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Where Does the Politicization of Justice End?

Keith Olbermann says: "It was at first a disturbing story about political servitude violating the sanctity of the offices of federal prosecutors. Then it was a story about employees in those offices being hired only if they were political adherents, something that rang of the old Soviet Politburo. But the Alberto Gonzales/US Attorney Firings scandal has now reshaped itself - like some governmental Andromeda Strain - into what looks like an attempt to deprive Democrats of the right to vote."



Saudis, US sponsoring covert action against Iran

The governments of Saudi Arabia and the United States are working with other states in the Middle East to sponsor covert action against Iran, according to a report in this month's edition of The Atlantic. The report also suggests that covert attacks may occur against Iran's oil sector.


Cheney to seek help on Iraq, Iran

The US vice president, will be the senior-most official from Washington to visit Riyadh since King Abdullah railed against the "illegitimate foreign occupation" of Iraq.


From Information Clearing House


Chevron seen settling case on Iraq oil

Chevron, the second-largest American oil company, is preparing to acknowledge that it should have known kickbacks were being paid to Saddam Hussein on oil it bought from Iraq as part of a defunct United Nations program, according to investigators.


From Information Clearing House


Kucinich Reveals Dem Funding Bill Includes Privatization of Iraq Oil & Carte Blanche to Invade Iran

Dennis Kucinich revealed that the Democrats in Congress had made some secret concessions to the Republicans in the initial Bill to continue funding the Iraq War that was vetoed, and in a subsequent version that is currently being negotiated. They include: http://snipurl.com/1jud8

From Information Clearing House


Pentagon identifies 35,000 more troops for Iraq

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said the decision was not related to the military's so-called "surge." But the replacement forces offer generals the flexibility to maintain heightened troop levels through 2007.


From Information Clearing House


"I am Only A Child"


13 year old Severm Suzuki, plead for the future of her generation.

AIPAC on Trial



When We Forget To Remember

By Sheila Samples

Surely Americans must know that a crisis without precedent is underway in this country. The first target in the Straussian neocon's war of terror was the Constitution and, by extension, the American people. We are hurtling headlong into tyranny.



"I Have Lost Everything"

Source: IRIN

Asif Muhammad, a 32-year-old engineer, says he is desperately looking for help for his child who is suffering from cancer. A widower since his wife was killed a year ago in a Baghdad explosion, he is trying to survive and take care of his only child, seven-year-old daughter Maysoon.


A few reminders: Iraq is not our country

A Few Reminders

By Charley Reese

A few reminders: Iraq is not our country. Our invasion and occupation are illegal, being in violation of both international law and our own traditions. We were lied into war. We are still being lied to. Both the Bush administration and the Democrats intend to maintain American troops in Iraq indefinitely.



Torture: The Guantanamo Guidebook


The Guantanamo Guidebook reconstructs the regime at the US's Cuban base. For 48 hours, seven volunteers are subjected to interrogation techniques known to be used in the camp, ranging from harassment and abuse to sensory deprivation - with shocking results.



Massiv tierquälerische Richtlinie für Masthühner

Mehr oder weniger Schutz für "Masthühner"?

Widersprüchlicher könnte die Bewertung des Beschlusses der EU-Agrarminister über eine Richtlinie für Mindestvorschriften zum Schutz von "Masthühnern" nicht sein. Der deutsche Bundesminister für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz, Horst Seehofer, sprach von einem großen Erfolg für die tiergerechtere Haltung von Masthühnern. "Ich freue mich besonders über diese Einigung. Sie zeigt, dass in allen europäischen Mitgliedstaaten der große Wille besteht, beim Tierschutz voranzukommen. Dies entspricht ganz klar dem, was die Verbraucher europaweit wollen", so Seehofer. Ganz anders lautet der Kommentar des Bundesverbandes Menschen für Tierrechte: In deutschen Ställen dürften dadurch "Enge und Tierquälerei noch verstärkt werden". Anstelle von bislang rund 25 dürften künftig etwa 30 Hühner auf einem Quadratmeter gehalten werden. Der Verband wirft der Regierung vor, diese "massiv tierquälerische Richtlinie" unter deutscher Ratspräsidentschaft zum Abschluss gebracht zu haben.



Monopolrenditen ohne Medikamente

Genpatente behindern nicht nur die Entwicklung von Arzneimitteln, sondern auch von Diagnosemethoden.


Die Moral der US-Soldaten im irakischen Feindesland

Nach einer Pentagon-Bericht sagt mehr als die Hälfte der befragten US-Soldaten, dass irakische Zivilisten nicht mit Respekt behandelt werden müssen.


Liquid Coal is Not the Answer



Should Vice President Cheney be impeached? Consider the evidence and then vote in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll, and it will also send your personal message to Congress at the very same time.

NATIONAL CHENEY IMPEACHMENT POLL: http://www.usalone.com/cheney_impeachment.php

You can vote yes. Or you can vote no. But we cannot remain silent.

In his appearance on Meet The Press yesterday, George Tenet AGAIN confirmed that the purpose of the now infamous "slam dunk" meeting was to assess if they could SELL the war without just cause in Iraq to the American public. In his book, Tenet confesses that he was NOT being asked at the time to vouch for the quality of the intelligence. They never cared whether there was any actual support for their arguments, only whether they could get away with bum rushing the rest of us. So, what Tenet MEANT by the words "slam dunk" was they were sure they would be able to stuff their cooked intelligence down our throats.

This is incredibly damning stuff. In his book Tenet has unleashed the intelligence community equivalent of "If I Helped Them Do It". They were not having a policy debate about the strength of the case against Iraq. They were having a sales meeting of con men to plot how far they could go in cheating the American people out of our lives and the contents of our treasury. And they had already decided to go all the way. "Slam dunk" was not an intelligence assessment, it was a SALES PROJECTION of their fraudulent product.

Of course, anyone who's been honestly and fairly paying attention has known at least since the exposure of the Downing Street Minutes that we were misled into the Iraq quagmire, by an executive branch that could not be bothered with either the actual facts or a serious policy debate about them. They were determined to "fix the facts around the policy", and that's exactly what they did, as we only learned far too long after the fact. And Tenet is yet another primary percipient witness to confirm the heavy hands of the vice president in leaning on CIA analysts to deliver the intelligence he had specifically ordered.

You remember how Cheney has always argued that the president shouldn't have to produce for Congress (or anyone else) records relating to White House deliberations, because according to him that's the only way he can get frank, confidential advice. Executive privilege is their incessant mantra. So how is it that details of the "slam dunk" incident were LEAKED from a meeting attended only by those in the innermost of circles? Tenet was STUNNED that the White House should betray his confidence, especially for the sickeningly cheap purpose of trying to lay all blame on him, when he was just going along for the ride.

Apparently that's what so galled Tenet enough for him to spill the beans on his own complicity (beside an O.J. size book advance). Dick Cheney, in its typical coward's fashion, was trying in the media to hang their entire wrong-headed strategic debacle around Tenet's neck, like a medal of blundering incompetence to go with his medal of freedom. "Tenet told us it was a slam dunk," Cheney shot back on TV when challenged on their decision to attack Iraq, as the five time military deferment king again tried to duck public responsibility.

Dick Cheney has a long history of planting leaks of information and then trying to use them as supporting evidence for his own purpose. In the run up to the Iraq War he would leak stories to the New York Times which were then slavishly published verbatim. Remember how his chief of staff Scooter Libby would spoon feed them to Judith Miller. Then Cheney would get on the Sunday talk shows quoting those same stories, pointing to them as credible confirming sources. We also now know he was the mastermind behind the exposure of Valerie Plame, permanently crippling one of our best REAL intelligence assets, because he was afraid he husband would blow the cover off their phony war. And there are even strong suggestions that contacts from his office were directly involved in the forgery of the Niger documents themselves, which were at the heart of the flimsy casus belli.

As courageously drafted by Dennis Kucinich in H.Res. 333, the first and most central ground stated for the impeachment of Vice President Cheney was that he led the charge in fabricating a case for invasion of Iraq, based on phony weapons of mass destruction. Now almost as if it were timed to coincide with that initiative, former CIA head George Tenet reveals they was NO hard evidence for war, but that Cheney just kept exaggerating the threat anyway. And even now Tenet offers nothing more compelling than a Ouija board or Miss Cleo to back even his assessment up. This is without question the most momentous issue of our time, and whether you agree that Cheney should be impeached, or not, your voice is needed to speak out now, and tell Congress what they should do about it.

Tenet was neither the victim of a bad rap, nor the unwitting excuse for invasion. Instead he was a willing co-conspirator, happy enough to play along with the war fever and collect his ill-gotten medal of freedom. But the criminal kingpin of the whole sordid affair was none other than Richard B. Cheney. And that truth can no longer be hidden by even this most secretive of administrations. What will it take for Congress to impeach him and put him on trial in the Senate for highest of all high crimes, launching a war of immoral and unjustifiable aggression, that has cost more Americans their lives than died on 9/11 (and upwards of a million Iraqis), based on NOTHING but deliberate and calculated lies?

NATIONAL CHENEY IMPEACHMENT POLL: http://www.usalone.com/cheney_impeachment.php

What it will take.. . . and all that is required . . . is your voice, and the voices of your friends, neighbors and acquaintances. VOTE now in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll and send your personal messages to Congress at the same time. In a little over a week we have had over 30,000 submissions already. We need everyone who has ever submitted an action page to cast their vote in this one. There's no reason why we can't present Congress with a million votes or more on this. We're GOING to do it. And when we do, impeachment hearings WILL become a reality on Capitol Hill.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


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Take Action: We need your help to save the Endangered Forests of the globe



Plant trees, lots of them, you can never plant enough!

Conservative Assault On America's Families

by Beth Shulman, TomPaine.com

Words such as "freedom" hardly mask policies that are family-unfriendly.


Food Safety Concerns Grow as Imports to US Surge

"Our food inspection system in America is broken and collapsing further all the time," says Representative Rosa De Lauro (D-Connecticut). She and Senator Richard Durbin (D-Illinois) in February reintroduced the Safe Food Act, calling for a single food safety agency and standardized procedures to govern American food safety. More than 130 countries ship food to the United States, yet the FDA is able to inspect only 0.7 percent of all imported food products.



Critic Says Levee Repairs Show Signs of Flaws

Some of the most celebrated levee repairs by the Army Corps of Engineers after Hurricane Katrina are already showing signs of serious flaws. Robert Bea, a professor of engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, said he encountered several areas of concern during a tour in March.



Infant Mortality in Iraq Soars as Young Pay the Price for War

Two wars and a decade of sanctions have led to a huge rise in the mortality rate among young children in Iraq, making statistics that were once the envy of the Arab world now comparable with those of sub-Saharan Africa. A new report shows that in the years since 1990, Iraq has seen its child mortality rate soar by 125 percent, the highest increase of any country in the world.



Infant mortality in Iraq soars as young pay the price for war

Figures collated by the charity show that in 1990 Iraq's mortality rate for under-fives was 50 per 1,000 live births. In 2005 it was 125.


From Information Clearing House

Oil and social gains: WHY U.S. IS TARGETING IRAN

May 12 Forum : Stopping the War Against Iran

Oil and social gains: WHY U.S. IS TARGETING IRAN



Bush war policy comes crashing down

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


It’s been a rough several weeks for President Bush and the war party. Observe some recent headlines: ‘Training Iraqi troops no longer driving force in U.S. policy’ — The McClatchy Newspaper story pointed out, ‘Military planners have abandoned the idea that training Iraqi troops will enable American soldiers to start coming home soon and now believe that U.S. troops will have to defeat the insurgents and secure control of troubled provinces’...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The decider commands everything but English

Austin American-Statesman
by Eugene Robinson


Is George W. Bush even trying to make sense anymore? On Wednesday, speaking to the Associated General Contractors of America, Bush gave himself a new nickname. Responding to a question from the audience, he asked rhetorically whether ‘the Congress or the commanders’ should decide how many U.S. troops are needed in Iraq. ‘And as you know,’ he went on, ‘my position is clear — I’m the Commander Guy.’ … The Commander Guy’s rationale for sending more U.S. troops to fight and die in Iraq is as elusive as his reason for starting the war in the first place. He says his goal is victory, but he can’t explain coherently what victory would look like, much less how to get there...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Time for Iraqi self-determination

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


The Bush administration and Congress have put too much faith in governments — the U.S. as well as the Iraqi — to remedy the chaos in Iraq. To keep the pressure on the administration for eventual U.S. troop withdrawals, the Democrats have already begun to blame the Iraqi government for not meeting benchmarks for progress and are threatening to include them in legislation. Some congressional Republicans, sensing another electoral disaster in 2008, are beginning to mimic such Democratic arguments. Although the time is not yet ripe for a congressionally required schedule for troop withdrawal to override a presidential veto, the time for blaming the Iraqis and attempting to impose benchmarks will soon arrive...



The road to compassion and freedom

Strike the Root
by Glen Allport


For decades now, thousands of people have worked to interest others in freedom and to help them understand what freedom is and why it is important. By now, we can no longer avoid the truth: this pro-freedom movement has failed. America is nearing a tipping point, where the formal institutions and rules designed to protect human rights no longer function effectively. History makes the danger of this situation very clear...


The ethics of land and liberty

The Free Liberal
by Fred E. Foldvary


The ethics of liberty must include the ethics of land and rent. The possession of the materials from land is sufficient for market efficiency, since land rent is a surplus not needed to put land to its best use. The ethics of land and liberty are that a person is a complete self-owner and that one may possess natural resources but not their natural rent, which belongs to humanity in equal shares. The payment of rent can be accomplished with bottom-up multilevel governance. Title holders pay the land rental to their local community, which then sends part of it to the next higher level, and so on to the global level, and then the global association distributes the natural rent in equal per-person shares back down the governing tiers. Ethics, governance, and economics are thus interrelated and can be unified in one system...


America: The victim is not the guilty one

Liberty For All
by George Squyres

Thomas Jefferson proclaimed a foreign policy when our country was but a newbie, that was quite different from what we have today. His outlook was ‘Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.’ The latter part may seem isolationist, but the first part proclaims otherwise... (written 02/03; posted 05/04/07)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Weitere Entwicklung: Gegen-Armut-2007



EMERGENCY ACTION: Don't Let The House Dismiss The FL-24 Congressional Election Challenge

Everyone has heard about the dramatically suspicious results in the Jennings congressional race in FL-13, but did you know that there were massive parallel shenanigans going on in FL-24 as well? And yet we got a tip late today that tomorrow the House Administration committee is secretly, and without public notice, preparing to dismiss their own inquiry into this other still NOT conceded race run by Clint Curtis, the famous voting software rigging whistle blower.

Since the election, dedicated volunteers have spent massive hours painstakingly collecting affidavits from citizens block by block in the district that constitute direct proof that the results in FL-24 are also not only beyond credulity, they are patently fraudulent. There is a still LIVE challenge to this election the Florida state courts, JUST AS in the Jennings case. So why is the House administration even considering refusal to hear this evidence, where it may even constitute evidence of a broader statewide conspiracy, and give additional weight to the Jennings FL-13 challenge as well?

Because of the shortness of time this will be primarily a PHONE action. Please locate the member of the House Administration committee closest to you from the list below and call them first thing in the morning. Distance being equal you may find the Democrat more receptive. Tell them that even if you are not in their particular district, they are the closest House member to represent you on this committee. And ask them to give the evidence in the FL-24 ALSO the fair and just congressional hearing it deserves.

You can call toll free at 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 or 800-614-2803 and ask for your choice of House member below, in particular the CHIEF OF STAFF listed, or you can use their direct dial phone/fax numbers.


CA-3 Dan Lungren (R) ph: (202) 225-5716, fax: (202) 226-1298 Chief of Staff: Victor Arnold-Bik email: victor.arnold-bik.house.gov

CA-16 Zoe Lofgren (D) ph: (202) 225-3072, fax: (202) 225-3336 Chief of Staff: Stacey Leavandosky email: stacey.leavandosky.house.gov

CA-22 Kevin McCarthy (R) ph: (202) 225-2915, fax: (202) 225-2908 Chief of Staff: James Min email: james.min.house.gov

CA-53 Susan A. Davis (D) ph: (202) 225-2040, fax: (202) 225-2948 Chief of Staff: Lisa Sherman email: lisa.sherman.house.gov

MA-8 Michael Capuano (D) ph: (202) 225-5111, fax: (202) 225-9322 Chief of Staff: Robert Primus email: robert.primus.house.gov

MI-3 Vernon Ehlers (R), Ranking Member ph: (202) 225-3831, fax: (202) 225-5144 Chief of Staff: Bill McBride email: bill.mcbride.house.gov

PA-1 Robert A. Brady (D), Chair ph: (202) 225-4731, fax: (202) 225-0088 Chief of Staff: Stan White email: stan.white.house.gov

TX-20 Charles A. Gonzalez (D) ph: (202) 225-3236, fax: (202) 225-1915 Chief of Staff: Kevin Kimble email: kevin.kimble.house.gov


* [Not enough evidence.] What we did not have is mainstream media coverage. What we do have is hard evidence that there is a discrepancy between the official count and the affidavits that were gathered from actual voters.
* [Sworn affidavits not good enough.] In the past, it was exit polls that were considered not good enough because they did not connect the vote with the voter. Our system does exactly that. It is like having a paper ballots to count except even better. It is signed. Affidavits and eye witness testimony are the corner stone of our legal system.
* [Your signature not good enough.] If the committee is not willing to accept what every court in the country requires as evidence, what level of proof are you willing to accept?
* [Source code unknown.] If the committee requires the errors in the code to be found, we must be allowed access to the code and the machines. We are aware of hundreds of experts willing to independently examine and blueprint those proprietary systems should that opportunity become available.


The Congressional Contest filed by Clint Curtis is a Contest where the results of the election can be proven. Unlike Christine Jennings, whose loss was caused by 18,000 missing votes that unfortunately can never be found, Clint Curtis for Congress Campaign has found and tabulated data from actual voters that conclusively proves that Mr Curtis received more votes than the official results recorded.

The reason Mr Curtis did not concede is that although there was an apparent 16% loss, this loss did not reflect the Zogby Poll taken just weeks before the election that showed us within 2% points nor by the polling conducted by the online vote verification tool www.VoteNow2006.net. The Zogby Poll also revealed that Curtis was leading among likely voters who describe themselves as Independents by a full 11 points. The opponents lead was just 45% to 43%, with one in ten (10%) undecided.

The so called wide margin of 16 points in Mr Curtis' race is the exact reason it possible to find where the count was not accurate. If the results were closer like a 51/49 split or 369 votes as in the Jennings race, it would have been nearly impossible to determine whether or not the official results were accurate. Every voter would have to be contacted to find the few votes that may not have been recorded accurately.

On virtually every block walked by volunteers, the results have shown that more votes were cast for Clint Curtis than officially recorded. Walking for Democracy, the volunteers gathered sworn affidavits signed by the voters in District 24 as to how they voted for Governor, Congress and Amendment Three. The Governor's race and Amendment Three were control questions. The results from that data confirm the official results, while the data in this Congressional race is shown to be inaccurate.

For example in Precinct 66 in Seminole County (highlighted below), official results showed that Mr Curtis received 57% of the Democratic and Independent vote. According to the affidavits gathered however, he received over 80% of that vote. In each of the precincts that have been walked, he has received from 6%- 22% more Democratic and Independent votes than the official results.

This simple method of determining how voters actually cast their ballot, can be independently verified. Congress can mandate a non-partisan group of volunteers or pay personnel to gather affidavits from District 24 voters. The cost is minimal and results easily obtainable. Congress owes it to the American people to determine once and for all whether or not the electronic voting machines counted accurately. This is not about partisan politics. This is about our Democracy.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


Powered by The People's Email Network Copyright 2007, Patent pending, All rights reserved

Keep Idaho's National Forests Pristine



Pacific whale decline 'a mystery'


From Our bill of rights


Methods Used by Insurers Are Questioned

Insurance companies have used improper hard-sell tactics to persuade Medicare recipients to sign up for private health plans that cost the government far more than the traditional Medicare program, federal and state officials and consumer advocates say.


Attacks on Corporate Greed Gaining Political Traction

Nina Easton writes: "The deep unpopularity of the Bush White House has given new life to a populist sentiment that seemed moribund during the high-flying dot-com economy of the Clinton '90s. 'For the first time in a long time, we have a tail wind behind us,'" said liberal think-tanker Robert Kuttner.



UN Scientists Warn Time Is Running Out to Tackle Global Warming

Governments are running out of time to address climate change and avoid the worst effects of rising temperatures, an influential UN panel warned yesterday. Greater energy efficiency, renewable electricity sources and new technology to dump carbon dioxide underground can all help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the experts said. But there could be as little as eight years left to avoid a dangerous global average rise of 2 degrees Celsius or more.


The US Navy's sonar sends a pressure wave ripping through the lungs and brains of whales and dolphins

Sound Effects

The US Navy's antisubmarine warfare strategists probably wish they could emulate the way whales and dolphins navigate the ocean depths. Instead, the Navy submarines rely on various types of man-made sonar to monitor key shipping channels. With the advent of the modern, ultra-quiet enemy submarine, the Navy insists its personnel must be trained in using certain types of active sonar - the kind that blasts a pulse thousands of miles through the water and sends a pressure wave ripping through the lungs and brains of whales and dolphins. The wave causes deafness, disorientation, acute stress, violent behavior and separation of mother and calf pairs. This is only for starters.



Justice Department Won't Object to Immunity for Goodling

The Justice Department has decided to offer no legal objection to the House Judiciary Committee's offer of immunity to Monica Goodling, the former senior advisor to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and White House liason for the Justice Dept. This means that Goodling will soon testify before the panel on her role in, and knowledge of, the firing of eight US attorneys last year.



Congress Widens Justice Department Probe

Congress sought cooperation from one Justice Department official and prepared to put the agency's former White House liaison under oath in a widening investigation into the politics of Justice Department decision-making.



Roadless Area Protection: Make it Law



National ID card a disaster in the making

By Richard Forno and Bruce Schneier

It is perhaps quite telling that despite bipartisan opposition, Real ID was buried in a 2005 "must-pass" military spending bill and enacted into law without public debate or congressional hearings.


From Information Clearing House

As U.S. richest get richer, family income share drops

Since 1980, a period of prolonged stagnation in inflation-adjusted median incomes, the income share of the bottom 90 percent of families has fallen by about 17 percent.


Businesses feel the pressure from competitors and stockholders to slash costs

A mass layoff binge recently hit U.S. corporations, according to a recent U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics news release. A total of 1,280 companies laid-off 143,977 employees during the month of February 2007.


From Information Clearing House


Weak Dollar? Currency, at 10-Year Low, May Fall More

The currency may decline at least another 10 percent by the end of 2008, say Jay Bryson, an economist at Wachovia Corp., and Kenneth Rogoff, the former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund.


From Information Clearing House


Shell registers 14pc profit rise to record $7 billion

Royal Dutch Shell added to the woes of its arch-rival BP yesterday by shrugging off lower oil prices and a fall in production delivered record profits of $6.9 billion for the first quarter of the year.


U.S. refiners set for big profits as pump prices soar

U.S. refiners' glittering profits are expected to jump this year as robust demand growth from motorists and recurring snags at aging plants push fuel prices near record territory, analysts said.


From Information Clearing House


World Bank Panel Finds Wolfowitz at Fault; Aide Resigns

A committee of World Bank directors has formally notified Paul D. Wolfowitz that they found him to be guilty of a conflict of interest in arranging for a pay raise and promotion for Shaha Ali Riza, his companion, in 2005. The findings stepped up the pressure on Mr. Wolfowitz to resign.


From Information Clearing House


Australia hands over man to US courts

Griffiths' case - involving one of the first extraditions for intellectual property crime - has been a triumph for US authorities, demonstrating their ability to enforce US laws protecting US companies against Australians in Australia, with the co-operation of the Australian Government.


From Information Clearing House

Soldiers admit: 'Iraq war is lost'

That's the message coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan by those sent to fight it.

From Information Clearing House


WMD document 'must be released'

The government must release a draft of a 2002 dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, the Information Commissioner has ruled.


From Information Clearing House

Row over Iraq oil law

A draft law being considered by the Iraqi parliament would enable US companies to take control of Iraq's oil industry, oil experts in the country say.


From Information Clearing House


Retired Marine preaches, killing is an 'act of love'

Ryberg said he wants Americans to understand that it's an act of love to kill evil people who seek to kill Americans.


From Information Clearing House

De-Authorize the War Now, No Residual Troops

By Gov. Bill Richardson

Congress has the ability to end this war under the War Powers Act -- let's not wait or waver while more people die. And de-authorizing the war should mean removing all our troops. Every last one.



Greenpeace Calls On ITTO To Do More To End Tropical Forest Destruction



Plant trees, lots of them, you can never plant enough!

Mother of Two Begins Paddling from Miami to Maine to Help Protect Our Oceans


Congress Urged to Address Security and Reliability of Voting Machines



The Lethal Media Silence on Kent State's Smoking Guns



To Remake The World: Something Earth-Changing is Afoot Among Civil Society


Saving the World


US Expects Rise in Troop Casualties



Anti-Nuke Groups Gird for New Battle


Congress Considers Broadening Justice Department Inquiry



'The Other K Street' In the Concrete Canyon of the Business Lobby

A Pocket of Liberal Activists Settles In

Join Meg Ryan and take action for mothers


Call for Fast Tracking of New Strengthened Kyoto II Agreement


Bees immune systems damaged



Nationwide School Lockdown Policies

by Nancy Levant

Governmental commissions, committees, think tanks, presidents, and global paramilitary partners are working double-time to establish the lockdown of the united States of America, the NAU, and all other mandates of the fully operational one-world government. And it is America’s custom-made military systems that are being used to enforce this totalitarian government all over the world. The wars in the Mid-East? Just another global “region” in the making, and also under full military coercion.......



US-Schulen schwören Computern ab



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