Fury over mobile phone mast plan

Jan 19 2007

Flintshire Chronicle

FAMILIES are outraged by plans for a phone mast near their homes, saying it will be 'detrimental' to the area.

More than 120 people have signed a petition opposing T Mobile's plans for a 14.7m monopole and three antennae on a grass verge between Mold Road and Wharfdale Avenue, Connah's Quay.

They fear the proposal, which includes two equipment cabinets, would be an eyesore, distract motorists using Mold Road, attract further anti-social behaviour, de-value their properties and is a potential health risk.

Wharfdale Avenue residents Christine and Ian Gilbertson, both 45, were 'astonished' they never received a letter from Flintshire County Council about the prior approval application.

Mrs Gilbertson said: 'It's shocking they are considering putting it there. It's not been disproved, or proved, that it can cause health problems with adults and children. We have got an eight-year-old son.

'It's going to be an eyesore, it will distract motorists and there have already been two accidents there [the Mold Road/Llanarth roundabout] over Christmas.

'We already have quite a bit of anti-social behaviour by youths climbing on the phone box, trying to kick the glass out, they will find it [the mast] attractive to climb.

'There are fields nearby with two masts already, it could go up there.'

Their neighbours, Bob and Lynn Boyd, who live closest to the chosen site, said: 'I will see it from my bedroom, it will be a monster. It just devalues the area.

'They will be urinating on the equipment, banging on it and it will be right opposite my house. Why don't they put it in a field or something like that? It will be an eyesore.'

A spokesman for Flintshire County Council said: 'A site notice was posted and the council sent letters to the owners of properties adjacent to the site. However, the council is only obliged to post a site notice with regards to proposals such as this.'

No one from T Mobile was available for comment.

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