An Important Message from John Edwards on Iraq has not endorsed a candidate for President - we'd much rather encourage all the candidates reach out to our 300,000-strong network of "aggressive progressive" activists and compete for our votes, just as they reach out to the good Democrats of Iowa and New Hampshire.

We are delighted that John Edwards is the first candidate to recognize and appreciate the work you do. Even if he is not your chosen candidate at the moment, I hope you'll sign his petition urging Congress to use its funding power to end the war in Iraq.

Bob Fertik

Dear Activist,

I know you are an aggressive progressive and I am thankful for all the good work does to light a grassroots fire under the feet of our representatives in Washington. That's exactly the kind of heat we need right now - and that's why today I'm writing with an urgent request for help.

This week we will deliver a petition to Congress that demands a binding exit plan for the War in Iraq - no more symbolic resolutions, no more extensions, no more delays. We're at about 82,000 signatures now and we need the help of to get over the top. Sign the emergency petition now:

Congress has reached a fork in the road. One direction leads straight to more war with no end in sight. It's a road paved with symbolic deauthorization bills and more temporary extensions that give Bush all the money he needs without ever actually bringing a single troop home.

But in the other direction lies real action - using Congress' funding power right now to pass another binding plan to force George Bush to actually end this war.

Only massive, direct public pressure will get Congress to choose the right path. We need to deliver 100,000 signatures to Congress this week to make sure our voice is heard. Sign the petition now:

My campaign is about far more than just the Iraq War - we must eliminate poverty, combat global warming, and expand health care. But to restore America as the world's moral leader - both at home and abroad - we must end the war in Iraq. That can only happen with you and this week is the moment for us to speak out.

Please sign the petition today:

John Edwards


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