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Überleben in der KRISE

Peak Oil, Klimawandel, Finanzkrise etc. - Wie kann man sich vor dem Schlimmsten retten?

Eli Lilly veröffentlicht brisante Finanzierungsliste

Der Pharmakonzern Eli Lilly hat eine Liste veröffentlicht die genau aufgeschlüsselt, welche finanzielle Unterstützung verschiedene Institutionen in den USA im ersten Quartal 2008 durch Lilly erhalten haben.

Call for Inquiry Into US Role in Somalia

Steve Bloomfield, reporting for The Independent UK. writes: "Amnesty International has called for the role of the United States in Somalia to be investigated, following publication of a report accusing its allies of committing war crimes."

Iraq Prepares for Baghdad Exodus

BBC Reporter Clive Myrie writes: "The authorities in Baghdad say they are preparing for an exodus of thousands of people from eastern parts of the city. The government has warned of an imminent push to clear the areas of members of the Mehdi Army, loyal to the anti-American cleric, Moqtada Sadr."


Iraqi government prepares for 'big push' into Shiite enclave

"Iraqi and US military preparations are underway to move into Sadr City," Asma al-Musawi, a member of al-Sadr Bloc, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

Baghdad's Coming Refugee Crisis

U.S.-back Iraqi forces are gearing up for a new push deeper into Sadr City that could worsen fighting and displace hundreds, a government spokesman in Baghdad said. "There will be a big offensive soon," said Iraqi government spokesman Tahseen al-Sheikhly.,8599,1738431,00.html

Thousands Of Iraqi Troops Flood Into Sadr City

Thousands of Iraqi troops moved unchallenged into Baghdad's Sadr City Tuesday to seize the Shiite militia stronghold, in the largest attempt yet by the government to impose control, an Iraqi military spokesman said.

Sadrists: Iraqi Military Breaking Ceasefire

We are demanding normal rights of citizenship in Al-Sadr City, and this is what many Iraqis want in other governorates as well.

From Information Clearing House


Relief Urged for Sadr City; Reports of a Pending Assault

Bush Iraq Emails Not Recoverable

Truthout's Matt Renner reports: "A late-night court filing by the White House on Monday revealed that official administration emails about the run up to the invasion of Iraq and the initial occupation may never be recovered."


White House tells court of missing emails from beginning of Iraq war

The White House has admitted in court that it has lost three months of email backups from the initial days of the Iraq war, raising questions about the possible deletion of politically sensitive records.

From Information Clearing House


Lost e-mails obscure Plame-gate

Consortium News
by Jason Leopold


The White House now admits it can’t recover lost e-mails from emergency backup tapes for key dates in 2003, meaning some early Iraq War history may be lost. Two gaps also could obscure what senior Bush advisers were saying about early stages of the ‘Plame-gate’ scandal...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

CDU und CSU wollen mit Kriegen Energie und Rohstoffe sichern

Die CDU/CSU-Bundestagsfraktion hat am 6. Mai eine "Sicherheitsstrategie für Deutschland" beschlossen. Das Papier benennt "deutsche Interessen" im Rahmen einer europäischen Sicherheitsstrategie. Gewissermaßen als Leitmotiv stellt die Union ihrem Strategiepapier ein Zitat der Europäischen Sicherheitsstrategie vom 12. Dezember 2003 voran: "Wir müssen eine Strategie-Kultur entwickeln, die ein frühzeitiges, rasches und wenn nötig robustes Eingreifen fördert." Robustes Eingreifen, ein Synonym für Angriffskriege, kommen für die Union beispielsweise für die Terrorismusbekämpfung in Betracht. Ein anderes strategisches Ziel ist die Sicherung der Energie- und Rohstoffversorgung. "Wir streben eine europäische Energiesicherheitsunion an, die bei Versorgungsproblemen eines Mitglieds solidarisch füreinander einsteht", heißt es in dem Papier. Und: "Die Herstellung von Energiesicherheit und Rohstoffversorgung kann auch den Einsatz militärischer Mittel notwendig machen, zum Beispiel zur Sicherung von anfälligen Seehandelswegen oder von Infrastruktur wie Häfen, Pipelines, Förderanlagen etc." Bereits heute werde die Bundeswehr eingesetzt - beispielsweise mit der Beteiligung an OEF am Horn von Afrika oder an Active Endeavour im Mittelmeer. In die "Sicherung der globalen Energieversorgungskette" müssen nach Auffassung der Union auch China und Indien integriert werden, "die als große Verbraucher ebenso ein Interesse an stabilen Lieferbedingungen haben wie wir".

Union will Energiesicherheit der EU auch militärisch schützen

Die Union will die Energieversorgung der EU durch eine Kooperation mit der NATO schützen. Die "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" berichtete, die Union fordere in einem Zehn-Punkte-Papier, auf diese Weise solle die Energieversorgung militärisch gesichert werden. Nach Ansicht von CDU und CSU brauche die EU in Kooperation mit der NATO eine Strategie, um anfällige Seehandelswege und Infrastrukturen wie Häfen, Öl- und Gasleitungen sowie Förderanlagen besser zu sichern als bislang.

The 'Surge' of Iraqi Prisoners

Battle of the Hawks

U.S. missile defense plan in Poland may fail


Hundreds protest proposed US missile defense installation, demand referendum

Informant: Kev Hall

MP calls for mobile operators to share masts

Mobile Today - London, UK

Clark said: ‘Roaming and mast sharing would transform mobile phone coverage. Fewer phone conversations would be cut off, and fewer parts of the country ...

Business Bankruptcies Increase

Outright Barbarism vs. The Civil Society

Klima-Appell: Kohlekraftwerke stoppen!


Überflüssige Kohle

Studie belegt erneut das Potenzial regnerativer Energieträger und stellt Kohlepläne in Frage.

Lawyers for Guantanamo Inmates Accuse US of Eavesdropping

William Glaberson, of The New York Times: "One lawyer for Guantanamo detainees said he replaced his office telephone in Washington because of sounds that convinced him it had been bugged. Another lawyer who represents detainees said he sometimes had other lawyers call his corporate clients to foil any government eavesdroppers. In interviews and a court filing Tuesday, lawyers for detainees at Guantanamo said they believed government agents had monitored their conversations. The assertions are the most specific to date by Guantanamo lawyers that officials may be violating legal principles that have generally kept government agents from eavesdropping on lawyers."

Judge Drops General From Detainee Trial

William Glaberson, The New York Times, writes: "In a new blow to the Bush administration's troubled military commission system, a military judge has disqualified a Pentagon general who has been centrally involved in overseeing Guantanamo war crimes tribunals from any role in the first case headed for trial."

Matters of Political Inconvenience

Simona Perry, for Truthout: "For 15 years, the non-profit PEER has been working on behalf of employees from federal, state and local governments in cases of whistleblower retaliation, scientific fraud and political malfeasance. Jeff Ruch explained to me that the politically charged workplace that government scientists are currently in is not new with the George W. Bush administration. However, Jeff pointed out during our conversation, what PEER has seen in the past seven years under Bush is an increase in the career level of federal employees who are calling for help. In the past, the typical request for assistance would come from a National Park biologist; today they field calls from National Park superintendents."

Belgique WiFi et EHS Prochaine diffusion Belgique

Battle goes on to stop latest phone mast plan

May 7 2008

by Belinda Ryan, Crewe Chronicle

PROTESTERS have won the first round in their fight to stop a mobile phone mast being sited near four schools in Crewe.

Mobile phone giant O2 applied to Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council for planning permission to erect the 12.5-metre high mast at the junction of Readesdale Avenue and Valley Road.

But local councillors and residents objected claiming there was huge uncertainty as to how safe phone masts were.


Wie ernst sind die Meldungen über das Aussterben der Bienen zu nehmen?

Heute im ZDF um 22.15 Uhr:

Abenteuer Wissen

Wie ernst sind die Meldungen über das Aussterben der Bienen zu nehmen?
[ ]

(Wir sind gespannt, ob der Einfluss der Mobilfunkstrahlung thematisiert wird….)

i. V.

We aren’t “over” race

Fox News
by Radley Balko


I spent an afternoon last week at the American Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn. The museum is built around the Lorraine Motel, where just outside room 306, Martin Luther King was assassinated 40 years ago. It’s an emotionally draining experience. The museum begins with a look at slavery in America, starting with the first importation of slaves in the 1600s, then continuing up through the Civil War and the period of reconstruction in the south. The institution of slavery is of course an abomination. And though parts of America’s founding on the principles of equality before the law will always be tainted by our early reliance upon the forced labor of other human beings, there’s nothing uniquely shameful about slavery’s role in early America that couldn’t also be said about its presence in other parts of the world, and throughout most of human history...,2933,354203,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

One-party system

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


I can predict the winner of the presidential election even now: the government. In a one-party system, that’s how things work. One-party system? Yes. The American political scene makes much more sense if you think of the two parties as two divisions of the same party...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Are we running out of food?

Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Kel Kelly


First, the underlying cause of any shortage is the lack of a free market, since genuine shortages cannot appear in a free market. Instead, while prices of goods would likely rise at the onset of reduced supplies, the goods in question would always be available at some price — and the higher the price, the more the supply would increase to meet demand, which would then of course reduce the price. If we had free world markets, food would be exported from some countries, such as the United States and Europe, where food is plentiful, to countries where it is needed.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Iraq: Fighting continues across country



Gunmen killed Ayad Hamza, the deputy director of Nahrain University in charge of sciences, and wounded his two sons in a drive-by shooting on Sunday …. Iraqi special forces and U.S. troops killed seven militiamen and detained two others in two battles in Baghdad on Monday and Tuesday …. Iraqi and U.S. forces detained 15 militants in operations against al Qaeda in different parts of the country …. Three people were killed, including a female college student, and nine wounded in clashes between police and militants in Abu Dsheer district …. A roadside bomb killed one policeman and wounded seven others on Monday in Kirkuk …. Two mortar bombs killed three people and wounded 10 others, including four officers from the Facility Protection Services …. A Katyusha missile wounded five people, some of them students, when it landed near the privately owned Al-Mansour University College …

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ten Million Children Worldwide Die From Lack of Health Care

According to Teresa Cerojano in The Associated Press, "More than 200 million children worldwide under age five do not get basic health care, leading to nearly ten million deaths annually from treatable ailments like diarrhea and pneumonia, a US-based charity said Wednesday."

Iraq: Isn't Bombing Cities Immoral?

In an assault on globally accepted restrictions against attacking civilians, the Pentagon this week launched a bombing campaign against an eight-square-mile area in the middle of Baghdad. After constructing a wall around key portions of Sadr City, home to some 3 million people, the United States widened its bombing of the poorest and most densely populated part of Iraq's largest city.

Informant: Gary the Grouch


Iraqi civilians flee fighting in Baghdad militia stronghold

Miami Herald


A rocket slammed into Baghdad’s city hall and another hit a downtown park Tuesday as more frightened civilians fled a Shiite militia stronghold where U.S.-led forces are locked in fierce street battles. The American push in the Sadr City district - launched after an Iraqi government crackdown on armed Shiite groups began in late March - is trying to weaken the militia grip in a key corner of Baghdad and disrupt rocket and mortar strikes on the U.S.-protected Green Zone...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Mortgage crisis 'threat to economy'

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the US central bank, has said that the rising cases of late mortgage payments and home foreclosures pose considerable dangers to the US economy.

From Information Clearing House


Federal Reserve freakout

The Nation
by Nicholas von Hoffman


The other day Ben Bernanke came as close as a chairman of the Federal Reserve will come to a public freakout. Call it a subdued, bankerly freakout. In a speech at Columbia University’s Business School he used the word ‘crisis’ as in ‘the foreclosure crisis.’ Fed chairmen do not generally use words like ‘crisis’; they use words such as vanilla, cream sauce, custard and tapioca. What’s got Bernanke scared is that ‘about one quarter of subprime adjustable-rate mortgages are currently 90 days or more delinquent or in foreclosure. Delinquency rates also have increased in the prime and near-prime segments of the mortgage market. … Foreclosure proceedings were initiated on some 1.5 million U.S. homes during 2007, up 53 percent from 2006, and the rate of foreclosure starts looks likely to be yet higher in 2008...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Under U.S. Law Torture is Always Illegal

Why John Yoo and Other Top Administration Lawyers Should be Investigated for War Crimes.

Report Confirms Psychologists Supported Illegal Interrogations In Iraq and Afghanistan

Uncensored documents from the Church Report, obtained as a result of the ACLU's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, include new details exposing the role of psychologists in military interrogations.

From Information Clearing House


Executive or imperial branch?

Consortium News
by Ivan Eland


More memos recently have surfaced that were written early in the Bush administration by John C. Yoo from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel — the man who gave us the administration’s horrifyingly narrow definition of torture. As difficult as it is to believe, the recently released memos are even scarier than the original torture memo.Yoo boldly asserts that the president’s power during wartime is nearly unlimited. For example, he argues that Congress has no right to pass laws governing the interrogations of enemy combatants and the commander in chief can ignore such laws if passed, and can, without constraint, seize oceangoing ships...

Tortured justification

Guardian [UK]
by Michael Washburn


The Bush administration hopes that the intentionality of its interrogators actions will diminish the criminal nature of the acts should any CIA operative ever be called into court. This is a vigorous, pre-emptive washing of hands — a rhetorical exculpation and mitigation of responsibility. Given the crooked timber of international law, this may fly, legally. Morally, logically, though, it’s corrupt.The confusion here lies between the intended action and desired result. Torture isn’t incidental, and you can’t torture by accident. Interrogators fully intend the infliction of emotional and physical anguish, but they maintain that what they hope to glean from such barbarity isn’t merely the satisfaction of pain and anguish. In addition to this perverse surplus value, the US government relentlessly stresses that knowledge gained through pain is useful and nobly obtained.The efficacy of torture is, of course, doubtful. In fact, most experts in the field claim that information gained through physical or emotional coercion fails to provide much actionable intelligence. Despite this evidence, however, the seduction of “ticking bomb” scenarios persists, and not merely as a plot device in second-rate films...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


From the Department of Justice to Guantánamo Bay: Administration Lawyers and Administration Interrogation Rules

Clinton's Iran Comments "Monstrous"

I had complained at the time that this diction is monstrous. I mean, it is surreal to have Democrats discussing whether it is appropriate for the US to "totally obliterate" another country.

Russia, China Criticize Britain Over Remarks On Iran

The British ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, John Duncan, came in for some sharp criticism from Russia and China for distorting reports about the decisions of G5 plus Germany on Iran's nuclear program.

From Information Clearing House

Neoconservative Lawrence Kaplan: 'I Don't See Anything Good That Has Come from this War"

In 2003, Lawrence Kaplan, a leading neoconservative, helped deliver arguments that justified the invasion of Iraq. Afterwards, he spent two years in the war zone. It changed his view.,1518,551828,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Kurdish rebels threaten suicide attacks against US

Kurdish rebels could launch suicide attacks against American interests to punish the U.S. for sharing intelligence with Turkey after Turkey bombed rebel bases, a spokeswoman for a wing of a rebel group warned.

From Information Clearing House

Back to Square 1 on soldiers' safety?

New weapon penetrates pricey vehicle, kills 2 GIs: The deaths of two U.S. soldiers in western Baghdad last week have sparked concerns that Iraqi insurgents have developed a new weapon capable of striking what the U.S. military considers its most explosive-resistant vehicle.

From Information Clearing House

Doubting the "Evidence" Against Iran


For years, U.S. officials have aired accusations against Iran, insisting that Tehran is stoking Iraq's violence by keeping up a flow of money, weapons and trained fighters into the country. The Iraqi government, however, remains unconvinced - with good reason.

A Treaty to Abolish Nuclear Weapons


New Report Calls For Halt To Production of New Nuclear Warheads

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)

Assassins of Peace

Informant: Lew Rockwell

In the United States today the enemies of liberty have both the big battalions and the big bucks

Ron Paul, The Revolution, and Ending Abuses and Usurpations

Bernanke's Nightmare Chart

Iron Man and the Merchants of Death

Whitewashing Toxic Chemicals (Same for EMF/EMR)

This book will shock anyone who still believes that 'science' and 'integrity' are soulmates.

Worth a letter to the editor of Newsweek and the author of this article .... especially since she is a woman and women are far more sensitive to EMF/EMR than men!

For the whole article see this website:

Informant: James B. Beal


Whitewashing Long-Term Hazardous Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

To all who share concerns about living in our indoor and outdoor environment:

The following email has been sent to based on the article by Sharon Begley "Whitewashing Toxic Chemicals" in the May 12th Newsweek issue, pg 39. The article may be reviewed on the following website:

Sharon Begley:

Your article, in the May 12th Newsweek, fits exactly the hazardous health situation which has existed for over 40 years with long-term exposure to uncontrolled artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs). It used to be various health effects by close proximity to power lines, transformers, substations and switching circuits. Now the situation has been magnified by the proximity of wireless microwave frequencies and waveforms from cell phone antennas/towers and in the home (and home office), primarily wireless home phones, wi-fi routers, and cell phones, all of which operate 24/7 unless plugs are pulled or batteries removed. This health-affecting situation is becoming more serious with the wireless home invasion. The bedroom and home office are two areas where people spend a lot of time in one place and thus can receive long-term exposure in what used to be an environment where one could rest and recuperate and be free of external environment stresses encounted during the day. Best to have all computers and phones hard wired and no wireless in the home at all. Remember that all computers and laptops that can use wi-fi are broadcasting their own microwave finder frequencies any time they are have to switch them off, or remove a circuit board, if you want to use them without exposing yourself to their built-in automatic microwave transmitter!

Uncontrolled artificial EMF spectrum exposures, electric, magnetic and microwave, are just more biological stress factors to add to the toxic chemical load in our food, air, water, and environment, which are already affecting our immune systems. All living systems utilize chemical and electrical energies in life processes., and react to extremely low concentrations and intensities. Our artificial chemicals and EMF spectrum energies (information-carrying frequencies and waveforms) are swamping the information-processes and immune systems of other living creatures (including humans).....this appears to be one of the big problems now with, for example, birds, bees, and frogs, ......and now the rapidly growing costs of health care in developed nations is becoming an overwhelming budget problem..

I am a retired areo-space engineer, who has been collecting and networking information about the hazardous (and healing stimulation) aspects of EMFs since 1965. I have over 4,000 references about biological effects of EMFs from 1961 through 1988 and, to date, several thousand more. Most of these references are to papers and books which have been created by independent researchers.

As indicated in your excellent article, it is easy to skew the test results to produce "no effects" if your paycheck comes from an industry whose bottom line would be affected by finding any health effects! At the present time the pharmaceutical companies are raking in the billions, treating the multitude of inter-related illnesses and allergies which have developed in our culture, and which started to gradually increase about 1996. The increase in health costs seem to arise from the additional environmental EMF stresses and microwave wireless systems impacting synergistically with the everyday-ingested toxic chemicals in our environment.

For additional information of high quality you may be interested in checking out the following websites, including my own.

Also, it may be of interest to you that women are several times (some say
4X) more sensitive than men to long-term EMF exposures which may create electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) and aggravate fibromialgia, chronic fatigue, allergies, rashes, and sleep. I have been doing home, business and property assessments for the past 8 years; 98% of my clients are women who have EHS (and chemical sensitivity) problems... most of them have figured out their problem, read available literature, and purchased their own magnetic field measuring Gaussmeters. There are a lot of women's sensitivities associated with estrogen-mimic chemicals (the bisphenol-a situation), cosmetic inert ingredients, pesticides in the garden, and home cleaning products...all of these toxic elements have been accumulated, long-term, one molecule at a time until the immune system crashes about mid-life.

Enough for now. Just want you to know I very much appreciate your article on toxic chemicals and the problems associated with vested interest research which are still very much with us. When will we ever learn??

Thank You,

James B. Beal

The Iraqi Refugee Crisis


Americans 'stole my life from me'

Sitting in his Damascus flat, where he now lives as a refugee, he speaks of humiliation, of casual inhumanity.

From Information Clearing House


The Air Force Above All: Dominating the Air, Space, and Cyberspace

Informant: Kev Hall

Financial crisis: The situation is much worse than currently recognized

From Next-up

Informant: jensenmk

Téléphone portable, enfants en danger?


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