A Miracle: Honest Intel on Iran Nukes

By Ray McGovern

For those who have doubts about miracles, a double one occurred today. An honest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's nuclear program has been issued, and its "Key Judgments" were made public.


Despite Knowledge That Iran Halted Nuke Program:
White House Continued To Warn Of False Threat

By Think Progress

The White House isn't yet ready to give up its spin. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley will be speaking to the press at 3:15 PM EST today, and has already claimed that the NIE "confirms that we were right to be worried about Iran seeking to develop nuclear weapons."


Bush Calls for Continued Pressure on Iran

President Bush says there will be no change in U.S. policy on Iran following the release of a new U.S. intelligence assessment of Tehran's nuclear capabilities and ambitions.


China Questions New UN Sanctions Against Iran After US Report

China's U.N. ambassador said Tuesday that a new U.S. intelligence finding that Iran halted development of a nuclear bomb four years ago raises questions about new U.N. sanctions against Tehran. But the U.S. and its European allies said they are still pushing for new punitive measures.


Iran welcomes U.S. move to 'correct' nuke claim

A U.S. intelligence assessment released Monday reversed earlier claims that Iran had restarted its weapons program in 2005 after suspending it in 2003 because of international pressure.


IAEA says US report on Iran 'consistent' with its own findings

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency says the U.S. report on Iran's nuclear weapons program is consistent with the findings of his agency.


World reaction to Iran nuclear report

A report by US intelligence agencies has contradicted Washington's claims that Iran is actively pursuing a nuclear weapons programme, concluding instead that such work stopped four years ago.


How Did a 2005 Estimate on Iran Go Awry?

In the summer of 2005, senior American intelligence officials began traveling the world with a secret slide show drawn from thousands of pages that they said were downloaded from a stolen Iranian laptop computer, trying to prove that Iran was lying when it said it had no interest in building a nuclear weapon.


Iran demands compensation for U.S. nuclear program 'lies'

Washington should compensate Iran for the damage caused by years of lies about its nuclear weapons program, a senior government official in Tehran said on Tuesday.


'The Iran Agenda'

Top Democratic and Republican leaders absolutely believe that Iran is planning to develop nuclear weapons. And one of their seemingly strongest arguments involves a process of deduction. Since Iran has so much oil, they argue, why develop nuclear power?


Lavrov: 'No proof Iran had nuke program'

Russia's foreign minister said Wednesday there was no proof that Iran has ever run a nuclear weapons program, and praised Teheran for its readiness to cooperate with the United Nations nuclear watchdog.


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