The mobile phone a radiating way of dying?

Mobile headaches

(from Mona Nilsson)

In the major Swedish evening newspaper, Aftonbladet, the Swesih comedian Peter Wahlbeck, writes an article in which he describes his headache from the mobile phone. He cannot use his mobile phone any longer. He also says that he has read the book of Mona Nilsson and Marica Lindblad, Spelet om 3G (The game of 3G) which changed his view of the Swedish society.


Thanks to Mona for translating the start and end of the article, maybe someone else is ready to complete the text? This is strong stuff!

The mobile phone - a radiating way of dying?

The comedian Peter Wahlbeck (Sweden) got sick of his mobile and warns others of the risks.

Some time ago I got headace and got eye problems when talking in my mobile phone. I have felt this before and therefore always used hands-free. Nevertheless, my sensititivity has increased and I cannot use my mobile phone permanently any more.

I get headache and have connected all my incoming calls to an ordinary phone. In Stockholm, I recently met a friend who is a teatcher and he told me he had the same problem. - But it is nothing compared to my students, he said and told me about students who got tinnitus, headache, sleeping problems.

After my show at Mosebacke in November, a man came to me and gave me a book. This book will change your view of Sweden, he said. And he was right.

The book is called "The game of 3G" and is written by Mona Nilsson and Marica Lindblad.

In the book research results from scintific journals are gone throung: from Hungary, Israel, France, USA, Spain, Austria and Russia. They show unanimously that mobile phone radiation is detrimental and that the radiation from masts is dangerous for humans and the genes. Are we in Sweden in front of a threat to the health that no authority in charge is taking seriously and that the politicians, technicians and telecom industry denies?
"The former health minister Morgan Johansson should now focus on cleaning his own nest. Otherwise the former government Persson will go to history as the one who sent its people to a slow death in various radiatation induced illnesses. "

Peter Wahlbeck
43 år, comedian and author //,2789,974100,00.html


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If you hate your pet, buy it this (from Robert Riedlinger): //

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