No Retroactive Immunity For The Telecoms

Each week we try to highlight the most urgent pressing policy issues with focus on the ones we're supposed to win, and can win, if only we mobilize enough people to speak out.

We are asking all of our participants to make it part of their weekly routine, to call their members of Congress on one of the tested working toll-free numbers 800 828-0498, 800 614 2803 or 866 340 9281, and/or also to follow up by submitting the email action pages below that you feel strongly about.

1) No Retroactive Immunity For The Telecoms

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Coming to a head quickly will the fight to beat back the corporate lobbyists seeking to grant all the law breaking telecoms retroactive immunity. At the moment there are two different versions of a bill to update the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The one passed by the Judiciary Committee does not grant retroactive immunity to all the telecoms for possibly spying on Americans without warrant, but the one passed by the Intelligence Committee does.

It is critically important that the Senate start off on the correct foot by bringing forward the version that does NOT grant unwarranted retroactive immunity to the telecoms, for their unwarranted caving in to the Cheney White House on rule of law. Not only would blanket absolution of wrongdoing set a bad legal precedent, they still will not tell us what the telecoms actually did.

Qwest, who refused to collaborate with the Cheney White House criminals, knew right from wrong when they refused to break the law. Congress needs to compel the rest of them to come clean, not signal "Congressional acquiescence in an illegal course of conduct." Senators Feingold, Dodd and others have declared they are prepared to filibuster if necessary to make sure the law remains the law, and we need to voice our support in that.

2) Don't Let The FCC Lock In Media Monopolies Forever

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Already more than 18,000 of our participants have submitted the action pages above, which also sends your personal comments to all five of the FCC commissioners. We only have until Dec. 11 to register our vocal opposition to allowing even further control of our national media resources to the same insufferable, unaccountable corporations, who have trivialized our policy debates and suppressed the real news at the direction of the Cheney White House.

The determination of the current FCC chairman Martin to plow ahead with a complete unraveling of any kind of meaningful regulation in the waning months of the 8 years of unmitigated greed, must be countered with the voices of the real people, that's us, telling them "no mas". Congress is preparing to consider S.2332, the Media Ownership Act of 2007, which would stop the FCC fast one in its tracks. Please make a particular point of speaking out in favor of this true bipartisan bill while there is time before the deadline.

3) Grounds For Cheney Impeachment Mount Day By Day

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It seems like every day there is a new revelation, sometimes two, demonstrating the urgency of getting on with impeachment of the Vice President. Monday, the New York Times reported that the new National Intelligence Estimate concludes that Iran is nowhere close to having a nuclear weapon, and in fact is believed to have mothballed any such program.

But still, Cheney has been out there pounding the drums louder and louder for an attack on Iran, just exactly the way he intervened to cook the intelligence books to con the American people into invading Iraq in the first place. This time he did not get away with the deception. But the fact that he tried is impeachable enough, and just emphasizes the necessity of holding him accountable for all the horrendous damage to our national security he has already done, by removing him from office immediately, and Constitutionally.

If you have already submitted the action page above, please do it again, because our members of Congress need to hear from us again and again on this. If not, please make your voice heard. There is no telling what kind of stunt Cheney may yet pull unless Congress confronts him directly, working with rogue elements in Israel to launch an Iran attack anyway, as he is reported to have done, or other malfeasance. And only your impact, joining with your fellow constituents to speak out will force Congress to act on this one.

A Note About The Facebook Versions:

What we have done by creating a Facebook version of all action pages is open up the possibility of engaging their entire member base of 50 million in direct policy activism. At the current time, as noted above, you must be a Facebook member AND logged in to use the Facebook version action links. If you are not already a member you can go to and register. Or must keep using our regular action pages. We'll always be there for you.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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