Important Facts About "Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act"


Two more incorrect claims about HR811, the "Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act" were widely spread in the last few days on the Internet. I.e.

1. DRES could all be replaced by 2008, so we should oppose HR811 for not doing mandating immediate replacement of all digital recording electronic (DRE) voting machines, and that

2. DRE voter verifiable paper trails (VVPT) rolls can not be efficiently and accurately manually counted.

I have revised "Important Facts About Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act"to rebut these incorrect claims, remove mention of non-election events in Utah, be more clear and precise to avoid any misinterpretations, and to add data and info to show why it is not possible to replace all DREs by 2008, etc.

Please keep in mind one thing:

DRE VVPT rolls would only need to be manually counted in ONE election
(2008); and all paperless DRES and all paper roll DREs (which violate voter privacy and are not durable) would be gone by 2010 federal elections; and the largest hand count of paper ballots since the 1980s would occur in 2008; and the first ever independent check (not conducted by election officials themselves) would be conducted in 2008 IF HR811 passes.

Please recall that prior manual audits (in Ohio) have shown that DRE voting systems often do not accurately record or count votes and that experts agree (like the Cato expert cited below) that DRE voting systems are open to undetectable tampering, electronic failure, and denial of service attacks.

There are only 6 months until 2008, there is no better legislation than HR811 and S559 in the offing.

"Important Facts About Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act" - debunks disinformation being spread re. HR811 and gives links to additional information //


"Support Clean Elections in 2008" - tells the good things re. HR811 //

"E-Voting Threatens Election Integrity" - May 23 magazine article by a CATO institute scholar explaining dangers of e-voting and urging support for HR811: //

"Local Officials Take on Voting Rights Groups" - May 22 article explains what we are up against in trying to pass HR811. Opposition against HR811 has been mobilized by diverse groups, including BlackBoxVoting and the National Association of Counties who both contacted thousands of election officials urging them to oppose HR811: //

Please contact your US Senators in support of S559 and your US House Representative in support of HR811.

// //


Kathy Dopp

The material expressed herein is the informed product of the author Kathy Dopp's fact-finding and investigative efforts. Dopp is a Mathematician, Expert in election audit mathematics and procedures; in exit poll discrepancy analysis; and can be reached at

P.O. Box 680192 Park City, UT 84068 phone 435-658-4657

// // // //

Election Audit Mathematics Bibliography //

Support Clean Elections in 2008 //

Important Facts About The Voter Confidence & Increased Accessibility Act (HR811) //

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day," wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1816



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