MAD At Congress? Why Don't You TELL Them?

Sure we're angry about the failure of the Democrats to stand up for ending the Iraq occupation. But what is the root cause of that anger, and where do we productively DIRECT our anger so that the REAL problem is impacted? It's not just this latest Iraq supplemental. This is just the latest example of the failure of Congress to actually confront the MANY Constitutional outrages of the Cheney administration.

That's right, we said the Cheney administration.


Bush is nothing more than a stooge . . . a hapless, snickering, stubborn stooge perhaps, but a stooge nonetheless, who couldn't complete a logical sentence in the English language without the talking points they give him to rehearse and read from.

It is Cheney who dragged the country into invading Iraq, who was the master chef in cooking the intelligence, who pushed for torture as accepted U.S. foreign policy, who was the driving force behind the illegal wiretaps, the unprecedented expansion of executive power, the outing of Valerie Plame, who ordered the stand down of our air defenses on 9/11, and is even now working overtime to plunge us into an even more monumental debacle in Iran. It's been all Cheney, all the time, since day one of this disastrous administration.

So why won't Congress (with the exception of Kucinich and the other 3 sponsors of H.R. 333) even talk about impeaching someone who has committed every Constitutional high crime in the book?

Have you voted in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll yet? More that 50,000 of your friends and neighbors have, but what about you?

Maybe there's your complete answer. Why would we expect Congress to act on what we want them to do unless we TELL them what we want them to do? Why should we accuse them of not listening to the people, unless we are actively talking to them. Why should we be mad at them for not acting, UNLESS we force them to act.

A lot of people are calling their members of Congress right now to yell at them about the Iraq supplemental surrender. And we should join them in that too. But it's kinda like trying to put out a fire on one side of a room with someone pouring on more gasoline from the other side. Unless we confront the REAL problem, Dick Cheney, and remove him from power soon, the flames may be so high over our heads that we may no longer be able to do anything about it. We are that close to a military holocaust right now.


So DO call your members of Congress. And let them know they have ZERO chance of getting elected again themselves if they continue to vote for funding the Iraq sinkhole without accountability. But the same time, and most importantly, demand that they step up and confront the Cheney impeachment imperative. As long as Cheney is in the White House, Bush will just continue to arrogantly parrot the words Cheney feeds him, and we are in greater peril each successive day.

It's Cheney, folks. The problem is Cheney.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


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