War Funding Continues Pattern of Dems' Broken Promises



We Can Stop The Latest War Funding Cave In, But You Have To Know Who To Call

We all know the routine by now. The Democratic so-called leadership makes a feeble attempt to attach something else to the latest emergency war appropriation, like a half-hearted stipulation for a withdrawal date, or some crumbs of a desperately needed social program, like this time.

And the President stomps his feet demanding a "clean" bill, clean of any kind of assertion of Congressional power or meaningful oversight, that is. And the Democrats end up caving in, out of fear of being accused of not supporting the troops, if "supporting" really means leaving them in mortal harm's way for no justifiable strategic reason, that is.

Should we call Congress yet again, to send them the same message again . . . stop the funding, bring our troops home now. We'll make our calls. Here are the toll free numbers yet again 800 828-0498, 800
614 2803 and 866 340 9281. And of course you should call too. Never let them be able to honestly say they didn't hear from you.

But we need a back up plan, folks. And we've got one. This is all just one big game of "what'cha gonna do?" What will we do if they completely ignore us again, because they think they are esconced in safe districts where they can never be seriously challenged? We have to challenge them in those districts in contested primaries . . . and win. At some point we must understand that is the only message they are actually going to take seriously.

And that is exactly what is happening in San Francisco right now, where a political miracle is taking place in the primary challenge against Nancy Pelosi June 3. Thanks to you, Shirley Golub's "Rubber Chicken" TV ad started running on all 3 major network TV stations this very morning. And before the end of the day at least one of their news departments was clamoring to interview her for the evening news. Here is that amazingly powerful TV spot.

Rubber Chicken TV Spot: http://www.shirley08.com/rubber_chicken.php

So call Congress again, please do it, and tell them to bring the troops home. It costs you nothing. But then help to send the most powerful message of all, by donating whatever you can to empower Shirley Golub to put more and more spots like these on the air, to send Nancy Pelosi herself, the queen of the cave in, packing before even the general election.

Or maybe you like the radio spot where Shirley also calls Pelosi a political coward, with sound clips of Pelosi saying "I'm afraid" over and over.

Pelosi Afraid Spot: http://www.shirley08.com/pelosi_afraid.php

So pick up the phone and call your member of Congress again. Only this time tell them you are making the most generous donation you possibly can from the page above, to defeat Nancy Pelosi herself, and that they will be next if they don't start listening to the people quick, fast and in a hurry. Tell them that what they do now will determine whether they will lose to a primary challenger of their own the very next chance the people get.

It all comes back to the same thing. With exception of a handful of valiant souls, most politicians only consider the voice of the people if they are actually afraid it will cost them their own seats. Only defeating Pelosi, and doing it now, can send a message that they can no longer ignore.

More and more primary challengers are springing up all over the country, like Mark Welyczko (OR-01), Joe Walsh (OR-03) and Nancy Moran (OR-05), who are running at a team in the Portland, OR area on an impeachment now platform.

We need more of these valiant souls, and we surely have one in Shirley Golub, who has worked her heart out for other progressive candidates for years. Check out the rest of her site from one of pages above. Cindy Sheehan is also one of those valiant souls, but Cindy cannot defeat Pelosi on June 3, because she is not running until the general election in November. Only Shirley Golub can do that. And with your courageous help, she surely will.

Paid for by Shirley Golub for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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