Whitewashing Toxic Chemicals (Same for EMF/EMR)

This book will shock anyone who still believes that 'science' and 'integrity' are soulmates.

Worth a letter to the editor of Newsweek and the author of this article .... especially since she is a woman and women are far more sensitive to EMF/EMR than men!

For the whole article see this website:

Informant: James B. Beal


Whitewashing Long-Term Hazardous Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

To all who share concerns about living in our indoor and outdoor environment:

The following email has been sent to webeditors@newsweek.com based on the article by Sharon Begley "Whitewashing Toxic Chemicals" in the May 12th Newsweek issue, pg 39. The article may be reviewed on the following website:


Sharon Begley:

Your article, in the May 12th Newsweek, fits exactly the hazardous health situation which has existed for over 40 years with long-term exposure to uncontrolled artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs). It used to be various health effects by close proximity to power lines, transformers, substations and switching circuits. Now the situation has been magnified by the proximity of wireless microwave frequencies and waveforms from cell phone antennas/towers and in the home (and home office), primarily wireless home phones, wi-fi routers, and cell phones, all of which operate 24/7 unless plugs are pulled or batteries removed. This health-affecting situation is becoming more serious with the wireless home invasion. The bedroom and home office are two areas where people spend a lot of time in one place and thus can receive long-term exposure in what used to be an environment where one could rest and recuperate and be free of external environment stresses encounted during the day. Best to have all computers and phones hard wired and no wireless in the home at all. Remember that all computers and laptops that can use wi-fi are broadcasting their own microwave finder frequencies any time they are on.....you have to switch them off, or remove a circuit board, if you want to use them without exposing yourself to their built-in automatic microwave transmitter!

Uncontrolled artificial EMF spectrum exposures, electric, magnetic and microwave, are just more biological stress factors to add to the toxic chemical load in our food, air, water, and environment, which are already affecting our immune systems. All living systems utilize chemical and electrical energies in life processes., and react to extremely low concentrations and intensities. Our artificial chemicals and EMF spectrum energies (information-carrying frequencies and waveforms) are swamping the information-processes and immune systems of other living creatures (including humans).....this appears to be one of the big problems now with, for example, birds, bees, and frogs, ......and now the rapidly growing costs of health care in developed nations is becoming an overwhelming budget problem..

I am a retired areo-space engineer, who has been collecting and networking information about the hazardous (and healing stimulation) aspects of EMFs since 1965. I have over 4,000 references about biological effects of EMFs from 1961 through 1988 and, to date, several thousand more. Most of these references are to papers and books which have been created by independent researchers.

As indicated in your excellent article, it is easy to skew the test results to produce "no effects" if your paycheck comes from an industry whose bottom line would be affected by finding any health effects! At the present time the pharmaceutical companies are raking in the billions, treating the multitude of inter-related illnesses and allergies which have developed in our culture, and which started to gradually increase about 1996. The increase in health costs seem to arise from the additional environmental EMF stresses and microwave wireless systems impacting synergistically with the everyday-ingested toxic chemicals in our environment.

For additional information of high quality you may be interested in checking out the following websites, including my own.


Also, it may be of interest to you that women are several times (some say
4X) more sensitive than men to long-term EMF exposures which may create electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) and aggravate fibromialgia, chronic fatigue, allergies, rashes, and sleep. I have been doing home, business and property assessments for the past 8 years; 98% of my clients are women who have EHS (and chemical sensitivity) problems... most of them have figured out their problem, read available literature, and purchased their own magnetic field measuring Gaussmeters. There are a lot of women's sensitivities associated with estrogen-mimic chemicals (the bisphenol-a situation), cosmetic inert ingredients, pesticides in the garden, and home cleaning products...all of these toxic elements have been accumulated, long-term, one molecule at a time until the immune system crashes about mid-life.

Enough for now. Just want you to know I very much appreciate your article on toxic chemicals and the problems associated with vested interest research which are still very much with us. When will we ever learn??

Thank You,

James B. Beal



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