Bush's State of the Union 2008: False Pretenses



State of Union Came With a Signing Statement

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The Shameful State of the Union

Informant: Bob Banner


A Consumer's Guide to the State of the Union Address


The Beginning of the End

William Rivers Pitt, writing for Truthout, says: "If Bush's lips are moving, it means he must be lying; so it has been for all those days, and so it was again on Monday evening. Some 75 percent of the citizenry believe this country to be 'on the wrong track,' and since the gomer giving the speech last night is seen as being largely responsible for putting us all on this 'wrong track' to begin with, a vast American majority pretty much didn't give a fig about what he had to say. All that most people cared about was the historic significance of the night itself. It was The Last Bush SOTU Speech Ever."



Bush’s latest Exec Order: No earmarks?

Fox News


President Bush was set to act Tuesday on his State of the Union promise to sign an executive order directing federal agencies to ignore any future earmarks not voted on by Congress. Bush warned lawmakers he would flourish his veto pen if Congress does not rein in the number of congressional earmarks — money set aside for pet projects — that make it into law without a vote. As many as 95 percent of earmarks are inserted after Congress has voted on appropriations measures, and the pork is never seen by most lawmakers. Bush called on Congress during last year’s State of the Union to cut the number of earmarks in half, but Monday night he chided lawmakers for failing to do so... [editor’s note: we’ll believe this when we see it actually enforced - SAT]


State of the Union Address: Another lost opportunity to show true leadership

Hawaii Reporter
by U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka


It is unfortunate that President Bush has once again fallen short in his responsibility to lead this great nation of ours into a future of prosperity for all – one that continues our leadership in researching and developing alternative energy, preserving our natural resources, and ensuring access to affordable health care and education. Once again, the President’s speech was full of misinformation...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



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