Mobile phone and the problem with the balances

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Serious telephone calls in the double sense of word .......
Mobile phone forbade on the weekly market? There in the periphery of 20 m mobile phone - discussions the balances substantial affect ......... losses for the customer! as per CR. of 15.1.2007

Mobile phones affect solid balances as per national enterprise measuring and calibration nature in six Lands of the Federal Republic.
Tare balance in Duesseldorf indicates 1.1 gram more than permitted ...... when is the deadly.

Dose exceeded????
40% of controls pointed irregularities out.
A vehicle scale shows 19 on instead of 39 tons…
With a fine food dealer… 60 gram. (Places it itself times the loss with safran, trueffel, gold, platinum, diamond, forwards?) as per Cologne weights and measures offices with a butcher 200 g… = a steak less!

If already the durable balance system moved play… which is then the human body against it to set?

Its physical communication system constantly around the clock 1000 subject by pulsed microwaves overlaid…. The body cells play moved and open over the brain barrier gate and doors for diseases….

The brain is exposed to microwaves continuously pulsed. 217 times in the second. Now researchers strike alarm: The jets damage brain cells.
Damages of humans by high-frequency transmitters are for decades
„Conditions knowledge “!

E-plus boss Michael Krammer steps after less than one year for personal reasons back… He cannot answer for no more with which daily the portable radio jets for a damage to humans and animal to cause…? Or is it already damaged portable radio? as per CR 13.1.2007

Professor Semm of the Telekom fired because it the daily developing damage not to any longer carry wanted….?

K. K. Gießmann


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