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Warming Triggers ‘Alarming’ Retreat of Himalayan Glaciers

Informant: binstock

World Bank Board Majority Want Wolfowitz to Resign

A majority of countries on the World Bank board believe Paul Wolfowitz should resign as president of the World Bank, bank board sources from both rich and developing nations said on Friday.

Nuclear Arms Workers Cancer Claims Denied or Delayed

Some evidence suggests the US government has tried to limit payouts to Cold War-era nuclear arms workers for budget reasons. Internal memos obtained by congressional investigators show the Bush administration chafing over the program's rising costs and fighting to block measures that would increase workers' chances of compensation.

Colleagues Cite Partisan Focus by Justice Official

Two years ago, Robin C. Ashton, a seasoned criminal prosecutor at the Department of Justice, learned from her boss that a promised promotion was no longer hers. "You have a Monica problem," Ms. Ashton was told, according to several Justice Department officials. Referring to Monica M. Goodling, a 31-year-old, relatively inexperienced lawyer who had only recently arrived in the office, the boss added, "She believes you're a Democrat and doesn't feel you can be trusted."

The Millions Left Out

"The United States may be the richest country in the world, but there are many millions - tens of millions - who are not sharing in that prosperity," says Bob Herbert. "According to the most recent government figures, 37 million Americans are living below the official poverty threshold, which is $19,971 a year for a family of four. That's one out of every eight Americans, and many of them are children."

Ex-CIA Official, Contractor Face New Charges

New charges have been filed alleging that a former top CIA official pushed a proposed $100 million government contract for his best friend in return for lavish vacations, private jet flights and a lucrative job offers. The charges grew from the bribery scandal that landed former US Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham in prison.

Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not?

Informant: Doctor Plum

Billions in Oil Missing in Iraq

US Study Finds

Between 100,000 and 300,000 barrels a day of Iraq's declared oil production over the past four years is unaccounted for and could have been siphoned off through corruption or smuggling, according to a draft American government report. Using an average of $50 a barrel, the report said the discrepancy was valued at $5 million to $15 million daily.

Are mobile phones wiping out our bees? - Rotten Mobiltelefone unsere Bienen aus?

Bienen und Insekten

"Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?" , fragt der englische Independent. "Rotten Mobiltelefone unsere Bienen aus?"

Das mysteriöse Verschwinden ganzer Bienenvölker, das in vielen Ländern schon seit einigen Jahren anhält, könnte bald gravierende Auswirkungen auf unsere Nutzpflanzen haben.

Diverse europäische und amerikanische Tageszeitungen berichteten im März über ein seltsames Phänomen: Arbeiter-Bienen kehrten nicht mehr in den Bienenstock zurück, worauf die Königin mitsamt der Brut zugrunde ging. Die Wissenschaft hat für diese Erscheinung mittlerweile einen Namen: „Colony Collapse Disorder“ (CCD), was eine bisher unerklärte Störung im Verhalten der Bienen beschreibt. In einer Dokumentation stellt die Schweizer Umweltorganisation Diagnose-Funk den aktuellen Wissensstand zu dieser auch für die Lebensmittelproduktion verheerenden Entwicklung dar.

Die spanische Studie „Einfluß der elektromagnetischen Strahlung des Mobilfunks auf Insekten“ mit einer gründlichen Literaturrecherche weist auf die hohe Wahrscheinlichkeit des Einflusses der Strahlung auf das Verhalten und die Entwicklung von Bienen und anderer Insekten hin. Spanisches Orginal


Sterben Bienen aus?

Ohne die Arbeit der Bienen ist die Lebensmittelversorgung der Menschheit gefährdet.

Spying on the Home Front

The program shows how the FBI vacuumed up records on 250,000 ordinary Americans who chose Las Vegas as the destination for their Christmas-New Year's holiday, and the subsequent revelation that the FBI has misused National Security Letters to gather information.

From Information Clearing House

Afghanistan could be "endless mission"

Former defence minister Joris Voorhoeve warns that the Dutch peacekeeping role in Afghanistan will be an `endless mission` unless the government sets clear limits on the availability of its troops in the region.

From Information Clearing House

Gen. Petraeus and the $2000 Payoff

On Tuesday, the U.S. military apologized for an atrocity near Jalalabad back in March and agreed to make the usual maximum payment -- don't laugh -- of about $2000 to survivors for each of the 19 Afghan lives lost.

From Information Clearing House

Pentagon Moved to Fix Iraqi Media Before Invasion

In the run-up to the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, the Pentagon planned to create a 'Rapid Reaction Media Team' (RRMT) designed to ensure control over major Iraqi media while providing an Iraqi 'face' for its efforts, according to a 'White Paper' obtained by the independent National Security Archive (NSA) which released it Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House

Gates Contradicts Bush, Says 'I Don't Know' If 2002 War Authorization Is Still Valid

During his questioning of Gates, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) noted that the authorization listed two purposes for the use of force: 1) to defend the United States against Saddam Hussein and 2) enforce U.N. resolutions against Hussein's government. Byrd asked Gates, since Hussein's government no longer exists.

From Information Clearing House

Why Cheney Failed In Iraq

The failure of the usually forceful Cheney to impose a clear timetable for passing revenue-sharing measures on Maliki reflects not just Maliki's general political weakness, but also his continued dependence on partisan and divisive Shiite factions in the Iraqi Parliament for support.

From Information Clearing House

Surge could last through '08

U.S. commanders in Iraq are increasingly convinced that heightened troop levels, announced by President Bush in January, must last into the spring of 2008. The military has said it would assess in September how well its counterinsurgency strategy is working.

Majority of Iraqi Lawmakers Now Reject Occupation

On Tuesday, without note in the U.S. media, more than half of the members of Iraq's parliament rejected the continuing occupation of their country. 144 lawmakers signed onto a legislative petition calling on the United States to set a timetable for withdrawal.

From Information Clearing House

We're All Responsible for Iraq

By James Reston

The hypocrisy toward our troops is another instance of moral and political guilt. When a person flaunts his patriotism and then tolerates the exploitation of soldiers, then that citizen is morally culpable for that outrage and a participant in it.

A strange kind of law: the non ionizing law in Israel

Iris Atzmon wrote:

The non-ionizing law in Israel entered into effect in January 2007. Or so it was supposed to be, but it isn't.

The law is in fact not yet in operation because of the section of removing antennas from sensitive places. This removal of antennas and keeping them further away, will cost about 900 million shekels. The controversy between the ministries of communication and environment is about who will fund removal / moving the antennas. The chairman of the parliament committee of environment, Ofir Pines, considers to apply to the high court and to the state comptroller. Pines and the committee were supposed to approve clauses of the law (like distances and all the small details which are the most important) but the clauses were not sent to the committee although Pines asked them for more than half a year from the ministries of communication and environment. The committee was supposed to approve the clauses before January and since it didn't, the law has not entered into effect by the government. A representative of the communication ministry said that the law will have an effect also on the prices of electricity. Pines will try another thing- to file the clauses to the parliament for approval as a bill, hoping that this step will accelerate the displacement of the antennas. ( economy ).

This law forces every new installation that emits non-ionizing radiation, to receive a permission first from the ministry of environment. The permission is supposed to be based on the level of radiation that is emitted and if the installation does not stand in the radiation levels, then it is a criminal responsibility and no one wants to take this responsibility, especially because one thing was "forgotten" in this law: the level of radiation is not stated in the law. The power company does not want to expose its workers to criminal lawsuits and the private sector claims that the ministry of environment has prepared a non practical law because no one knows the levels of radiation that enable obeying to the law. The result is that many projects are now posponed and this trend will continue and the cost will be billions of shekels, the projects are posponed because people don't want to take the chance about the radiation levels. This law was rolling for about 8 years and the power company succeeded in delaying it, but now the law is not clear and Dr. Stilian Galberg from the ministry of environment said that he gave up to the power company and instead of asking them to stand in radiation level he only asks to sign that they will do the maximum they can to reduce the radiation level. "Instead of setting low radiation levels like in Europe, for example, we were more flexible" he said. (The marker 6.5.07)

Re: A strange kind of law - the non ionizing law in Israel

In the state of Massachusetts in the late 1990s, the mobile phone companies were required by law not only to provide for any proposed antenna an application to the local town or city, but also to the state Department of Health, Radiation Control Division.

Among other requirements, the State application included esimated power density levels to be produced from the proposed antenna, particularly those in the surrounding, occupied structures.

These applications gave us a great deal of information, with which we were able to resist the installation of many antennas and towers. Where we had power density levels, we were able to compare them with levels at which harm had been demonstrated in toxicologic and epidemiologic studies.

Although the industry persisted in lying to officials, lawyers and local communities, stating that no one (official or nonofficial) could legally refuse antennas based on a "health" argument, we in fact were able to do so frequently, first by pointing out that the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 did not use the word "health", and perhaps more importantly, that we were submitting peer-reviewed, scientific evidence perfectly acceptable under the Supreme Court's Daubert Rule for admissibility.

As a result, there was arguably a stronger and more successful resistance movement in Massachusetts than in any other US state.

Hope this may help. There exists no credibility in antenna laws or regulations without reference to the radiation levels the antennas emit.

Susan Clarke
Environmental Healh Advocacy League (ENHALE)

Next-up News n°249

Iraq Funding Bill Too Oily

Informant: David Swanson

From ufpj-news

Experts Tally Iraq War's Health Cost

Few saw it coming, but six years into combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, health care providers are overwhelmed by the demands of returning veterans suffering from mental health stress or traumatic brain injury.

Environmental Groups Ask UN to Oppose Appalachian Coal Mining Practices

A coalition of environmental groups called on the United Nations Tuesday to take a stand against ecologically destructive coal mining practices in the Appalachians region of the US, saying that the federal and local governments were not paying attention.

The Globalization of Electronic Election Theft

From Ohio and California to Scotland and France, the disputes surrounding electronic voting machines have gone truly global. E-voting machines have already been extensively studied and condemned by a wide range of expert committees, commissions and colleges. Now the secretaries of state in Ohio and California are subjecting e-voting to still more official review.

Rove Berates GOP Members

Top Bush administration officials lashed out at a pair of House Republicans at the White House yesterday after details about a contentious meeting between President Bush and GOP legislators were leaked to the media earlier this week. The confrontations are the latest indications of an intensifying rift between Bush and Congressional Republicans.

Olbermann: General Batiste Asked to Leave CBS Over Ad

Keith Olbermann interviews retired Major General John Batiste to discuss why he resigned from the Army in protest of the handling of the war, the goal of the new ads, and what he thinks needs to be done to get the US out of Iraq.

Sarkozy-Freund gibt Staatsgeschäfte zu

Stifling summers forecast by Nasa for US east coast

Researchers at Nasa have warned that unless growth in greenhouse gas emissions can be successfully curbed, large areas of the eastern United States, from Washington DC to Florida, can expect to suffer through catastrophically hotter summers within just a couple of generations.

From Information Clearing House

Wary of Security Hassles, European Tourists Steer Clear of US

Many European tourists see traveling to the US as more of a hassle than it's worth these days. They worry about visa and paperwork issues, fingerprinting, long lines at airport and unfriendly immigration officials, experts say.

U.S., Germans Fear Imminent Terror Attack

U.S. air marshals have been diverted to provide expanded protection of flights between Germany and the United States.

From Information Clearing House

Desperate days at Guantanamo as force feeding continues

Force-feeding is actually done by "strapping prisoners into restraining chairs while they are fed by plastic tubes inserted through their nostrils."

From Information Clearing House

Cheney warns Iran U.S. will keep sea lanes open

From an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, Vice President Dick Cheney warned Iran on Friday the U.S. and its allies will keep it from restricting sea traffic as well as from developing nuclear weapons.

From Information Clearing House

Mother's Day for Peace


Through the power of compassion and womanhood, we hope to work towards peace.

From Information Clearing House

Jeremy Scahill Testifies in Landmark House Hearing on "Defense" Contracting

There are over 120,000 private contractors currently deployed in Iraq and yesterday, a House panel put some of the harshest criticisms of this privatization of war into the congressional record for the first time.

From Information Clearing House

The cultivation of life

Popular wisdom in Iraq rules that Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, with a simple fatwa, or even a single word, could bring the US occupation to an abrupt end. So why doesn't he?

From Information Clearing House

This Perfect Storm Will Finally Destroy the Neocon Project

By Geoffrey Wheatcroft

Americans are sick of the unrepentant arrogance of this elite. But the realisation has come at a very heavy cost.

Blair destroyed his reputation and that of his country

Paul Craig Roberts

Many wonder why Blair destroyed his reputation and that of his country, put himself at risk of being hauled before the International Criminal Court, and squandered his time as prime minister providing cover for George Bush's war of aggression. The answer must be money. We will see which US corporate boards take Blair as a director and which groups pay him six-figure honorariums for speeches.

Tariq Ali on the Resignation of Tony Blair

"The Fact That He's Leaving is Because He's So Hated"

From Information Clearing House

Adieu, Blair, Adieu


Blair makes his unwilling exit against a backdrop of car-bombs and mass carnage in Iraq, with hundreds of thousands left dead or maimed from his policies, and London a prime target for terrorist attack.

Impeach Bush or Get Rid of the Impeachment Clause

By Dave Lindorff

What is it about impeachment that has the Democratic Party leadership so frightened?

Cell phones: daytime and nightime use

Email from Sarah Dacre ( Sarahdacre ) to Joanne Mueller ( dated 5-09-07:

One of the worst symptoms when I suddenly became incapacitated in May 2005 was an inability to remember anything whatsoever.

I had been growing increasingly addicted to my cell phone and had begun to sleep with it on a table next to my head, using the alarm clock function and charging it all night with the charger pack fixed into the wall 18 inches behind my bedhead and the cell phone 18 inches to the side of my head. The only other item on the bedside table was a simple lamp.

That level of exposure was almost irrevocably ruinous to my health. You should also know that I also had two DECT phone cordless systems in my home, located in other rooms in the house and a microwave emitting burglar alarm where one of the room sensors was located at ceiling height opposite my bed covering the entire room with its beam, 24/7.

This radiation cocktail was completed with infrequent microwave cooking.

In addition to dizziness, right eye deterioration, palpitations, night terrors, erratic and extremely high sudden onset high blood pressure, bladder and digestive disturbances and prolonged deterioration in my immunity, one of the worst symptoms was a complete loss of memory; I would forget the beginning of a sentence, either written or spoken, I would forget what I had jotted as a reminder; I forgot basic family details, birthdays and common recipes and easy domestic arrangements. I had always had photographic recall and I ran a work log book for legal and commercial reasons rather than to support a bad memory.

My illhealth was progressive, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS), which meant a prolonged 18 months working on rediscovery of my regular sunny approach to life, right eye sight, heart palpitations, and return to some semblance of health and strengthened immunity.

I now have 95% of my perfect memory back. How did I achieve this? By shielding my life from EMR: moving my bed; switching off all EMF emitting devices; alternative supplements and detox; wearing the 99% EMR proof headnet for motorway driving and a shawl in highly emitting environments such as offices and airports, train stations, shopping centres. I also set out to retrain my short term memory with exercises, lists and soduko. My diet is full of healthy foods and pure supplements and minerals. I have regular Chinese acupuncture where the remedial focus is on memory and a healthy brain and central nervous system.

I know that my previous heavy use of my cell phone for say 4-5 hours each day and the night time phone charging ritual were the principal underlying cause of my memory problems.

We will certainly see an epidemic of similar levels of memory collapse in young people addicted to their cell phones.

We all have an obligation to raise awareness of this invisible peril to all of our young people.

With kind regards

Sarah Dacre MSc ACIB
London, UK


Think "environment" not "genetics"




The issue of persons of all ages charging cell phones on nightstands and/or placing cell phones under pillows, requires urgent attention.

"Distance is your friend" regarding electric and telephone equipment in bedrooms. Sarah Dacre from the United Kingdom, explains briefly (above) how drastically her memory and "entire life" was changed -- decline and improvement ........

Some children and teens keep cell phones under pillows, often in "vibrate mode," to allow them to interact with friends via text messaging. Parents are typically not aware of this extremely serious problem. Some parents, however, are doing the same thing. What about the infants and children who seek comfort in their parents' beds........ Could their infants/children be amongst the increasing numbers of children diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorders?

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs "R" Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: (1-16-08)


Letter 7-22-04 by Joanne Mueller

RF and metals.....humans, animals and bees

Protest gegen Nebenverdienst der Paulusgemeinde

Sehr geehrte Lokalredaktion der Stuttgarter Zeitung,

vielen Dank für Ihre Berichterstattung über unsere Veranstaltung am 9.5.2007 im Rathaus. Im Artikel werde ich jedoch einmal mißverständlich zitiert und eine bedeutende Zahl zur Strahlenbelastung wird in einen falschen Zusammenhang gestellt. Ich bitte deshalb dringend um den Abdruck des beigefügten Leserbriefes mit den Richtigstellungen. In den anderen Punkten fand ich den Bericht sehr gut.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Für die Bürgerinitiative West
Peter Hensinger

Anhang Original Stuttgarter Zeitung

Leserbrief der Bürgerinitiative


Kirche und Mobilfunk

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Praises Strong Support for Withdrawal Proposal

Gold Star Families Protest At Bush Commencement Speech

The Case For Defeatism

Two Ideologies And A Funeral


Two Ideologies And A Funeral

By David Michael Green

Progressives must seize this moment of maximal opportunity to reframe and thus bury conservative ideology. It is worse than the ideology of stasis. It is worse than the historic opponent of liberty and equality. It is worse than the international aggressor or the guardian of those whose actions are toxic to the public interest.

Iraq War Is All About Controlling The Oil

Congress Plays Politics over Iraq War

The Administration’s Botched Handling of Luis Posada Carriles Says A Lot About Bush’s So-Called War on Terror

The Terrorist We Tolerate

Terrorist Freed, Film Director under Investigation: How our Cuba Policy Undermines the National Interest

The Good American

Neo-Cons Driving Iran Divestment Campaign

Climate Change Could Lead to Global Conflict

Says Beckett

Bush Speaks at Catholic College, Some Students Not Thrilled

Moms Spend Their Weekend Protesting Iraq Occupation

Symptoms of Wi-Fi Installations

We've been challenged to divulge some real, personal, case evidence of health problems arising from Wi-fi (predominantly in schools) as a result of our Press Release on Wi-fi.

I have seen some in past weeks, but if you can give your stories of children with nose bleeds, Teachers who can't work, etc. etc. I'd be much obliged.

I'll compile them and CC the reply to the list - it's for our mates at the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Corporation) as some people used to call it - so we don't want to disappoint do we?

For example:-

1. I have an acquaintance who used to get headaches when he was using Wi-fi, his kids were always ill with colds, but now doesn't since he had it removed plus his kids are in better health, 2. I have a neighbour who constantly was ill whilst Wi-Fi was in the house - now it's been turned off she is fine.




Attached are the D Fox and Robert Thinker experiences - you probably have these already :)


To Whom It May Concern

In the summer of 2003 I installed a wireless modem for Broadband in my home. Over the following weeks I and my family showed a variety of symptoms, which only vanished when the modem was removed. In my case, lethargy was predominant. Returning to school in September 2003 I discussed the issue of wireless transmitters with my Headmaster. At this point the school had no wireless network installed. At the beginning of 2004 plans were announced to introduce this into different parts of the school. When my Headmaster asked me to move my teaching room into a block designated for maths and computing, he reassured me that all computer connections would be hardwired to prevent any adverse affects on me.

On this understanding I began to teach in the block from September 2004. Within three weeks I began to feel tired, my concentration was poor and after five weeks I felt as though I was losing my mind. My wife bluntly told me that she thought the computer department were using wireless transmitters. Next day I confronted the computer technician, who told me that the wireless transmitters had been switched on at the start of the school year. Unbeknownst to me I was working for 8 hours a day bathed in the same radiation that had made me ill the previous summer. When I brought this to the attention of my Headmaster, he was stunned. I don't think that he had believed me up to that point. He kept saying to me, "But you couldn't have known it was switched on, could you?" No, I didn't. That's precisely my point. On his orders the transmitters were switched off, my fatigue passed and concentration was restored.

I am a teacher with 32 years experience, having obtained a First Class Honours Degree in both mathematics and physics from Cambridge. I am in excellent health. I do not even know the name of my current GPs, it's been so long since I had to call on their services. I am not a Luddite, but I do not ignore the evidence of my own experience, or that of others. This is disparagingly referred to as "anecdotal", by those with a vested interest in promoting the sale of these technologies. I prefer to call it commonsense. Mobile phone technology and wireless modems damage the health and well being of some members of our community. I do not believe it is fair to students, or employees, in a school to expose them to such risks. The only people, who will suffer from not using wireless connections are the manufacturers and educational establishment which promote them.

If the precautionary principle had been followed in the last century, many of our countrymen would not be suffering the crippling effects of asbestos related illness. Doubtless any questions about the safety of asbestos were also dismissed as unfounded.

Yours Sincerely

John Fox

Below is a message from Robert Thinker recording peoples reactions just TWO DAYS after Oakland Countywide wireless system went live

I took a "Quick" health poll today on our street since Wireless Oakland went live.. I took 6-7 walks today and managed to talk to about half the neighbors on the street, and of those, a majority seem to be having symptoms since the system fired up. Of the 16 neighbors I spoke with, 11 of them had a "Bad Headache" today, most of them seemed to blame something else like "Allergies" or "Drinking last night". One thing I noted, another neighbor said his headache is so bad tylenol isn't improving it.

I asked the lady 2 doors down about her experiences over the last 2 days, and she mentioned her infant is refusing to take naps in her own room (at the front of the house), but if she takes the infant into their bedroom (back of house), the infant will sleep. She said it is particularly troublesome and they've never noticed this before. I stopped to talk to a real estate agent showing a house on the street, and asked him if he has had any health symptoms since arriving to show the house, and he said "Yes, I got a terrible headache shortly after I arrived.".

An important aspect here is when I was chatting with them is this started exactly at the time the Wireless Oakland system went live in the city. It seems every third block there is a dual antenna system mounted on the light poles with tag numbers on them. Another interesting fact is that these were installed between 9PM-1AM at night. The lady down the street that has her house in front of one said she noticed them "Hurriedly" installing the antenna system at midnight a few days ago.

If this is such a great thing for the city, and an important thing that they think all of us will want, why are they not advertising it? Why are they installing the systems at night when people won't be out to see them? Why are they referring any and all questions on the matter to their attorney? What are they trying to hide here? Clearly we're being subjected to reckless experimentation on our biology under the guise of technology to help the county to expand and emerge as a tech mecca.


Robert Thinker

Re: Real Symptoms of Real Wi-Fi Installations


Wireless networks health debate on BBC "You And Yours" radio programme Radio programme extract of debate over health dangers of wireless networks in schools. BBC You And Yours Format: MP3
Go down untill you find this: Wireless networks health debate on BBC "You And Yours" radio programme Thats Vivienne.

But here are my case histories so far:

How I got rid of my phone and cured my child's sickness.
From Christine Garnier. (Jersey Mast resistance group JMMCG 8/12/06
A MONTH ago I went to a meeting to find out more about mobile phone masts. I went away and looked at information for myself, because I decided there may be a risk.

I kept on looking.

I came across numerous articles about digital cordless telephones stating that these were more dangerous than mobiles and that they were like having a mobile phone mast in your house as they continue to emit radiation while they are not in use (see for one example).

I decided to pull the phones out. I had had cordless phones for almost two years, and I live in a very small place, but I was very shocked to find that within 48 hours my son and I were feeling much better than we had felt for the last few months.

The feeling of pressure in my head stopped, I no longer had aches in my joints, and both of us lost the feelings of nausea, tiredness and irritability.

My son used to wake crying every night. He now sleeps through.

And whereas he used to complain of feeling sick in the mornings, he now eats a good breakfast. He has become a different child.

Now my symptoms could be psychosomatic, but his cannot. He is six.

If someone came to me with a million pounds on the condition that I lived with those phones in my home, I would not do it.

This exposure to radiation I can control. I cannot control the proximity of masts to my home or my child's school because someone else is telling me they are safe. What choice do I have here?

14 Grouville Arsenal, Rue Don, Grouville.

And, from John Kelley in Limerick Ireland i live in ireland and since i suffered pain using wifi broadband in my home, i have also felt ill near 3g masts. these masts have only been put up recently in my area (limerick). i complained to the government, but they are in the pockets of the mobile phone companies who set up these 3g masts! one minister on the irish communication regulator board (comreg) was given an executive\'s box ticket to a major irish football game by VODAFONE! he had the cheek to say this wasn\'t a conflict of interest! 17th sept 2006

Best regards.


Independent Media Source

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