The monster mast

By Richard Bean

A new phone mast erected at the heart of a community has stunned local residents.

Councillors have been besieged by complaints over the height, design and location of the O2 structure in Winstanley.

Coun Rona Winkworth, who lives near the mast, says scores of neighbours have complained.

She is demanding that Metro director of development Martin Kimber comes to view the site on Tan House Drive, behind The Poacher pub, so he can grasp the impact of the mast.

The mast has been put up next to shops and between two primary schools, St Aidan's and Winstanley County Primary.

Coun Winkworth believes there will be even more furore when other residents, who have not yet recognised it as a phone mast, realise what it is. Many are not aware as it looks very different to older masts.

She said: "I don't think the scale of this thing, by our village green, was properly represented on maps that went before the committee.

"I think it looks absolutely dreadful for Winstanley."

Coun Winstanley said residents were concerned about the possible effects to children at the schools.

Community activist Con Reardon, who lives in nearby Chiltern Drive, said the Government has started a three-year study into possible health effects from masts, and claims O2 should have been banned from erecting this one until that had been concluded.

He said: "How many more mobile phone masts are going to be located in and around Winstanley, which is already the most densely populated area of Wigan?

"This one has been sited right alongside our village green, our shopping centre, between our two schools, and right in the middle of hundreds of houses, who will be under the signal beaming in and out of these masts.

"Who knows what effect these signals have on our health?"

An 02 spokesman said that health concerns remained paramount and added: "All our base stations comply with international guidelines, typically by a factor of 100 times or more where the public have access.

Exposure from mobile handsets is higher, but well below international guidelines and with a significant safety margin.

Omega this is not true. See under:

"We are reassured by all available current research and international bodies, including the World Health Organisation (WHO), are clear that there is no convincing evidence that mobile technology poses a risk to health.

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under: and
"Competing interests, conflicts of interest: Who's funding WHO?"under:

"We also support current research programmes with data and funding."
He added that 02 also draws on strict codes of practice and expert advice to formulate policy and to guidelines.

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The monster mast

It was a mast,
It was a monster mast,
It was a mast,
They upped it really fast
It was a mast,
It was a monster mast,
It gave a blast
And health concerns came last.

It was a mast
It was a monster mast,
It was a mast,
The harm it caused was vast
It was a mast
It was a monster mast
It was a mast
But this is not the past...


The monster mast

We don't need no radiation
We don't get no planning control
No microwaves across the classroom
Government leave our kids alone

Hey Government, leave our kids alone

All in all you know we'll fight the masts 'til they fall
All in all you know we want no Wi-fi at all


Here another Pink Floyd themed one

You'd better make you face up in your favourite wire net
with your elcotrosmog proof jacket and your tin foil hat.
With a knowledge of the truth and the dangers set
They might laugh at your claims but they'll find out yet.
When they're diagnosed with cancer they'll remember you.
Trying to save them from this menace when you knew the truth
they'd better run...
they'd better run like hell...


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


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