"I ask that all schools use wires not wireless"

Letter to MP from Councillor, Merton

Subject: I sent this to Stephen Hammond, MP

Dear Stephen

The dangers of mobile phones when children use them are well documented by the govt. and the Chief Medical Officer advises against usage. Essentially the bone structure of children is not completely developed and therefore electro-magnetic waves affect the brain tissues in particular (also affects 500,00 adults in UK). A 24 / 7 Wi-Fi cloud emits the same level of electro-magnetic waves as using a mobile phone does when used for a few minutes a day. Wi-Fi in schools is akin to having a phone mast in the school grounds and must be stopped immediately. Unlike the use of mobile phones (and other risks like smoking) children are given a choice. With Wi-Fi they are not. Whilst engineers argue that there is no proof that Wi-Fi causes medical problems, the facts are different. Engineers are not expects and their advice should be ignored. The govt. has not accepted the arguments of Bio-Physicists but this will change as more medical problems become more apparent. Schools in Merton like Ursuline are installing a wireless ‘cloud’ offering wireless connectivity across the whole of the school. The range will go well beyond the school affecting wireless-free properties including the Hall School, Wimbledon next door. This is wholly unacceptable. My children go to the hall and I do not want them to be exposed to dangerous electro-magnetic waves. All schools should have to sign a form stating that they believe that Wi-Fi systems are safe for all children. Pressure groups are stepping up their action against Wi-Fi in schools as reports if illness rises. The groups will be asking schools to sign a document stating that they believe their wireless networks are safe. The groups know that schools won’t sign and will use this as a debating point and potentially a legal battle. I think it far better that that we nip this potential legal fight in the bud now. I ask that all schools use wires not wireless. The cost is limited and makes safety the first priority. Please let me know your opinions on this.

(Cllr) David Dean



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