How safe is Wifi?

Being exposed to the microwave (2.45GHz) radiation constantly emitted by WiFi routers is as safe as being in the main beam from a phone mast. But is that safe? Comparing the levels with those emitted by a mobile phone is not very helpful since we do not know those are safe either! There is evidence in some studies of longer term users of increased brain tumour risk on the side of the head they hold the mobile. There are reports of cancer clusters around phone masts but the government refuse to investigate. However 2 scientific studies in other countries show a trebling of cancer risk for exposure under 10 years . It may be more informative to compare the levels of microwaves with those that naturally existed up until 15 years ago when this technology started. You would find the levels are up to trillions of times higher now because the background microwave level is virtually zero. Is it sensible to compare these with light or with what used to exist in the microwave part of the spectrum? The European wide REFLEX project found human DNA shattered after short exposure to the levels we are exposed to now. The radiation intensity in the main beam from a phone mast is the same order of magnitude as a few meters from a WiFi router. (You can hire measuring equipment and see for yourself) These levels are below guidelines which is why the HPA is so confident about its study. However the guidelines are only intended to protect from short term heat shocks and do not protect against long term lower levels of exposure where heating is not the issue. All the independent scientists are calling for a revision of these out of date guidelines.

If you must have WiFi rather than cables then I would advise turn it off when not in use and especially at night.

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