The importance of Ron Paul

No Force, No Fraud
by Bob Smith


A reasonable question arises in the minds of loyal Republicans … why is Ron Paul running as a Republican when his views are so contrary to the actions of that party? His views essentially attack the foreign policies of the last two elected Republican Presidents and their administrations. There is no doubt in my mind that Ron Paul would be more ideologically comfortable in the Libertarian Party. He is a libertarian, and votes that way consistently. He is often the only Republican voting against measures he considers unconstitutional, and sometimes the only congressman of either party to vote no. His nickname is Dr. No. The simple and significant fact is that Ron Paul is a Republican because our election system is so rigged that only a Democrat or Republican can win. It’s a shameful fact that most Americans don’t understand, but a fact nevertheless. If Ron Paul were to run again as a Libertarian candidate for President, you would still not know who he is...

Don’t shut up Paul

by John Dickerson

Some Republicans are angry at Ron Paul, the libertarian presidential candidate, for his forthright stance at the Republican debate earlier this week. When George W. Bush repeatedly asserts unpopular opinions in the face of withering criticism, it’s seen as a sign of strength and resolve. But when Paul asserted unpopular opinions in a debate, his remarks became the grounds for derision and threats. Paul suggested that the United States’ actions in the Middle East — and in Iraq in particular — might have motivated Bin Laden and the 9/11 attackers. Rudy Giuliani immediately jumped on Paul, demanding that he withdraw the comment. Now one GOP official is circulating a petition within the party to remove Paul from future debates. This is silly...

A patriot’s reply to Rudy Giuliani

Free Market News Network
by Nelson Hultberg


In the recent South Carolina Republican Party debates, Rudy Giuliani demanded an apology from Congressman Ron Paul because he dared to declare that America’s interventionist foreign policy had helped to bring the 9-11 terrorist attack upon New York City. Mr. Giuliani put forth his demand in the smear tactic style always employed by political bullies. His performance was insufferable to true American patriots. In our minds, it is Mr. Giuliani and his neo-conservative comrades in Washington who need to apologize for plunging our country into a horrific guerrilla war in the Mideast that’s cost in both spirit and material grows more ominous as each year passes. It is Mr. Giuliani and his neo-con comrades who need to apologize for trying to ram our political system down the throats of nations that have a right to the same self-determination that we claim so vehemently for ourselves. But most grievous of all, it is Mr. Giuliani and his neo-con comrades who need to apologize for killing thousands of American youth in a war that does not have to be fought in order to effectively combat terrorism...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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