Tell the FCC and Congress You Support Net Neutrality

We got the heads up from John Laesch, Democratic candidate in the
special election to replace Dennis Hastert in IL-14. The FCC has made
provision for comments from the public on net neutrality, and on
John's request we created a special action page that pipes your
personal comments into the FCC electronic filing system, AND sends
your messages to all your members of Congress at the same time.

Net Neutrality FCC Comments:
// (anyone can use this link)

Facebook Version:
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this you must be a member of Facebook and logged in)

We have already seen blatant moves towards making a two tier toll
road out of our wide open democratic internet, as when Comcast
started discriminating against particular users recently. And you
remember when the AT&T censored Pearl Jam's criticism of Bush, and
when Verizon censored NARAL's pro choice text messages. This is our
chance to speak out and make our voices heard to defend our free

John Laesch's special primary election is coming up in just 1 week on
Feb 5th, which can help set the tone for the entire primary season to
come. Please submit the action page sponsored by John above, and
please also consider making a donation to encourage him to keep
standing strong on the issues you care about.

John Laesch Donations: //

As the Democratic nominee in 2006, John Laesch pulled 40 percent
against the powerful incumbent Hastert in the general election, and
John is in the running again. With numbers like that, and especially
given the shift in public sentiment in the last two years, this is a
very winnable race.

Here is John's message to you on the importance of acting now to
ensure network neutrality:


The FCC has bowed to pressure and is investigating complaints that a
major internet service provider is selectively blocking traffic. We
need to let the FCC and Congress know that we are willing to defend
net neutrality from big corporate interests.

The FCC is asking for public comments. Let the FCC know that you
support true net neutrality, and you oppose any attempts by giant
telecoms to weaken or dismantle it.

Paid for by Friends of John Laesch

*** End John Laesch Message ***

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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