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UN: Food costs hitting world's poor

Food import costs to the world's poorest nations are set to rise by 40 per cent in 2008 on the previous year, a report by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says.

From Information Clearing House

Lobbying for Armageddon

Some influential evangelical leaders are lobbying for an attack on Iran. But it's not about geopolitics -- it's about bringing about the End Times.

From Information Clearing House


Neocons, War, and Israel

Informant: Lew Rockwell

U.S. Senate approves $165 billion for more death and destruction

The U.S. Senate Thursday approved an additional $165 billion to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan for another year after lawmakers rejected proposed timetables for withdrawing American troops from Iraq.

Billions of Dollars Unaccounted For in Iraq, Pentagon IG Reports

1.8 billion in Iraqi assets were also simply given away, without any accountability. IG investigators examined 53 payment invoices. Not one made note of the money's ultimate destination.

Bush is dealt a defeat on Iraq bill

Senate Republicans have broken with President Bush to help Democrats add support for veterans and the unemployed to a bill paying for another year of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

From Information Clearing House

Cheney says Iraq surge is a success

Vice President Dick Cheney told graduates of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy that the recent surge strategy in Iraq has "succeeded brilliantly."

From Information Clearing House

Any Change From Bush's Fundamentalism Will Do

By Adrian Hamilton

No American should be in any doubt. The world is desperate for a change of tone and course from the US of George Bush. Nothing short of a revolution will do.

Was derzeit in unserem Gesundheitswesen wirklich passiert

Treatment of Children in the 'War on Terror'

Presidential Race Ignores Arms Race

As Bush Policy Crumbles, Allies Pick Up the Pieces

US, on Behalf of Big Pharma, Might Just Choke the WHO

House Subpoenas Karl Rove

Ex-Bush Adviser Rove Must Testify In Case That Could Shame White House

Heart Doctors: No Question Tasers Cause Lethal Heart Attacks

Le Conseil Episcopal a décidé de résilier tous les contrats avec les opérateurs de téléphonie mobile

The Anatomy of Neoconservative Propaganda

Mast plan faces the chop

Published Date: 22 May 2008

By Paul Myles-Kelly

UNPOPULAR plans to build a mobile phone mast beside a nature reserve face disconnection.


Where Are Those Iranian Weapons in Iraq?

Gareth Porter, of Inter Press Service: "The US military command in Iraq continues to talk about an alleged pipeline of Iranian weapons to Iraqi Shiites opposing the US occupation, implying that they have become dependent on Iran for indirect-fire weapons and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). But US officials have failed thus far to provide evidence that would support that claim, and a long-delayed US military report on Iranian arms is unlikely to offer any data on what proportion of the weapons in the hands of Shiite fighters are from Iran and what proportion comes from purchases on the open market."

Homeland Security's Emerging Immigration Police State

Joshua Holland, of AlterNet: "Last week, hundreds of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, flanked by helicopters, a trail of SUVs and a convoy of buses, descended on the tiny town of Postville, Iowa. They set up a perimeter around the 60-acre kosher meat-processing plant operated by the global giant Agriprocessors, Inc. and conducted the largest workplace raid in US history. Around 400 people were arrested -- most from Mexico, Eastern Europe and Guatemala -- representing 40 percent of the plant's workers and 17 percent of the town's population. Warrants for another 300 were issued."

Slavery Today: A Clear and Present Danger

Matt Renner, of Truthout: "Slavery never ended in the United States; it continues here and across the globe, facilitated by globalization, corruption and greed. There are more people enslaved today - controlled by violence and forced to work without pay - than at any time in human history. Experts put the number of slaves at 27 million worldwide. These men and women work across many sectors of the global economy, raking in profits for the criminals who hold them against their will. The US State Department estimates that 17,500 slaves are brought into the United States every year. An estimated 50,000 slaves are forced to work as prostitutes, farm workers and domestic servants in the US."

Councillors' fears as aerials approved

By Sarah Calkin

THREE new 3G mobile phone antennae have been approved by Castle Point Council - but some councillors remain concerned about the effects on people's health of the technology.


'Behavioral Targeting' on Web Is Debated

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Recht auf Ernährung: 20 Jahre fehlgeleitete Politik

Stellungnahme zur DSG-Novelle 2008

Demand Immediate Action on a Bill of Impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney

$531,472 Per Household: Taxpayers' bill leaps by trillions

"We're running deficits in the trillions of dollars, not the hundreds of billions of dollars we're being told," says Sheila Weinberg, chief executive of the Institute for Truth in Accounting of Chicago.

From Information Clearing House

Former Detainee Describes 'Water Treatment" by US

Murat Kurnaz told members of Congress today he was subjected to "water treatment," electric shocks and other abuse during the almost five years he spent in U.S. custody.

From Information Clearing House

Former Clinton Whitehouse aide: We're in for a "cataclysmic" Bush endgame

He said that the US faces a "cataclysmic" final few months of the Bush term, and that Bush is determined to leave a lasting mark on the world regardless of who is elected the next president.

U.S. Military Bases in South America

Despite his record unpopularity, it would appear that President Bush wants to go out of office with a bang. Having failed to overthrow Hugo Chávez through an attempted coup, the White House now hopes to escalate pressure on Venezuela's President by other means.

From Information Clearing House

Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

Propagandists First, Journalists Second

How the New York Times Won 2004 for Bush

By Ted Rall

Genocide in Iraq?

By David Model

This hypocrisy betrays the indifference of American leaders to basic democratic principles and to respect for both domestic and international law.

URGENT ACTION: 9 Bulls in Trap at Duck Creek

US Unprepared for Massive November Election Turnout

The Louisiana Weekly's Hazel Trice Edney reports: "Record turnouts at polling places across the nation during the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton battle for the Democratic nomination have revealed a continuation of serious flaws in America's electoral process that could cause a fiasco November 4, according to a nonpartisan report."

Chemicals in Food

"Bill Moyers Journal and Expose: America's Investigative Reports examine why, even though studies show that the chemical Bisphenol A can cause cancer and other health problems in lab animals, the manufacturers, their lobbyists, and US regulators say it's safe."

Congress Slated to Hand Bush Second Override of Presidency

Congressional Quarterly reports: "The House is likely to make an effort Wednesday to override President Bush's veto of the farm bill. If the House musters the two-thirds majority required for an override, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) said his chamber will vote before it recesses for the Memorial Day break."


The Irony of a Bush Farm Bill Veto

Analysis: Race Draws to End, Time for Legacies

The Associated Press's Nedra Pickler and Beth Fouhy report: "The Democratic presidential race is all but over. Barring a cataclysmic change of events, Barack Obama will win enough pledged and superdelegates to capture the party's nomination. The only real issue is whether he and rival Hillary Rodham Clinton leave the race with their futures - and their party - intact."

Experten: Strahlenbelastung nimmt weiter zu

Quit Coal, Save the Climate!

The Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior, will be in the Philippines to kick off its Quit Coal Ship Tour in Asia. In its visit to the country, the Rainbow Warrior intends to engage the public in the call for urgent climate change solutions, and will amplify the need for the Philippine government to take immediate and decisive action to combat climate change, the greatest threat facing our planet today.


Proposed Coal Plant Pits Economy vs. Navajo Belief

Writing for Forbes, Felicia Fonseca and Paul Foy say, "In a corner of the Navajo Nation burdened by old and heavily polluting coal-fired power plants, it matters little to many tribal elders that another facility promises to be the most efficient and cleanest of all."


NY Times reveals existence of FBI 'war crimes file' at Guantanamo

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


FBI watched Guantanamo abuse - report

AN FBI agent watched Australian detainee Mamdouh Habib repeatedly vomit during a marathon interrogation session at Guantanamo Bay in 2004, according to a long-awaited US Justice Department report released today.,23599,23735419-401,00.html

Report: U.S. Soldiers Did 'Dirty Work' for Chinese Interrogators

Alleges Guantanamo Personnel Softened Up Detainees at Request of Chinese Intelligence.

FBI staff silenced over torture

AS EVIDENCE of prisoner mistreatment at Guantanamo Bay began to mount in 2002, FBI agents at the base created a "war crimes file" to document accusations against American military personnel, but were eventually ordered to close the file down, a Justice Department report has disclosed.

From Information Clearing House

March to War in Lebanon?

Vaccines, Mercury, and Autism, Is There a Link?

Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy

Contact Your Senators To End The Occcupation Funding Now, Once And For All

This last week, the House failed to approve yet another 163 billion dollars in war profiteering, as pushed by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, but ONLY because so many of you spoke out, that and because 132 Republican perversely voted "Present". Now the battle shifts to the Senate, where we need your voice to prevail there as well.

Stop It In The Senate Action Page:

And Shirley Golub, who is challenging Nancy Pelosi for the Democratic party primary nomination on June 3, needs your help to run the biggest display ad she can in the San Francisco chronicle before then, to define the real choice we have. Please read the definitive statement below and consider making a contribution to make this possible.

S.F. Chronicle Ad Contributions: http://www.shirley2008.php/stop_the_funding.php

Text of Proposed S.F. Chronicle Ad:

We Have A Choice

Nearly every day in the Congress of the United States, those we have designated as our representatives cast votes on the policies that will control our lives in matters great and small. And it is our right, indeed it is our duty, that when those representatives persistently disregard the will of their constituents, that we cast our votes on election day for someone else who would represent us more faithfully.

When our founders created this grand experiment in self-government, enshrined in our Constitution, they did not do so in the name of we the media barons, or we the campaign consultants, or we the giant corporations. This nation was founded for the good of "We The People", and perhaps we should all take pause, to appreciate the truly awesome responsibility with which that endows each of us.

It is not always the case that those who have failed us will even have a challenger, who will step forward to present a positive alternative. Too many times, we people have been beaten into submission, by those who tell us that our voices don't count and will not be heard. Too many times we have allowed those who have not acted in our best interests to escape accountability. But when we do have a choice, a real choice, there is no more urgent task than to cast our votes in favor of that choice.

I am Shirley Golub, and I am challenging Nancy Pelosi for the Democratic party primary nomination on June 3rd. If more people vote for me on that day, I will become the congressional nominee representing the 8th Congressional District for the Democratic party. If not, Nancy Pelosi will be that nominee. But one way or another, YOU, the citizens of my district, have the absolute power to determine the result, by coming out to vote on election day, and by voting your conscience.

This very week, Nancy Pelosi again defied us as the Speaker of the House, to push a war occupation funding bill opposed by the majority of her own party. This bill would never have even come to vote in the House of Representatives, but for her obstinate determination to disregard the will of her people. And, in the grandest act of hypocrisy of all, when put to vote, she herself voted against the very bill she was trying to force on the rest of us.

If this bill were to pass and be signed into law, we would be surrendering our brave men and women in our armed forces to yet another year of senseless mortal danger in Iraq, with no prospects for actual strategic success, with no hope of making America any safer in the world. This is exactly what we the constituents of the
8th Congressional district do NOT want.

So what is this charade where Nancy Pelosi votes against her own bill, as if she had no choice in the matter of bringing it up in the first place? Well, WE do have a choice. And if we accept our responsibility of exercising that choice, we can change the dynamic in the Congress of the United States in a way that will affect every other district in the country. People all over the country will take note that the citizens of San Francisco have finally had it.

Great social movements in our country's history have been founded in the struggle to win the right to vote. The civil rights movement, the women's suffragette movement, were for the every soul of our nation. Even today the struggle goes on, with reactionary elements in some states pushing to curtail the right to vote with various voter ID schemes, poll restrictions, and other devices, some already rubber stamped by an undeniably right wing Supreme Court.

But for the moment, we of the 8th Congressional District of CA retain our unrestricted right to do as we always have, to take a couple of minutes on election day, to make our voices heard, in the most clear possible way, to turn thumbs up or thumbs down on the current incumbent.

And that is why I am asking you, if you are as unhappy about the war funding put forward by the Speaker that we have endured for going on the last two years, that you must come out and support me in that very simple and fundamental way. I would not have entered this race unless I believed that I would be the faithful representative that Nancy Pelosi most decidedly is not.

I am asking you to believe that you CAN make a difference, and to believe that change is possible, long enough for that change to actually happen.

Thank you for your kind attention, and I will see you at the polls on election day.

Paid for by Shirley Golub for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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