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Ask your representative to support the Clean Water Restoration Act now

60% of Our Waters At Stake!


House Democrats Want to Strengthen Clean Water Act

US House Democrats want to change a major water pollution law to answer a recent Supreme Court decision and make clear the law applies to all of the country's water.



Protect Community Members Opposing Parota Dam Construction in Mexico


Justiz-, Polizei- und Politikkreise in kriminelles Netzwerk verstrickt?

Medienberichten zufolge sind hohe Justiz-, Polizei- und Politikkreise in Sachsen in ein kriminelles Netzwerk größeren Ausmaßes verstrickt. Den Berichten zufolge machten sich laut sächsischem Verfassungsschutz höchste Leipziger Kreise erpressbar, weil sie Anfang der 1990er Jahre in einem Bordell verkehrt haben sollen, in dem minderjährige Mädchen zur Prostitution gezwungen wurden. Mit dem vom sächsischen Verfassungsschutz offenbar jahrelang ausgespähten kriminellen Netzwerk soll sich nun auch Generalbundesanwältin Monika Harms befassen, damit nicht der Eindruck aufkommt, es würde etwas vertuscht.


Liberalisierungsdruck: Warnung vor "wirtschaftlichem Ausverkauf Afrikas"

Mehrere Nicht-Regierungsorganisationen aus Europa sowie aus Afrika, der Karibik und dem pazifischen Raum (AKP-Staaten) warnen angesichts der Tagung des EU-Ministerrats vor einem "drohenden wirtschaftlichen Ausverkauf Afrikas". Die Organisationen Brot für die Welt, Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst, Oxfam Deutschland, WEED und andere fordern insbesondere die deutsche Ratspräsidentschaft auf, "den derzeitigen Zuschnitt regionaler Handelsabkommen, der so genannten "Economic Partnership Agreements" (EPAs), zugunsten nachhaltiger und gerechter Alternativen zu korrigieren". Ein "durchgesickerter" Entwurf der EPA-Abschlusserklärung des Ministerrates zeige, dass die EU entgegen offizieller Verlautbarungen unverändert auf eine umfassende Marktöffnung der armen Länder setze.


We march for the whales!



At Least 11 Members of Congress Now Under Investigation

While Congress has been busy this year dealing with issues such as the Iraq war, the US attorney firings controversy and the federal minimum wage, some members have had their attention diverted by legal problems. By our count, 11 members of Congress (and ten former members who departed with the 109th Congress) are currently the subjects of ongoing criminal investigations.


Keep Out the Vote

Michael Winship writes: "What's the real motive for knocking off those eight, now nine, maybe more, US attorneys - Republican appointees all - apparently replaced for insufficient fealty to the Bushie party line? In part, the truth may be lurking in the upcoming 2008 elections."



"Surge" Detainees Strain Iraq's Jails

The capture of thousands of new suspects under the three-month-old Baghdad security plan has overwhelmed the Iraqi government's detention system, forcing hundreds of people into overcrowded facilities, according to Iraqi and Western officials.



Of Actions and Consequences, Torture and Troops

William Rivers Pitt writes: "Recall, for context, our national debate over torture, renditions, and the rights of prisoners captured in the 'War on Terror.' Recall the secret memos, endorsed by then-White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales, that slapped aside Geneva Convention prohibitions against the torture of prisoners. Recall Abu Ghraib, and the shameful photos documenting the absence of those prohibitions in living, bleeding color. It was theoretical at the time, that debate, an exercise in nationalist rhetoric and sound-bite showmanship. It isn't theoretical anymore."



Protect the Northern Bering Sea and Arctic from bottom trawling



Support Critical Corps Reforms


Informant: Bob Banner


8am: Shower, Save the water, Save the planet


Informant: Bob Banner

Call to consider health concerns over phone masts


The Bush administration's executive order on global warming is what you'd expect: a stall

White House Greenwash

The U.S. attorney scandal is not about firings, it's about harassment of minority voters

Keep Out The Vote

by Michael Winship, TomPaine.com


Iraq: A New Age Of Genocide?

by Bill Weinberg, New American Media

Some of the most under-reported deaths in Iraq are those of minorities being victimized in organized campaigns.



World Bank Report: Wolfowitz Broke Rules

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz broke bank rules in arranging a hefty compensation package for his girlfriend, a situation that has caused a "crisis in the leadership" at the institution, according to a report released Monday by a special bank panel. Wolfowitz is scheduled to make an appearance before the board today.



Republicans Unnerved by Paralyzed Presidency

Private conversations with Republicans throughout America reveal doom and gloom about a politically paralyzed presidency and party. The on-the-record observations are almost as bleak. "The country doesn't believe George W. Bush, it doesn't trust him, and with 19 months to go, it's only going to get worse," predicts Ed Rollins, a Republican strategist who ran Ronald Reagan's 1984 presidential campaign.


Ten-Year Climate Warming Window Closing

Climate change may have passed a key tipping point that could mean temperatures rising more quickly than predicted and it being harder to tackle global warming.


Cindy Sheehan and 32 Antiwar Protesters Arrested

After rallying in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House, more than 250 antiwar advocates marched through Washington, DC to Capitol Hill. As the demonstrators marched up Independence Avenue, they chanted, "Stop the Funding, Stop the War – Mothers Say, Not One More." At the Department of Justice, the crowd stopped, with Cindy Sheehan making an impromptu speech pointing out the crimes of the Bush administration. As 33 were arrested, the crowd chanted, "Arrest George Bush" and "Stop the Funding, Stop the Killing."



Mothers arrested protesting war

OpEd News
by Kevin Zeese


After rallying in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House more than 250 anti-war advocates marched through Washington, DC to Capitol Hill. When they reached the Cannon House Office Building they formed two circles blocking the street to all traffic. The demonstration was the ‘Mother of a March’ spearheaded by Cindy Sheehan whose son died in Iraq. The march kicked off a ‘Summer of Action’ where anti-war demonstrators will SWARM on Congress from today until June 31 advocating an end to the war. Numerous speakers urged peace voters to put ‘peace before partisanship’ as thus far the Democrats have not lived up to the mandate of the voters who elected them to end the war...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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Declaration of New Patriotism

Global warming is the crisis of our time

Add your ideas to the Declaration:

G8: Keep Your Word to the Poor!

Sign the letter now

Mission accomplished for Iran

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


With its usual tin ear for public relations, the Bush administration provided another ‘Kodak moment’ of incompetent belligerence by yet again sending a high-level administration official to use an aircraft carrier as a prop for a hawkish rant. Vice President Dick Cheney did manage to refrain from displaying another ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner during his address to the crew of the John C. Stennis, stationed 150 miles off Iran’s coast. But as Cheney warned Iran against disrupting oil transportation routes or getting nuclear weapons, the speech’s imagery also reminded the American public of President Bush’s previous fiasco on another aircraft carrier. Yet Cheney’s speech may have more adverse implications for U.S. security than Bush’s earlier public relations disaster...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


More bureaucracy, less security

by US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


Congress voted this past week to authorize nearly $40 billion for the Department of Homeland Security, but the result will likely continue to be more bureaucracy and less security for Americans. Five years into this new department, Congress still cannot agree on how to handle the mega-bureaucracy it created, which means there has been no effective oversight of the department. While Congress remains in disarray over how to fund and oversee the department, we can only wonder whether we are more vulnerable than we were before Homeland Security was created. I was opposed to the creation of a new Homeland Security department from the beginning. Only in Washington would anyone call the creation of an additional layer of bureaucracy on top of already bloated bureaucracies ’streamlining’...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


More than one crisis at World Bank

Christian Science Monitor


Whether Paul Wolfowitz remains president of the World Bank or not, the furor over his leadership raises questions about the importance of reforming the policies and structure of an institution born more than 60 years ago, at a time of very different global financial needs. Does the bank still need to make loans to middle-income countries, for instance, given the rivers of investment capital that now flow around the world? Does the tradition of allowing the United States to name the bank’s president make sense any longer? Does the bank even need to continue to exist? ‘The good thing about this crisis is that the US government may realize it has to pay more attention to these international financial institutions,’ says Colin Bradford, a senior fellow for global economics and development at the Brookings Institution. ‘It’s not enough to just put your guy in there’...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Congress tackles animal research rules

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram


It’s the nightmare of pet lovers everywhere: Their beloved Fido or Whiskers gets lost, is scooped up by animal thieves, then sold to be dissected in a university research lab. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that every year middlemen known as ‘Class B’ animal dealers round up about 18,000 dogs and cats through flea markets and free-to-good-home ads, and then sell them to laboratories and university research labs...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Senate to vote on ending war funding

Idaho Press-Tribune


Senate Democrats are staging a dramatic anti-war vote this week, with moderates collaborating behind closed doors on legislation that could call on President Bush to rethink his war strategy. Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Monday that members will decide whether to cut off money for the Iraq war next year, as well as consider a softer proposal calling for troops to leave this fall...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Arbeitsbedingungen bei Aldi-Zulieferern in China und Indonesien

A l l d i e Textilschnäppchen – nur recht und billig?

„Discountunternehmen stehen mittlerweile an der Spitze des Textileinzelhandels. Jede zweite Kundin kauft Bekleidung bei Discountern wie Aldi, Plus und KiK. Der Autorin der Studie (Ingeborg Wick vom SÜDWIND Institut) ist es gelungen, über die Zulieferer des Familienunternehmens, das seine Geschäftsdaten gerne völlig unter Verschluss hält, Skandalöses herauszufinden. Ergebnis: Bei chinesischen und indonesischen Aldi-Zulieferern werden Arbeitsrechte in bisher kaum bekannten Ausmaß verletzt! So müssen z.B. in China Beschäftigte wochenlang auf ihre Löhne warten. Schulen kassieren von den Fabriken Gelder für die Vermittlung von minderjährigen Beschäftigten. Ein kleines, handliches informatives Buch über ein beliebtes Alltagsprodukt, dessen Herstellung den Käuferinnen meist nicht im geringsten bewusst sind. Aufklärung pur für ganze fünf Euro.“ Aus der Pressemitteilung des Südwind-Instituts. Weitere Informationen und Bestellmöglichkeiten im Artikel von Ingeborg Wick //www.labournet.de/branchen/dienstleistung/eh/suedwind.html

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Mai 2007

McNulty, DoJ Number 2, resigning

Las Vegas Review-Journal


Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty said Monday he will resign, becoming the highest-ranking Bush administration casualty in the furor over the firing of U.S. attorneys. McNulty, who has served 18 months as the Justice Department’s second-in-command, announced his plans at a closed-door meeting of U.S. attorneys in San Antonio...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


McNulty, Davis Resignations a Blow to Bush

In a blow to the Bush administration, the deputy attorney general and the only Democrat on the White House's Privacy and Civil Liberties Board have resigned.



Panel says Wolfowitz violated rules, contract

USA Today


The World Bank panel investigating the controversy surrounding Bank President Paul Wolfowitz has bluntly rejected his account of the matter, concluding he violated bank rules and his contract. The panel rejected Wolfowitz’s defense that he acted in ‘good faith’ in seeking to eliminate the conflict of interest presented by his girlfriend, longtime bank employee Shaha Riza, working for the bank...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


LobbyControl und die Brüsseler Lobbyisten


Habeas Corpus Evaporating

Habeas must be restored. By its inaction over the last six months, Congress has shown it has yet to grasp that security policy that undermines accountability does not make us more safe, even as it harms innocents. It is a problem that needs to be grasped-and needs to be grasped today.


From Information Clearing House


Hookers, spies, cases full of dollars: how BP spent £45m to win 'Wild East' oil rights

The company also worked with MI6 to help bring about changes in foreign governments, according to an astonishing account of life inside the oil giant.



Countdown to War on Iran

George Bush has shown no evidence he has given up the idea of attacking Iran. Such an attack would be a disaster for European relations with the Middle East warns Alain Gresh.


From Information Clearing House

Iran vows "severe" response if U.S. attacks

Using stronger language than on Sunday when he called for U.S. troops to leave the region, Ahmadinejad said Gulf countries should "get rid of" foreign forces, which he blamed for regional insecurity.


From Information Clearing House

The Flight From Iraq

The collapse of Iraq had created a refugee crisis, and that crisis was threatening to precipitate the collapse of the region.


From Information Clearing House


Iraqi's Dying From Drinking Water


As many as one in eight Iraqi children die before reaching the age of five.

From Information Clearing House

White King, Red Rubber, Black Death

Hidden History - Video

For almost 100 years evidence has lain dormant, of one of the greatest mass murders in history. How Millions of African people died in one mans quest for wealth and glory.


Notes on Cultural Renaissance in a Time of Barbarism

By James Petras

We live in a time of imperial-driven destructive wars in the name of 'democracy', savage exploitation in the name of 'emerging world powers', massive forced population displacement in the name of 'immigration' and large-scale pillage of natural resources in the name of 'free markets'. We live in a time of barbarism and the barbarian elites employ an army of linguistic and cultural manipulators to justify their conquests.



They Hate Us For Our Hypocrisy

By Eugene Robinson

The Bush administration says that its zero-tolerance policy against terrorism applies to all suspected evildoers, not just Muslims, and that its zero-tolerance policy against Cuba is a principled position, not just an exercise in pandering to the implacable anti-Castro exiles in Miami. On both counts, evidence suggests otherwise.



The Color of Blood, the Color of Resistance, the Color of Iraq

By Mike Whitney

This conflict is perfect-fit for decentralized guerilla cells that can independently carry out operations on vital pipelines, tankers and oil facilities. It's a "no-win" situation for the rest of us. There's just no way to protect sensitive infrastructure or resource transport in a free market. Suppression of the population alone will not work.



Tenet Agrees to Cooperate With Congressional Investigation Into Niger Fraud

Former CIA Director George Tenet has agreed to cooperate with a House investigation into the White House's fraudulent pre-war claim that Iraq had sought uranium from Niger for a nuclear weapon. That assertion - the infamous "16 words" in President Bush's 2003 State of the Union address - was a critical part of administration's case for war.



Padilla Trial Opens in Miami

This week, a Florida jury is set to hear opening arguments in a trial that has come to be known as "Padilla Lite" because it lacks the most serious of charges made when the government spectacularly announced the arrest of Jose Padilla for conspiring with al Qaeda operatives to plant radiological "dirty bombs" and blow up apartment buildings in major US cities.



Senate Revisits Military Commissions Act

The Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing in preparation for an expected showdown with the Bush administration over the Military Commissions Act, which was narrowly passed last year. In his opening remarks, Senator Carl Levin addressed the common theme of hypocrisy.



Palmölkraftwerke bedrohen den Regenwald



Panorama report raises Wi-Fi alarm

Panorama- WI-FI A Warning

WiFi: A Warning Signal

When's WiFi: A Warning Signal coming up on UK TV

Do set up your VCR for next Monday at 8.30pm


Panorama - WiFi: A Warning Signal.

With twelve cities now completely covered by wireless (WiFi) computer
networks, and many secondary and primary schools using WiFi in the
classroom, Paul Kenyon investigates claims that the electronic smog of
modern living can cause long-term health effects.

Panorama BBC 1 21 May at 20:30 WiFi: A Warning Signal
Panorama BBC News 24 22 May at 00:30 WiFi: A Warning Signal
Panorama BBC News 24 22 May at 03:30 WiFi: A Warning Signal
Panorama BBC 1 25 May at 00:25 WiFi: A Warning Signal

With kind regards

Sarah Dacre MSc ACIB
London, UK


Re: WiFi BBC Panorama 21.5.07

Interesting! It should be noted that on Montel the other day, they reported some cities already having "Clusters" of illness, and it just so happens these cities are WiFi enabled.

Seattle for instance, has an entire blanket cluster of Fibromyalgia. If I am not mistaken, many people have already linked this disease to EMF/EMR and is a environmental issue. Seattle was one of the first cities in the USA to go WiFi, and if this doesn't send up a big warning signal, I don't know what will!

Robert Thinker


About WiFi and health risks


Wi-Fi risks in schools 'must be reviewed'

Wi-Fi: A Warning Signal


TSA Continues to Revise Airline Passenger Screening

by Jim Kouri

TSA uses covert tests to evaluate, in part, the extent to which TSOs' noncompliance with procedures affects their ability to detect simulated threat items hidden in accessible property or concealed on a person. TSA airport officials have experienced resource challenges in implementing these compliance monitoring methods. TSA headquarters officials stated that they are taking steps to address these challenges.......



Health and Its Relocation Factor

by Nancy Levant

The global term, coined by Kissinger, “useless eater,” is very telling. It implies that “usefulness” is now defined by the elite and for the masses. We know that under Communitarian intentions, one must be “useful” to the “community.” Living in America, and with American people now policing the world’s “common security perimeters,” new world soldiers must be fit and ready to serve as “rapid response” intentions clearly serve the missions of global crisis “emergencies.”......



The Price of Apathy

by Lynn Stuter

What is so sad about all of this is that the American people go about their daily lives with little or no knowledge that any of this is going on. Have you heard about any of the above in the mainstream (or is that lamestream) media or newspapers? Why not? Isn’t it important that the American people know about these happenings? Well, if you want an informed public, of course it is important the people know about......



Understanding The Threat to Dietary Supplements

by Byron Richards

Your right to have free access to safe and highly effective dietary supplements is under an intense multi-pronged FDA attack. On May 14, 2007 the Supreme Court sided with the FDA by deciding not to hear the case of Nutraceutical v FDA, letting stand a federal appeals court ruling that permits the FDA to use drug-related risk/benefit analysis to determine if a nutrient is safe. This is the exact same point the FDA is trying to get put into law through Senate bill S.1082 and HR.1561, which consumers have flooded the Senate on over the past few weeks. And it is the same point the FDA is seeking to help implement on an international basis through Codex.......


Understanding the Threats to Dietary Supplements, Part 2

by Byron Richards, CCN

Senators were taken off guard by the public outrage over the passing of bill S.1082 with language that can be used to seriously harass dietary supplements by enabling the FDA to apply drug-related risk analysis to the safety of food and food ingredients (and thus dietary supplements). Senators are also struggling to defend the fact they enabled the creation of the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA, having been conned into believing this foundation was for the purpose of improved safety when in fact its mission is to assist the FDA to develop the next generation of drugs with drastically reduced safety or effectiveness testing.......



Giuliani Linked to NAFTA "Superhighway"

by Cliff Kincaid

Evidence shows that NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement involving the U.S., Canada and Mexico, is being expanded without congressional approval or oversight as part of a plan to create an economic and political entity known as the North American Union (NAU). Federal documents uncovered by Judicial Watch quote participants in the scheme as saying that an “evolution by stealth” strategy is being used to put the pieces into place. Documents also speak of developing a common security perimeter and a common identification card for citizens of the three countries.......



Tyrlaching: O2 kneift bei Informationsabend



Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Diaz: An American Hero


The Bizarroworld court-martial of Lt. Cdr. Matthew Diaz

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Diaz: An American Hero

The idea that Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Diaz will do six months in the brig for committing the brave and even noble deed of leaking the names of all Guantanamo detainees to human rights lawyers is profoundly distressing.


From Information Clearing House


The American soldier has at turns been revered, embraced, reviled


It Is Not Only God That Will Be Blair's Judge Over Iraq



The Hushing Season


Lobbying Reform Losing Steam in House



Senators Who Weakened Drug Bill Got Millions from Industry



One Billion to be Displaced by 2050

Global Warming a Factor, Group Warns

'Honk for Peace' Case Tests Limits on Free Speech



US Trying to Weaken G-8 Climate Change Declaration


WiFi through power lines?

DirecTV may try broadband on power lines

Looks like this might have some pretty big health ramifications... Spread this around, I cannot imagine having more ridiculous frequencies through my power outlets.

Robert Thinker


Call the harmful technologies by their true names

One of the points I make in my lectures has to do with the naming of things by what they are or what they are not, 'False-negative names".

NOTE: Always pay close attention when something is named by what it is NOT! This occurs when the namer has something to hide and is engaged in sleight-of-mind, a mental trick, against the public.

Why would a corporation call energy it promotes "nonionizing radiation" when it could call it more accurately "radiofrequency radiation"? Why would a group describe RF absorption levels "nonthermal" when there IS heat deposition, and they could call the levels more correctly "microthermal"? Why would one call weapons "nonlethal" when they were more properly called "direct-energy" or "electromagnetic" weapons?

Here's why: because public relations firms advised the corporations promoting these technologies to do so, in order to convey SAFETY to the public mind, SAFETY that is actually HARM.

When engineers and others read "nonionizing" and other false-negative names, they don't even QUESTION whether the technologies might be harmful! When the suggested mechanism of harm is denied even in the name of a thing, engineers can't even think that there might exist another mechanism of harm.

When you see these false-negative names, always turn it around and call the harmful technologies by their true names!

Susan Clarke

The Hippies Were Right!

Green homes? Organic food? Nature is good?

Time to give the ol' tie-dyers some respect

Informant: Gomez

Bradford University none-lethal weapons research


Details of US microwave-weapon tests revealed

Informant: Sandi



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