Town rejects mast to save bees after IoS report


Here are the letters from the IoS:-


Wi-Fi sets the sparks flying

Instead of comparing time on a mobile phone with Wi-Fi use, it is more relevant to compare a full day in a class-room with Wi-Fi access points (transmitters) with sitting in the main beam from a phone mast. People are unaware that the transmissions are continuous whether or not the laptops are being used. We are talking of day long whole-body exposure not short-term exposure directed to the head, as with a mobile phone. Surely there must be some ethical guidelines that are being broken here, since parents have not given their consent for their children to be irradiated?

Sue Wright

Dr Campbell is tight (Letters, 29 April). There are not "thousands of scientific articles [showing] the adverse effects of Wi-Fi radios". I never said that I said that to the best of my knowledge there are no published scientific papers regarding possible adverse health effects of Wi-Fi systems or their safety. But there are thousands of reports going back to the 1940s, demonstrating biological and medical effects of the kind of microwaves and power-frequent magnetic fields used for Wi-Fi I have never mentioned nuclear radiation, and internal lighting and TV fields do have biological side-effects.

Olle Johansson

Eastbourne council

In todays daily telegraph there is a small piece about bees producing early rape seed honey because of the hot weather and at the end it mentions that Eastbourne council have also turned down a mast because of bees.

sue g

Bees - Planning

These are the two planning application rejections I have on file which have specifically mentioned bees.


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Re: Town rejects mast to save bees after IoS report

This was supported yesterday by Ferdinand Ruzicka, emeritus professor at the University of Vienna. He revealed that two-thirds of the beekeepers he surveyed who had a mobile phone mast within 300m had suffered "unexplained colony collapse". Professor Ruzicka believes the radiation may increase the insects' vulnerability to disease.

It is a wonder that none of these so-called experts have ever suspected that the radiation "May Increase A Human Being's Vulnerability to Disease" - in spite of the fact that there are about 80 immune-system disorders today that we didn't have 20 years ago. Well, at least the pharmaceutical companies are raking it in. "If it is good for the economy, then it must be good." NOT!

But Councillor Barry Taylor, the chairman, said the threat to bees was "an important issue" and permission for masts should be refused unless they could be "proved" to be safe for the insects.

And previously the threat to human beings was not apparently "An Important Enough Issue and Permission for Masts Were NOT Refused Until They Could Have Been 'Proven' Safe (which they can't by the way) for Humans." Tell this to all the mothers and fathers out there with children suffering with leukemia, brain tumors, and autism. And tell this to all the m... b... out there paying the cell phone companies to harm us all - and just because they are unconscious and it is "convenient."



Are mobile phone masts killing bees?


Independent Media Source

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