled. The research is in its final stages and the effects of EM waves are being studied on enzymes, cells and top layers of plants. "The idea is to sensitise people about the harmful effects of using mobile phones and living in close proximity to cellphone tower,” said Dr RK Kohli.



Mobile Phones and Vanishing Birds


Missbildungen bei Hühnerembryonen unter EM-Feldern

Handys beeinflussen Speichel und Wasser



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