Dienstag, 1. Mai 2007


Resist Canadian Church-and-State-subsidized Genocide


Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust

The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples by Church and State in Canada


To: Government of Canada, Revenue Canada




"This documentary reveals Canada's darkest secret - the deliberate extermination of indigenous (Native American) peoples and the theft of their land under the guise of religion. This never before told history as seen through the eyes of this former minister (Kevin Annett) who blew the whistle on his own church, after he learned of thousands of murders in its Indian Residential Schools..."


From BMutiny T.

Petition to Stop the Capture of 80 Wild Dolphins from the Waters of Panama


From Bette M.

Pentagon Study Says Oil Reliance Strains Military

A new study ordered by the Pentagon warns that the rising cost and dwindling supply of oil - the lifeblood of fighter jets, warships and tanks - will make the US military's ability to respond to hot spots around the world "unsustainable in the long term."


Bill Moyers Talks With Jon Stewart

Bill Moyers talks with comedian Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," about how faking the news can reveal more of the truth than all of the Sunday-morning talk shows put together.



US Cites 91 Percent Rise in Terrorist Acts in Iraq

The number of terrorism incidents in Iraq - and the resulting deaths, injuries and kidnappings - skyrocketed from 2005 to 2006, according to statistics released by US counterterrorism officials yesterday.


Venezuela Pulls Control From Big Oil

President Hugo Chavez's government took over Venezuela's last remaining privately-run oil fields on Tuesday, intensifying a decisive struggle with Big Oil over one of the world's most lucrative deposits.



Venezuela Pulling Out of IMF, World Bank


7200 Unterschriften gegen Geldgeschenke an Politiker

E i n l ad u n g

ödp reicht am Freitag (4.5.) Petition zur Änderung des Abgeordnetengesetzes im Landtag ein

7200 Unterschriften gegen Geldgeschenke an Politiker:

„Abgeordnete sollen wie Richter, Polizisten und andere Beamte keine Geldgeschenke annehmen dürfen!“

Was für Exekutive und Judikative gilt, muss erst recht auch für die Legislative gelten: ein kategorisches Verbot, Geldgeschenke anzunehmen. Das fordert die bayerische ödp in ihrer am 30. April abgeschlossenen landesweiten Petitionsaktion. Die Unterschriften werden am kommenden Freitag, 4. Mai im Landtag eingereicht.

„Die ödp will erreichen, dass Abgeordnete wie Richter, Polizisten und andere Beamte keine Geldgeschenke annehmen dürfen. Außerdem soll der Landtag den Anstoß zu einer Bundesratsinitiative Bayerns geben, um Parteispenden juristischer Personen (Konzerne und Verbände) zu verbieten“, so ödp-Landesvorsitzender Bernhard Suttner. Derzeit dürfen Landtagsabgeordnete nach den geltenden Verhaltensregeln Geldgeschenke bis zu einer Höhe von 10.000 Euro annehmen, ohne dass dies überhaupt veröffentlicht werden muss. Nach Art. 115 der Bayerischen Verfassung (Petitionsrecht) muss sich nun der Landtag mit der ödp-Initiative befassen.

Gerne stellen wir Ihnen diese Aktion für politische Kultur näher vor und laden Sie daher herzlich ein zum

Pressegespräch mit dem ödp-Landesvorsitzenden Bernhard Suttner am Freitag, 4. Mai 2007 um 12.00 Uhr im Biergarten des Hofbräukellers (Landtagsstammtisch), Innere Wiener Str. 19, München.

Unmittelbar davor werden die Unterschriften im Landtag übergeben. Die genauen Übergabemodalitäten teilen wir Ihnen noch rechtzeitig mit.

Weitere Infos entnehmen Sie bitte den aktionsbegleitenden Internetseiten //www.gekaufte-politik.de. Dort finden Sie u. a. das Petitionsformular und Auflistungen der Konzernspenden an CSU, SPD, FDP und Grüne.

Wir würden uns freuen, eine/n Vertreter/in Ihrer Redaktion begrüßen zu dürfen.

Urban Mangold

ödp-Landesgeschäftsstelle Bayern
Tel. 0851/931131

Devisenreserven landen in Investmentfonds

Morgan Stanley-Ökonom ortet 500 Milliarden USD an offiziellen Währungsreserven, die jährlich statt in Staatsanleihen in riskante Anlageformen wie Aktien oder Rohstoffquellen investiert werden.


Gipfel des Verdrängens

Der europäisch-amerikanische Gipfel in Washington endete mit leeren Phrasen. Offensichtlich wollte EU-Europa vor dem G-8-Gipfel in Heiligendamm keinen Konflikt provozieren.



Betrayal Accomplished

One Iraq War veteran remembers how the "Mission Accomplished" banner became a mockery.



Bush's Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Tom Engelhardt writes: "This White House has plunged Iraq and the world into the geopolitical equivalent of a blood-and-gore exploitation film that simply won't end. Call that 'Mission Accomplished!'"



While Congress voted for war …

by Kevin Zeese


While the Senate was voting 51-46 to approve $95 billion more in war funding, in a bill that included a loophole ridden withdrawal plan, inside the Hart Senate office building more than 75 anti-war demonstrators participated in a dramatic demonstration. … The demonstration was dramatic because anti-war activists are getting angrier at the congress and the president for extending the war rather than ending it. A wide range of groups came together to support the Hart demonstration and the various influences in the anti-war movement — military families, vets, peace activists among them — were seen in the action...



Missile defense obsession lessens US security

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


President Bush’s plan to deploy missile defenses in Central Europe will reduce U.S. security, not enhance it. Installing radar for tracking incoming missiles in the Czech Republic and anti-missile interceptors in Poland could do more harm than good. Ostensibly, the European radar and interceptors are aimed at the future threat of nuclear-armed Iranian missiles. But Russia suspects — perhaps with good reason — that the real purpose of the deployments is to cement the security guarantees the United States has given to the two former Russian allies. In addition, Russia fears, also with justification, that the missile defenses could be augmented someday and used against Russian missiles...



Nothing compares to what’s under way today

Mother Jones
by Julia Whitty


Scientists recognize that species continually disappear at a background extinction rate estimated at about one species per million species per year, with new species replacing the lost in a sustainable fashion. Occasional mass extinctions convulse this orderly norm, followed by excruciatingly slow recoveries as new species emerge from the remaining gene pool until the world is once again repopulated by a different catalog of flora and fauna. From what we understand so far, five great extinction events have reshaped Earth in cataclysmic ways in the past 439 million years …. Today we’re living through the sixth great extinction, sometimes known as the Holocene extinction event. We carried its seeds with us 50,000 years ago as we migrated beyond Africa with Stone Age blades, darts, and harpoons, entering pristine Ice Age ecosystems and changing them forever by wiping out at least some of the unique megafauna of the times, including, perhaps, the saber-toothed cats and woolly mammoths. When the ice retreated, we terminated the long and biologically rich epoch sometimes called the Edenic period with assaults from our newest weapons: hoes, scythes, cattle, goats, pigs. But as harmful as our forebears may have been, nothing compares to what’s under way today...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Animal Extinction: The Greatest Threat To Mankind

Informant: NHNE


Imams’ airline case: Clash of rights, prejudice, security

Christian Science Monitor
by Alexandra Marks


In this age of global terrorism, some cherished American values — like the right to pray, and say what you think — are clashing in unprecedented ways. Take the controversy over six imams who were removed from a US Airways flight last October, and their recent decision to sue for discrimination — not just the airline and its employees, but also some passengers who complained about their preflight behavior. At the heart of the controversy are Americans’ concern about terrorism, ignorance about Islam, and constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and speech. In the middle are the airlines, which are charged with the difficult task of sorting out legitimate complaints about unusual behavior from those based on prejudice and fear of people’s appearance — and to do it in a short period when dealing with a particular flight...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hedging disaster

The American Prospect
by Robert Kuttner


This past week, even jaded observers of Wall Street were startled to learn that last year’s top hedge fund manager, James Simons of Renaissance Technologies, made $1.7 billion in 2006. Alpha Magazine reported that the top 25 hedge fund earners garnered an average of $570 million in 2006, up from $362 million in 2005. The burgeoning hedge fund and private equity industries are both a cause and a symptom of a dangerously lopsided America. Because they are private (not listed on stock exchanges or offering shares to the public), these funds do not have to disclose their inner workings to regulators or to the public. Yet these unregulated funds are increasingly buying and selling some of our largest corporations, stripping assets, piling on debt, leaving employees and subsequent buyers to dig out of a deep hole...



Duck and cover

In These Times
by William D. Hartung & Frida Berrigan


Only days before the fifth anniversary of September 11, President George W. Bush addressed military officers in Washington to warn that nuclear-armed terrorists could ‘blackmail the free world and spread their ideologies of hate and raise a moral threat to America.’ This alarmist vision was accompanied by the White House’s release of ‘A National Strategy for Combating Terrorism,’ which painted a picture of a ‘troubling potential WMD terrorism nexus emanating from Tehran.’ The administration is building the case for war against Iran — a job made easier by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent announcement that Iran can now enrich uranium on an industrial scale — despite the fact that many Iran-watchers and nuclear experts consider their claims of enrichment capacity to be an overblown boast...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy

by Christopher Preble


The Iraq war is the issue of greatest concern for Democratic primary and caucus voters, especially among the young people and first-time donors flocking to Obama. Clinton’s recent struggles can be tied directly to her vote for war in October 2002, and to her ambivalence on the war effort as it has degenerated. Asked how her views toward the war have evolved over the past four years, Sen. Clinton has explained that she is not sorry for voting as she did; she only regrets ‘the way the president used the authority.’ Her response sheds some light on how she would use the military as commander-in-chief, and it suggests that she has learned little from America’s unfortunate experience in Iraq...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The sham of the Padilla trial

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


Jury selection in the Jose Padilla case is now under way in federal district court in Miami, but the trial is nothing more than a sham. Why? Because no matter how the jury rules, Padilla is almost certain to remain incarcerated for a long time. If Padilla is convicted by the jury, the judge will likely sentence him to serve much of the rest of his life in a federal penitentiary for having conspired to violate federal criminal laws against terrorism. On the other hand, if Padilla is acquitted, the U.S. military is likely to exercise its post-9/11-acquired power to declare Americans (and foreigners) ‘enemy combatants’ in the war on terror and throw Padilla back into a military dungeon. That is where he was before the government, as part of a clever legal maneuver that was obviously designed to avoid Supreme Court review of Padilla’s request for habeas-corpus relief, converted him from an ‘enemy combatant’ in the war on terror to a federal-court criminal defendant charged with violating federal terrorism laws...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Civilization in free-fall

by Butler Shaffer

Our civilization is experiencing more than a ’slow social suicide,’ but is more in a state of free-fall. A vibrant society is one that encourages the production of life-sustaining values — which include a respect for the inviolability of the lives and property interests of one another, a condition that becomes synonymous with peace. America, however, is a nation in a constant state of war, not only with the rest of the world, but with itself. What condition that people-pushers are quick to identify as a ’social problem,’ does not carry with it proposed legislation to forcibly restrict how others are to live their lives? For reasons largely explainable as a reaction to the increased decentralization that threatens the institutional order, our formal systems — as well as those who take direction from them — are becoming increasingly sociopathic.”


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Rice says president won't let Congress set Iraq benchmarks

Boston Globe


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said yesterday that President Bush will reject any attempt by Congress to require the Iraqi government to meet benchmarks as a condition for US troops remaining in Iraq, in a blow to emerging efforts to craft a compromise war-funding bill. Bush, who plans this week to veto a measure that would require a troop withdrawal to begin by this fall, wants a bill that gives American officials complete flexibility in conducting military and diplomatic efforts in Iraq, Rice said. ‘What we don’t want to do … is to tie our own hands so that we cannot act creatively and flexibly to support the very policies in Iraq that we’re trying to enforce,’ she said on ABC’s This Week...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Rachel's News #904


Obama the Interventionist


In the Sunday, April 29th issue of The Washington Post, Robert Kagan, co-founder of neo-conservative "Project For A New American Century," used his bully pulpit at the paper to heap lavish praise upon Illinois Democratic Senator Barack Obama for a speech on U.S. foreign policy that the latter delivered to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs late last week.

Kagan, a prominent "neo-con", noted many of Senator Obama's positions on U.S. foreign policy, for whatever minor disagreements he has with them, are not much different from what he supports: bigger defense budgets, increasing the size of the military, an endless "war on terrorism," and "pre-emptive military action" to defend "our vital interests."

Duane J. Roberts


Families' fears over city Wi-Fi

30 April 2007 10:12

The city's pioneering wireless network was introduced by “stealth”, according to families who say they were given no choice over having transmitters near their homes.

The criticism comes as a national debate rages over concerns that the wireless technology may pose a health risk. Wi-Fi networks emit radiation in the same way as mobile phones and masts, and campaigners are calling for comprehensive research to be undertaken into the impact they have on health.

The transmitters, installed in Norwich city centre as part of the £1.1m Norfolk OpenLink project launched in August last year, are rated at 0.1 watts. This is reasonably low compared to the average mobile handset, which emits radiation pulses up to 2W.

Norfolk County Councillor Andrew Boswell, who has been contacted by several families worried about the proximity of transmitters to their homes, said people have a choice about owning a mobile phone - but not about the siting of Wi-Fi transmitters.

“The residents were very concerned for all sorts of reasons and not knowing what the health risks were,” said Mr Boswell.

“The transmitters aren't very powerful, but if we get a full-blown scheme the power will be increased, and Ofcom could potentially allow them up to 10W. I think they should do the consultation they should have done in the first place and wherever a transmitter is they should make it clear to the residents they have put the transmitter there and speak with them about their concerns and reassure them. They have been very cavalier in the way they have carried out this project in respect of people's health.”

Norwich is one of the first places in the country to have a free Wi-Fi service, with more than 200 aerials attached to lampposts providing coverage so people can log on to the internet through laptops anywhere in the city.

Ann Carey, project director for Norfolk Openlink, said: “It is important to stress from the outset that the project complies with all current health and safety standards.

“We certainly would not have implemented the project if there had been any proven risk on the safety of Wi-Fi and presently there is no guidance from the Department of Health and other professional bodies that says Wi-Fi is unsafe. We gained formal approval from cabinet before proceeding with the project and have also kept members of the county council updated throughout the process. Members could have scrutinised the proposals, but did not do so.”

Recent research has shown radiation from mobiles and masts could be linked to cancer in people living nearby.

It is believed the Professional Association of Teachers will this week write to Education Secretary Alan Johnson to demand an official inquiry because of its own concerns over Wi-Fi.

The networks are banned in Salzburg in Austria, while Stowe School, in Buckinghamshire, removed Wi-Fi from part of its buildings after a teacher developed headaches and nausea.

Last November, Dr Ian Gibson, a long-time supporter of the Evening News Put Masts On Hold campaign and a cancer expert, said he wanted more research to be done on wireless technology after some schools elsewhere in the county ditched their wireless networks.

Children warned over laptop computers:

Children should be discouraged from putting their laptops on their lap when using wireless internet connections because of potential health risks - an expert has warned.

Professor Lawrie Challis, who heads the committee on mobile phone safety research, said youngsters should be monitored as public concern continues over emissions from wi-fi networks.

He said children should be kept a safe distance from the embedded antennas on wi-fi enabled laptops until more research is carried out.

“With a desktop computer, the transmitter will be in the tower,” he said. “This might be perhaps 20cms from your leg and the exposure would then be around one per cent of that from a mobile phone.”

But he said if a laptop was placed straight on the lap when using wi-fi, people could be around 2cm from the transmitter, and receiving comparable exposure to that from a mobile phone.

“Since we advise that children should be discouraged from using mobile phones, we should also discourage children from placing their laptop on their lap when they are using wi-fi,” he said.

In 2005 the Health Protection Agency (HPA) published a report - Mobile Phones and Health 2004 - which supported the need for future research of all new technologies including wi-fi.

The organisation said in a statement: “Wi-fi devices are of very low power much lower than mobile phones. The HPA and (our chairman) Sir William Stewart have always pressed for more research into these new technologies.”

What do you think of the city's Wi-Fi network? Write to Evening News Letters, Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1RE, or e-mail eveningnewsletters@archant.co.uk or visit //www.eveningnews24.co.uk/forum

Copyright © 2007 Archant Regional. All rights reserved.



US to Unveil Five-Year Offshore Drilling Plan

The US Interior Department will unveil on Monday its official plan for oil and natural gas drilling in federal waters through 2012. The department's Minerals Management Service, which oversees offshore federal lands, said that the "multi-year program would significantly increase the nation's domestic energy supplies while protecting the coastal and marine environments."



Pacific Whale Decline "a Mystery"

Researchers with the conservation group Earthwatch found that grey whales are arriving malnourished at their breeding grounds off the Mexican coast. Scientists are not sure whether the current decline is climate-related or part of a natural predator-prey cycle.



Take action today to prevent a water diversion project through the important Daurian wetlands area

The River Ran Through It - Take action today to prevent a water diversion project through the important Daurian wetlands area. Our sources on the ground tell us construction on the site has already begun without properly assessing the environmental impacts. Write a letter to the leaders of the Chinese and Russian governments urging them to protect these wetlands.


Taking Back the Arctic

The federal government has made a series of bad decisions concerning Alaska's Arctic over the last few months (years, really) but communities are standing up to take back the Arctic from Oil Companies. New legislation is being proposed to reinstate the protected status of Bristol Bay and Native Alaskans are refusing to be quieted by Big Oil's empty promises.



Impeach Actions Last Week

What none of these videos say, of course, is that Kucinich and other peaceniks and impeachers are starting to make it clear: Bomb Iran and you WILL be impeached!

(All now visible) photos of all events at //www.carolmoore.net/photos/dcpeaceprotests2007.html

(1) Kucinich Impeachment Press Conference 4-25-07 //www.youtube.com/watch?v=kphMB2ZgepI

(2) Getting Rowdy for Peace At Congress April 25-26, 2007 //www.youtube.com/watch?v=tllh2PpsV1Y
More good footage at: //video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2767817879115628415&q=whynotnews

Yup, includes me videotaping my FIRST real arrest! Shot my mouth off just when they started busting people. One reason I don't try to get arrested is I'm always too broke to pay that cash fine they make you pay to avoid spending the night in jail! Help me repay the loan someone gave me for my $50 fine! Buy a couple Peace or IMPEACH buttons -- or a dozen -- at //radicalbuttons.com

(3) Spelling Out IMPEACH on National Mall 4-28-07 //www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBitQc6285s
Includes my song "The People Want Peace (but the leaders want war)"

Carol Moore in DC

From ufpj-news


Arctic ice retreating more quickly than computer models project


Informant: NHNE

Are You Kidding Me?

Gold Star Mother Amy Branham responds to a "Today Show" interview with Laura Bush: "I promise you, Laura, there is absolutely no way you and George have suffered even close to the suffering of the military families, the soldiers, the people of Iraq have suffered. You could not unless you sent one of your beloved children or other family members into the war. You are so far removed from it that I don't think you have the capacity for understanding what the true suffering of the war in Iraq is. Don't get me wrong: I believe that you, as a woman and a mother, probably do have some empathy for the suffering. But you do not understand. Not even close."



Ethics Committee Examines Renzi's Finances

The Committee on Standards of Official Conduct may be probing the activities of Representative Rick Renzi (R-Arizona). A senior ethics aide pulled all of Renzi's annual financial disclosure records from 2003 to 2006, according to records available at the House's Legislative Resource Center.



Police Preparing for 100,000 Marchers in LA

Officially organized to celebrate the May 1 International Workers' Day, marches are planned in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Riverside, and at least 75 other cities nationwide. The largest expected march, organized by the March 25 Coalition, is scheduled to head for Los Angeles City Hall beginning at 10:00 AM. The coalition is calling for a boycott of work, school, and all consumer activity. Los Angeles police will be on maximum deployment, with at least 1,000 officers set to check in at 6:00 AM.


Price Tag for War in Iraq to Top $500 Billion

The bitter fight over the latest Iraq spending bill has all but obscured a sobering fact: The war will soon cost more than $500 billion. That's about ten times more than the Bush administration anticipated before the war started four years ago, and no one can predict how high the tab will go.


BECTA Wi-fi Report "Suppressed"



Sick Sony Goat Stunt Backfires


Informant: Jodda Mitchell

Wolfowitz Resignation Deal in the Works

Behind the scenes of the gladiatorial battle that will take place between Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank Board today are efforts by his lawyer, Robert Bennett, and the Bank staff to negotiate terms of Wolfowitz's departure.


From Information Clearing House


14 people were arrested in the Hart Senate Office Building

14 people were arrested in the Hart Senate Office Building, for unlawful assembly while protesting to stop the war in Iraq and calling for impeachment.


From Information Clearing House

Blueprint for Dictatorship

America is headed for a military dictatorship - and recent legislation makes this all but inevitable.


From Information Clearing House


Clinton and Obama Raiding Donors Who Backed Bush

In the first quarter of this year, more than 150 former Bush donors pitched in for Mrs. Clinton's campaign, while a similar number anted up for Mr. Obama, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission data.


From Information Clearing House


Lawyers taking Rumsfeld war crimes case to Spain

German lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck says that he will refile a war crimes complaint against former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in Spain with the help of Spanish counterparts after the German Federal Prosecutor's office Friday rejected a bid to prosecute the suit in Germany under that country's universal jurisdiction law.


New trouble for Rumsfeld in Spain

Together with Spanish colleagues, the German lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck wants to press charges against Rumsfeld and 13 other high-ranking U.S. officials in Spain because of alleged human and civil rights violations,


From Information Clearing House


George Galloway: "What Happened To Iraq Is About To Happen To Iran"

Video - Galloway speaks on Iraq and Iran


U.S. report: Iran remains biggest gov't supporter of terrorism

Manufacturing Consent For War

Iran continues to be the biggest supporter of terrorism around the world, with elements of its government supporting extremist groups throughout the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, the United States State Department says.


Iran Receives A Last Warning

The EU accused Iran of ignoring the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and called on the international community to apply the sanctions dictated by the UN.


Russia's foreign ministry slams U.S. policy

Russia's Foreign Ministry criticized the United States for what it called over-reliance on force and warned Washington against military action against Iran.


From Information Clearing House


Accounting for Iraq's Oil Revenue

A May 2006 study of oil production and export figures by Platt's Oilgram News, an industry magazine, showed that up to $3 billion a year is unaccounted for.


War Is A Racket

A speech delivered in 1933, by Major General Smedley Butler, USMC.

From Information Clearing House


Ex-CIA analyst: Forged 'yellowcake' memo 'leads right back to' Cheney

Appearing on MSNBC's Tucker Carlson show, Ray McGovern who served in the CIA for twenty-seven years, said, "the [forged] memo leads right back to the doorstep of the Vice President of the United States."


From Information Clearing House


Something About "Liberation"

By Layla Anwar

Never, at least not to my knowledge, has a "liberation" produced so much human filth... Never has a "liberation" managed to generate so many death mercenaries and contractors being paid up to 5'000 dollars a day with the sole aim of exterminating...and "pacifying".



The accursed: Widows of Iraq's torn-apart society

By Hala Jaber

"I shouted and beat my breast and yanked my hair in the street but no one could do anything. A few minutes later we heard shots. I knew they [Ali and Ahmad] were dead," she said. "


Watch the press conference on impeachment with Dennis Kucinich, Cindy Sheehan, Daniel Ellsberg, David Swanson, John Nichols, Chris Hedges, Debra Sweet & others in front of the U.S. Capitol on April 25th


video by Barry Student


WHAT: Coalition statement in support of impeachment
WHEN: 12:00 Noon ET, Wednesday, April 25, 2007
WHERE: The Cannon House Office Building Outdoor Terrace, Washington D.C.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich put impeachment of the Vice President on the table.

1. A group of prominent Americans gathered at the U.S. Capitol to speak in support of beginning impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney. Among them were mayors, including Rocky Anderson of Salt Lake City and John Shields of Nyack, NY; state legislators including Washington State Senator Eric Oemig; city council members, including Dave Meserve of Arcata, CA; and former government officials, including Daniel Ellsberg who released the Pentagon Papers; David MacMichael, a former analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency and a member of the steering committee of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity; and retired Army Colonel Ann Wright, a career diplomat who quit in protest the day the war began.

Also participating were authors, journalists, poets, and playwrights, including Chris Hedges, Justin Frank, Mark Kurlansky, John Nichols, David Lindorff, Gerald Stern, and Ann Marie Macari; actors, producers, and photographers, including Eunice Wong, and Kathy Chalfant, leading anti-war voices, including Andy Shallal, Cindy Sheehan, Tina Richards, Medea Benjamin, Bob Fertik, David Swanson, Debra Sweet, Kevin Zeese, Michael Berg, Carlos Arredondo, and Elaine Brower; and organizer of the national day of impeachment events coming up on April 28th Jacob Park.

Kucinich Has Introduced Articles of Impeachment Against Vice President Richard Cheney

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has acted. Here are his Articles of Impeachment and supporting materials.

It's time now for us to follow through by asking the rest of Congress to get on board with the American public, and by letting the media know where we stand.


Ask your Congress Member to support impeachment proceedings against Vice President Cheney: //tinyurl.com/yttnxq

Ask members of the House Judiciary Committee and Speaker Nancy Pelosi to lead, follow, or get out of the way: //tinyurl.com/2ar8ch

Tell the media that you support Congressman Dennis Kucinich's proposal to begin impeachment proceedings: //tinyurl.com/2cag7t

Learn more at: //www.impeachcheney.org

Informant: Frank


Woolsey, Waters, Lee Write to Pelosi


Informant: David Swanson

From ufpj-news


Wi-Fi Isn't the New Asbestos?


Senator Mike Gravel at SC Debates April/26/07


Excellent job by Sen. Gravel in the recent South Carolina debate. He takes on the whole Congress and the military industrial complex.

From the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space





Jack Topel

Thank Murtha for Talking Impeachment



Progressive Democrats of America: Another Historic Step On Impeachment



BLM Suicide Underscores Bureaucratic Inhumanity


Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution Shows Direction at Climate Crossroads


It will be an uphill battle to bring back honesty and professionalism to the analysis process



The Iraq War Is Over: It Is The Moment for Democrats To Show Real Leadership

If President Bush’s Veto Is Not Challenged Tomorrow, Thousands of Iraqis and Hundreds of US Troops Are Certain to Perish.



Why There Was No Exit Plan


Australia, US Behave Tyrannically, Says Ex-PM


US Democrats Raise Prospect of Bush's Impeachment Over Iraq



Some Analysts See Iraq War Eclipsing Toll from Vietnam


'Epidemic' of sleep deprivation spreads among busy Britons

A sleep related article and perhaps an opportunity for comment about EMF?

Informant: Mark G.


Congressional GOP Say They'll 'Switch Sides' If "Surge" Fails


Informant: Andrea Ball


Fox News Crowns Giuliani as GOP King

by Cliff Kincaid

The popularity of presidential candidates in opinion polls at this stage of the campaign is almost completely a function of name-recognition or how much media coverage they have already received or purchased from the liberal media. Yet that is one of the unfair criteria that Fox News will use to select the Republican presidential candidates for a May 15 debate in South Carolina. The arrangement could prevent a true conservative from emerging as a “serious candidate” in the GOP......



Will Texas Capitulate?

by Lynn Stuter

State governments and state agencies are nothing more than implementers of federal mandates accepted through voluntary application for federal discretionary grants. Taxpayers could save themselves a lot of money by doing away with state legislative bodies and state government and moving to a regional governance structure under the auspices of the federal government......



Is Psychiatry Scientific and Dangerous?

by Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

This is laughable but it has serious consequences. When a child is diagnosed with depression the child is often placed on a potent SSRI drug. The manufacturer of one of the leading SSRI drug knew for many years that the drug caused loss of the ability to control violent behavior thus increasing violence toward self (suicide) and others (mass murders). This information was covered up because it would have hurt sales of the drug. Nearly every teen involved in the Columbine and Red Lake mass murders was taking an SSRI drug......




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January 6 Committee Says...
https://truthout.org/artic les/jan-6-committee-says-t rump-engaged-in-criminal-c onspiracy-to-undo-election /?eType=EmailBlastContent& eId=552e5725-9297-4a7c-a21 4-53c8c51615a3
rudkla - 4. Mär, 05:38
Georgia Republicans Are...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2022/02/14/georgi a-republicans-are-delibera tely-attacking-voting-righ ts
rudkla - 15. Feb, 05:03
Now Every Day Is January...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2022/02/07/now-ev ery-day-january-6-trump-ta rgets-vote-counters
rudkla - 8. Feb, 05:41


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