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The Next Enron Scandal

by Isaiah J. Poole and Rick Perlstein,

Can banks really get away with facilitating fraud? We're about to find out.

Iraqi Lawmakers Back Bill on US Withdrawal

A majority of members of Iraq's parliament have signed a draft bill that would require a timetable for the withdrawal of US soldiers from Iraq and freeze current troop levels. The development was a sign of a growing division between Iraq's legislators and prime minister that mirrors the widening gulf between the Bush administration and its critics in Congress.


U.S. House defeats Iraq war withdrawal bill

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday easily defeated a bill pushed by anti-war Democrats to withdraw all U.S. combat troops from Iraq by early next year.

U.S. Imperial Ambitions Thwart Iraqis' Peace Plans

Last week, a majority of Iraqi lawmakers demanded a timetable for U.S. and other foreign troops to leave their country. The very next day, the Al Fadhila party, a Shi'ite party considered moderate by the (often arbitrary) standards of the commercial media, held a press conference, in which they offered a 23-point plan for stabilizing Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

Two Hearings, One Reality

William Rivers Pitt writes: "Another hearing took place on Capitol Hill yesterday that was truly chilling to observe. Representative John Murtha's (D-Pennsylvania) Subcommittee on Appropriations heard testimony from two investigators whose work has been focused on the phenomenon of private military contractors in Iraq. The first to give testimony was Jeremy Scahill, author of 'Blackwater: Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army.' The second witness was Robert Greenwald, a documentary filmmaker who recently released a new film titled 'Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers.'"

Tell President Bush not to veto another plan

Tell President Bush not to veto another plan to fully fund our troops, honor our commitment to our veterans, and end the war in Iraq.

Include Prioritization and Global Warming in WRDA

Act Now to Save Red Snapper


Every Fish Counts: Help End Red Snapper Overfishing

Error on phone mast application gives new hope to residents

By Stephen Bailey

AN error could spell at least temporary defeat for a phone mast plan that has frightened Great Sankey residents.

T-Mobile wrote to the wrong councillors in its consultation over the pole planned for near Sycamore Lane Primary School.

The error was spotted by parish and borough councillor Keith Gleave at last Wednesday's parish council meeting.

Mobile masts are difficult to defeat because the Government has said health concerns are not a valid objection - so the technical error could be a way of objecting.

A decision on the mast is due on June 12 and the consultation period has finished, though this could be extended due to the errors.

Clare Earps, chairman of the school governors, asked the parish council's backing in the fight against the mast planned for near the walkway over Sankey Way, by the school.

She said 110 parents had objected already.

And resident William Roslee told the meeting: "I'm going to be long out the window at this 24/7."

His neighbour, Eric Blakely, said: "Who wants to buy a house with radiation pole stuck in the garden?"

The council warned objections should be made on the grounds of impact on residents' life, the visual impact, and the general strength of residents' feelings - not health or house price concerns.

A spokesman for T-Mobile said: "Unfortunately there was an error with the postcode allocated to our site which meant that the consultation plan was incomplete.

"As soon as Warrington Borough Council pointed out the postcode error we immediately changed our plans, wrote to the school and the appropriate local councillors."

© Copyright 2001-2007 Newsquest Media Group

Help save wild Colorado's archeological treasures

The Bush administration wants to sacrifice more than one million acres of outstanding wildlife habitat and archeological sites in northwest Colorado to destructive oil and gas drilling and off-road vehicle use.

We need your immediate action to block this proposal, which would cause irreparable damage to fragile wildlands including the world-renowned Vermillion Basin, home to one of the most spectacular collections of ancient petroglyphs in the country.

Please go to and tell the Bush administration to protect our natural and cultural heritage by banning harmful drilling and off-road vehicle use in the Vermillion Basin and all other wilderness-quality lands in this region.

People from all over the world seek out the Vermillion Basin and nearby Little Snake wildlands for outdoor recreation, wildlife-viewing and its natural beauty. The Little Snake area provides habitat for elk, pronghorn, mule deer, coyotes and white-tailed prairie dogs. The waters of this region sustain the endangered Colorado River Pikeminnow and the Colorado River cutthroat trout. Greater sage grouse, golden eagles and peregrine falcons also take refuge there.

Yet the Bush administration has proposed stripping existing wildlife protections from these lands and opening virtually the entire area to drilling and off-road vehicles. This scheme also fails to protect the region's irreplaceable historical and archeological treasures.

Please go to and urge the administration to safeguard these sensitive wildlands for future generations.

Thank you for helping to protect the natural and cultural values of our last western wildlands.


Frances Beinecke
President Natural Resources Defense Council


Help block drilling in a Colorado wildlife refuge

The Bush administration is poised to allow two giant energy companies to drill exploratory oil and gas wells up to 14,000 feet beneath Colorado's spectacular Baca National Wildlife Refuge.

Last year, BioGems Defenders and other NRDC online activists sent more than 48,000 messages protesting this destructive drilling scheme. Despite this outcry, the Bush administration is moving forward with the plan, which could pave the way for massive industrialization of the Baca Refuge.

Please go to and tell the Bush administration to halt the Baca oil and gas project until a thorough study of its potentially devastating environmental impacts is carried out.

The Baca refuge is an important calving ground for deer and elk and provides a natural sanctuary for imperiled wildlife, including the ferruginous hawk, the threatened burrowing owl, the greater and lesser sandhill crane and the Rio Grande sucker, an endangered fish. Over 4,000 elk depend on the area for critical winter habitat and calving grounds to shelter newborns.

Thousands of migrating birds visit the refuge each spring and fall, and hundreds of ancient Native American artifacts lie buried under ancient layers of sand. World-class archeological sites dating back some 11,500 years have been found nearby.

The proposed drilling project threatens to transform this irreplaceable wildland into an industrial zone -- contaminating air, land and waterways and unleashing a barrage of drilling-related traffic and noise. Even the adjacent Great Sand Dunes National Park could be at risk.

Energy companies currently own the rights to oil and gas reserves beneath the refuge. But the Bush administration has the authority to block reckless and destructive industrialization on these lands.

Please go to and demand that the Bush administration protect the Baca National Wildlife Refuge from the far-reaching impacts of oil and gas drilling.

Thank you for helping to protect our last remaining Rocky Mountain wildlife habitats.


Frances Beinecke
President Natural Resources Defense Council

50 Jahre EURATOM: die privilegierte Position der Atomlobby in Brüssel

Act Now: EPA blocking global warming action

Take Action

California and 11 other states have passed bills to cut global warming pollution from cars. But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is standing in the way.

In spite of a recent Supreme Court ruling urging the EPA to fight global warming, they have not taken the first modest step of granting states a routine waiver to cut auto emissions.

Tell the EPA to grant the waiver.

‘I am scared that mobile phone masts are hurting our children’

May 11 2007

by Laura Wright, South Wales Echo

A MOTHER of two has joined the campaign against mobile phone masts to protect her children.

Helen Whitehouse, 40, has already successfully opposed one mast application near her home and is eager to raise awareness of the potential dangers of masts to others.

The mum to Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Eirwg pupils Daryl, 10, and Erin, five, of Llanrumney, Cardiff, believes that a law should be passed so that masts are not erected within 500 metres of a school.

She said: “Throughout my children’s school life they will be exposed to emissions. This scares me as children are more susceptible to emissions because they have thinner skulls.”

Mrs Whitehouse is now planning on sticking posters warning of the dangers of the emissions near to the masts she is aware of and is encouraging others to do their own research.

She said: “We’re just told that emissions are within guidelines but there’s so much we don’t know about them, what do we believe?

“Until we know for definite, they should be treated with caution with more research being done.

“I’m glad I looked into it because I understand it more but it’s quite a scary thing – they’re taking over.”

Mrs Whitehouse and her neighbours have just fought off a T-Mobile application to build a mast opposite her house which would have been within 500 metres of St Cadoc’s School.

She said: “We raised all the arguments against the mast we could think. Only 10 households had been advised so we made sure others got to know about it.

“T-Mobile wrote back to say that due to our strong feelings and opposition they decided to site it on top of a hotel in Pentwyn (Cardiff) instead.”

The proposed mast would have been within 500 metres of another T-Mobile mast next to the post office on Countisbury Avenue.

Nobody objected to this mast because, Mrs Whitehouse says, the planning notice for the mast was placed on a street in Roath – a 10 minute drive away.

She said: “This didn’t give the local people any opportunity to have any input which has taken away any rights we have.”

A spokesman for T-Mobile previously said: “Everybody wants to use their mobile phones, but if we did not have the masts we would not be able to offer a service.”

© owned by or licensed to Western Mail & Echo Limited 2007

The Madness of the War Profiteering in Iraq

Robert Greenwald testified to the House Appropriations Committee and Sub-Committee on Defense about war profiteering in Iraq, sharing what he learned while making the documentary film "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers."

Powell's Chief of Staff Proposes Impeachment

Speaking on National Public Radio on Thursday, Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (Retired), Vietnam War veteran, former chief of staff at the State Department from 2002 to 2005 under then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, former acting-director of the Marine Corps War College at Quantico, and currently a teacher of national security at William and Mary College, proposed impeaching President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney.


Former Powell aide says Bush, Cheney guilty of 'high crimes'

Lawrence Wilkerson, who was chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, said on the public radio program On Point Thursday that "Bill Clinton's peccadilloes ... pale in significance" when compared to the "high crimes and misdemeanors" of Bush and Cheney.

From Information Clearing House

CIA Cited for Not Disclosing Covert Action

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence said yesterday that the CIA violated the law last year when it failed to inform the panel of "a significant covert action activity."

General Petraeus Warns Troops Against Using Torture

The top US commander in Iraq admonished his troops over the results of an Army survey which found that many US military personnel in Iraq are willing to tolerate some torture of suspects and unwilling to report abuse by comrades.

House Votes on Full Iraq Withdrawal

The House of Representatives voted on two bills to address the stagnant situation in Iraq. The first was a bill that would fund a complete withdrawal of US troops stationed in Iraq within 180 days. Separately, the House also voted to authorize a short-term funding bill to finance the war in Iraq, which Bush said he will veto. Arguably, the most important floor action that occurred Thursday was a vote to use the appropriation power of Congress to fully fund an expedited withdrawal from Iraq.

Pentagon to Congress: We’re above the law

Boston Globe


The Pentagon has placed unprecedented restrictions on who can testify before Congress, reserving the right [sic] to bar lower-ranking officers, enlisted soldiers, and career bureaucrats from appearing before oversight committees or having their remarks transcribed, according to Defense Department documents. Robert L. Wilkie, a former Bush administration national security official who left the White House to become assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs last year, has outlined a half-dozen guidelines that prohibit most officers below the rank of colonel from appearing in hearings, restricting testimony to high-ranking officers and civilians appointed by President Bush...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Giuliani connection

ABC News Blotter


Rudolph Giuliani and his consulting company, Giuliani Partners, have served as key advisors for the last five years to the pharmaceutical company that pled guilty today to charges it misled doctors and patients about the addiction risks of the powerful narcotic painkiller OxyContin. Federal officials say the company, Purdue Frederick, helped to trigger a nationwide epidemic of addiction to the time-release painkiller by failing to give early warnings that it could be abused. Prosecutors say ‘in the process scores died.’ Drug Enforcement Administration officials tell the Blotter on Giuliani personally met with the head of the DEA when the DEA’s drug diversion office began a criminal investigation into the company...

Giuliani is a media creation

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Giuliani Would Make a Worst President than Bush

By Paul Craig Roberts

Giuliana's career never served justice; it served his personal ambition, his ego. That a person so short on integrity could become a candidate for president is a damning indictment of the US political system.

Next-up News n°248

BFC Volunteer Bloodied for Filming Harassment of Wild Bison

Approximately 400 Yellowstone bison, including newborn calves, were hazed into Yellowstone National Park in an operation led by Montana Department of Livestock. BFC videographers were tackled and arrested as they attempted to document the operation.

VIDEO: BFC Volunteer Bloodied for Filming Harassment of Wild Bison

Buffalo Field Campaign

BFC's NEW Bison Mapping Habitat Project

BFC at Myspace!

Contact Agencies & Politicians

Informant: smileycoyote

Psychiatrists, Children and Drug Industry's Role

The intersection of money and medicine, and its effect on the well-being of patients, has become one of the most contentious issues in health care. Nowhere is that more true than in psychiatry, where increasing payments to doctors have coincided with the growing use in children of a relatively new class of drugs known as atypical antipsychotics.

Labor Law Reform Not Just for Unions

Sale of Carbon Credits Helping Land-Rich, but Cash-Poor, Tribes

On the Nez Perce reservation, land that was cleared in the 19th century for farming is being converted back to forest, in part to sell the trees' ability to sequester carbon. The market for carbon credits promises to be a boon for some land-rich, cash-poor tribes.


Plant trees, lots of them, you can never plant enough!

Pat Robertson's University

Bill Moyers Journal takes a look at Regent University, Pat Robertson's Christian leadership institution, which is working to ensure that Biblical principles are reflected in the law of the land.

House Readies Vote on Iraq Funding Limit

Defiant House Democrats advanced legislation Thursday to pay for military operations in Iraq on the installment plan, ignoring President Bush's veto threat in a complex test of wills over the unpopular war.

House Democrats Raise New Criticism of Gonzales

Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales endured new criticism on Capitol Hill today as House Democrats questioned his leadership of the Department of Justice and his personal candor. Mr. Gonzales, appearing before the House Judiciary Committee, was questioned again about the dismissals of United States attorneys - amid a new assertion that, in effect, nine of them were let go, rather than eight as previously reported - and about his awareness of what is going on in his huge department.


Gonzales tells panel he doesn’t recall any more details



Democrats pressed Thursday for more answers on the firings of U.S. attorneys as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales insisted he hasn’t remembered anything new and Republicans demanded the investigation close. ‘My feelings and recollections about this matter have not changed,’ Gonzales told the House Judiciary Committee, three weeks after telling a Senate panel he couldn’t recall specific conversations or details in response to more than 70 questions...

Alberto Gonzales, Zen master

by Dahlia Lithwick


The House Democrats are furious. To them, there is only one plausible explanation for what happened to the eight (now nine?) fired U.S. attorneys. There is only one narrative that works with the facts. The White House wanted party loyalists placed in either key battleground states, or in states where Republicans were being investigated or they thought Democrats should have been. Gonzales rolled out the welcome mat at the Justice Department and told them to install whomever they wanted while he played hearts on his computer. If Gonzales truly wants to rebut that narrative, he needs only to offer some plausible alternative. Anything at all. But he doesn’t. He offers only distractions...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Gonzales testimony contradicts White House

Revealing Bush 'conversation' over US attorney firings

From Information Clearing House

Trawl Boats Need Turtle Excluder Devices!

Multiple Sources: Cheney On DC Madam's List

Informant: ranger116

Peace Group Urges Yes Vote in House to Bring Troops Home in Nine Months

House Vote On Iraq Withdrawal Fires Up Anti-War Activists

The Echoes of Arrogance and Lies That Sparked Insurgency Could Not Be Clearer

A Surge of Insanity

Blank Check Democrats & The Danger of Becoming A Blank Check Movement

The Pacifist's Conundrum

The Moral Obligation to Lose The War

US Air Strikes Kill 21 Civilians in Afghanistan

Marine Tells Hearing of Iraqi Civilians Shot Trying to Surrender

Dismay over Nuclear 'Solution' to Climate Problem

Administration Withheld E-Mails About Rove

US government trying to seize new Michael Moore film "Sicko"

Michael Moore Faces US Treasury Probe


Michael Moore Blasts President Bush Over Federal Probe Into "Sicko" Documentary

Filmmaker Michael Moore has asked the Bush administration to call off an investigation of his trip to Cuba to get treatment for ailing September 11 rescue workers for a segment in his upcoming health-care expose, "Sicko." Mr. Moore has also written an open letter to US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.


US government trying to seize new Michael Moore film, says producer

Sicko, a documentary tackling the state of American healthcare, focuses on the pharmaceutical giants, and particularly on health insurers.,,2083430,00.html

From Information Clearing House


Michael Moore's new film

Is the Constitution Designed to Change With Times?

by Laurie Roth

We are facing a sea of challenges in how to relate to other countries and economic blocks, how to address threats, how to protect individual rights and how to protect our sovereignty and borders. In response, I see the literal unraveling and rewriting of who we actually are!......

Crisis Equals "Opportunity"

by Darren Weeks

The agenda to move America into a totalitarian system, began with the creation of an atmosphere of fear in America, caused by a purported act of terrorism. Then, when the public mindset was properly conditioned with the fertilizer of fear, the seed would be planted in their minds that their liberty would have to be forfeited in favor of their security.......

Progress in the Fight to Stop NAU and NAFTA Superhighway

by Tom DeWeese

The Security and Prosperity Partnership is a threat to our national sovereignty and independence. The United States, with its Constitution which protects individual liberty from government, is the most unique on earth and cannot be "harmonized" with nations which do not share our values. These victories against the effort to create a North American Union are exciting and important. However, the fight is far from over. The forces driving the......


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