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LBAM Aerial Spray: A Doctor's Concern

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Propaganda Meets Corporate Lobbying

McCain's Noble Cause

Stacy Bannerman

How Fraud Fueled the Mortgage Crisis

Mary Kane reports for The Washington Independent: "The debate over what caused the mortgage mess and how best to fix it is now taking a sharp turn, as new problems surrounding liar's loans and payment-option mortgages reveal the pervasive fraud, lying and deceit that permeated the market at its height."

Fraud Worsens Foreclosure Crisis

Mary Kane, The Washington Independent: "How lenders pushed deceptive and high-cost loans on first-generation homeowners, without disclosing the consequences, assuring them that home values only go up. How people bought expensive cars, timeshare vacations and boats - and put their homes at risk. How lenders continue to target the community and push loans. And how homeowners, with years of mistrust in mainstream lenders, wait too long to get help when they fall behind on their loans, wary of trying for a short sale or a loan workout, and so fall prey to foreclosure scams."


Ann Fagan Ginger is now in her 80's and blind to the point of no longer being able to read. All her life she has stood for civil rights and civil liberties. I hope this isn't Ann's last hurrah but because it may be, let's try to send her out in style by cooperating with this appeal, which she has just sent to me. Not being an attorney, I am forwarding it to you with the hope that every single Bush signing statement is repealed and all of those opinions from the Office of Legal Counsel which say the President has right to order the torture and murder of any one he wishes dead, a right which his father and Mr. Clinton usurped before him. Yes, yes my innocents, it all started with President Reagan. After repealing everything in sight, I think the new Congress ought to take a high-pressure water hose into the White House, and plenty of disinfectant, and turn lose that hose and all of the disinfectant and blast away until all sight and smell of fascism is gone... forever!

Harlan Girard

--- On Fri, 5/2/08, Ann Fagan Ginger wrote:
Date: Friday, May 2, 2008, 8:38 PM

We need information from your organization/from you on every law passed by the Bush/Cheney administration that needs to be amended or repealed by the new Congress in 2009.

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute is preparing anew small book for activists after the Nov. election:



Our goal is to include the text of every statute, regulation, executive order, signing statement, treaty, etc. that must be amended or repealed by the new Congress.

Please send us by June 1 the bad Bush laws in your field: Agriculture, Anti-trust, BICE, Corporations, Detention Of Enemy Combatants, Defense, Disability, Education, Election, Energy and Environmental Protection, FEMA, Habeas Corpus, Health Care, Homeland Security, Homeless, Housing, Immigration, Labor Unions, Military Commission, Prison Administration, Tribal Land/ Treaties, Veterans, Seniors, Welfare rights, etc.

Please send:
* Name of law or regulation or order
* If you have the citation, please send it also; e.g., Volume number in U.S. Code and section umber, e.g., PATRIOT ACT, Public Law 107-56 (2001), including 28 U.S. Code §2712.


The booklet will be small enough to send to Congress members and/or use when you visit them, and to give to the media.

* You do not need to send us the complete text of a law if the whole law is bad. Just send the name of the law and its basic citation.

* If only some words or phrases in a law need to be amended or deleted, please DO send the text that is the problem.

You may also send a VERY BRIEF statement of how the statute or reg has been misused or could be misused.

We will, of course, acknowledge the material received from each source.

For more on our first two Little Orange Books, please visit


Ann Fagan Ginger and Interns at MCLI
Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
PO Box 673, Berkeley, CA 94701
(510) 848-0599
(510) 848-6008 fax

Der lachende Dritte?

Während die demokratischen Vorwahlen zunehmend zu einer Schlammschlacht entgleisen, holt der republikanische Präsidentschaftskandidat landesweit an Stimmen auf. Woher rührt sein Erfolg?

Multinationals make billions in profit out of growing global food crisis

Informant: Teresa Binstock

How the torture at Guantanamo began, and how it spread

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Globalen Wettlauf um niedrigste Sozialstandards stoppen

The Pentagon's $1 Trillion Problem

The Defense Department has spent billions to fix its antiquated financial systems. So why does the Pentagon still have no idea where its money goes?

From Information Clearing House

United States is drawing up plans to strike on Iranian insurgency camp

The US military is drawing up plans for a "surgical strike" against an insurgent training camp inside Iran if Republican Guards continue with attempts to destabilise Iraq, western intelligence sources said last week.

Top cleric vows crushing response if Iran attacked

From Information Clearing House

Iraq Family Describes How US Occupation Forces Killed Their 2 Year Old Son

Hussein's mother recounted being buried in rubble and crawling around the home, looking for her children.

From Information Clearing House

Ex-Iraq Commander Accuses Bush Administration of 'Gross Incompetence'

By John Byrne

In a new memoir set to be published May 6, the former commander of US forces in Iraq provides new intimate details of the goings-on at high levels of the Bush Administration in the first year of the Iraq war.

Impeach Team Scoring Points in Oregon Congressional Primaries

Inspired by the valiant primary challenge of Shirley Golub, now getting real traction against the Speaker of the House herself, other candidates are rising up all over the country to issue impeachment based congressional primary challenges of their own.

In Oregon in particular, which has a relatively early primary on May
22, Mark Welyczko OR-01, Joe Walsh OR-03 and Nancy Moran OR-05, are teaming together to run joint radio spots on multiple radio stations in Portland covering all three districts. You can listen to the radio spot on this page.

Impeach Team Radio Spot:

The beautiful thing about these three districts is that they are arranged around Portland like a pinwheel, and so each of these candidates is sure of reaching the constituents of their own district, plus demonstrating solidarity on the impeachment issue. Won't you make a contribution from the page above to these brave candidates today, to join with them in their solidarity?

With the forced retirement of Admiral Fallon, who famously said that an attack on Iran would not happen on his watch, there is a real threat the the White House could do something utterly insane if left unconfronted by a cowardly and docile Congress just trying to tread water through to the next election. But those in the Middle East know how imminent and real the danger is. After Cheney visited the Saudis last week, the next day they were warning their own people about how to protect themselves from nuclear fallout, as from a nuclear first strike on Iran.

And the only thing that will get Congress to even remotely pay attention to we the people is to actually mount serious challenges to their own seats in the primaries, which is what Shirley Golub is doing in San Francisco, and what Mark Welyczko, Joe Walsh, and Nancy Moran are now also doing in their own districts. On this same page below are links to all their individual sites if you want to know more about what they stand for on other issues.

Impeach Team Radio Spot:

But unless Congress acts on impeachment before the end of this term, not only is there a threat of an even wider war, you can take it to the bank that Bush will not only blanket pardon every one of his cronies, he will also pardon himself. Those of you who might hold out some hope of accountability after Jan 2009, remember we warned you this was coming. Indeed, we believe starting an even bigger war is their PLAN to elect another war president, on a wave of resurrected war fever.

We have one and only one chance to save the Constitution, by forcing Congress to stand up for itself, and for us, now. And only viable primary challenges will do it. Otherwise the damage will be complete. If Bush and Cheney are not guilty of the highest of high Constitutional crimes then no president need ever fear being held to account ever again. If we do not act now, whether there are 7 months left or 7 minutes, then any future president will take that as a free pass to do whatever the hell they want the last year or so of their elected term.

Paid for equally by The Committee to Elect Mark Welyczko, Joe Walsh for Congress, and Nancy Moran for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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Innovations for a Sustainable Economy

Environmental issues were once regarded as irrelevant to economic activity, but today they are dramatically rewriting the rules for business, investors, and consumers.

Gentech-Soja in Babynahrung

Eine Analyse von GLOBAL 2000 belegt: Die Hersteller Humana und Milupa, deren Produkte speziell für Kinder mit einer Kuhmilchunverträglichkeit entwickelt wurden, enthielten Gen-Soja-Anteile von 0,41 und 0,23 Prozent.

Geht dem Ozean die Luft aus?

Sauerstoffgehalt der tropischen Ozeane nahm in den letzten 50 Jahren ab. Meereswissenschaftler sind einer weiteren alarmierenden Veränderung auf die Spur gekommen. In einigen Regionen des Weltozeans nimmt der Sauerstoffgehalt ab, der die Lebensgrundlage für marine Organismen darstellt.

Wie wird unser Leben 20 Jahre nach Peak Oil aussehen?

Das Fördermaximum ist längst erreicht, sagt Hans-Josef Fell bei n-tv. Der Energieexperte der Grünen ist jedoch skeptisch, ob die Welt den Kopf noch aus dem Sand ziehen wird.

Schädliche Subventionen: Milliarden, die die Vielfalt zerstören

Die Unterzeichner der Konvention über die biologische Vielfalt wollen die Lebensgrundlagen auf diesem Planeten erhalten und die Vielfalt schützen.

Wirtschaften im Einklang mit der Natur

Eine Vision wird Realität - Naturschutz spart 700 Milliarden Euro.


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