The All New And Improved Staying The Course, Now With More LIES


Here are three toll-free numbers you can use to call your own members of Congress right now, 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 or 800-614-2803, and tell them NO ESCALATION.

You will never go broke betting that George Bush is not telling the truth. He may drive the entire rest of the economy into a ditch with his fiscal policy, but if you are banking on the fact that every word out of his mouth is a pathological falsehood, and if there were a bookie to take such wagers, you would always come out ahead. So when he tells us that he has not yet made up his mind about what to do about Iraq, after a month long public song and dance about getting all available input, put all your chips on yet another great, big honking lie.

George Bush decided to send more troops to Iraq months ago and not a thing has changed his mind since. For all his babble about conditions on the ground, and listening to the generals on the GROUND, he has just canned or reassigned all who opposed his proposed new military escalation in Iraq, and is instead importing a guy from on the WATER from the other side of the globe. He literally had to look that far to find an ambitious sycophant craven enough to sign onto his increasingly desperate folly. What a swell choice for desert guerilla warfare, a naval commander.

Brace yourselves folks. There is as much chance of Bush having a change of heart as there is of a rattlesnake starting to feel remorse for biting you. This is the White House version of some thuggish "whatcha gonna do?" They have ALREADY deployed extra troops to Kuwait (Gates' first act as defense secretary) with the transparent intent of shifting them into Iraq. Congress is going to have to put their foot down and put it down hard. They question is exactly how.

We start from the premise that to put a runaway freight train, such as our current sociopath in chief, into reverse, first we must bring it to a halt. There are resolutions possibly pending to demand redeployment of the troops or to cut off funding for the war. We would support any of them. But of course Bush will ignore Congress. The problem is that if Congress attempts to restrict the way funds are spent, Bush will dash off another diametrically perverse signing statement and assert authority to do the opposite anyway. And as for troop deployments, he will laugh off any attempt by Congress to tell him how to run HIS war.

Therefore we propose strategically that there FIRST be a resolution opposing an increase in troops in Iraq, to draw a line in the sand, hopefully to preempt, but at least to respond directly to the announcement we all know is coming. While other resolutions may garner large support, this is a resolution that could potentially result in an enormously lopsided vote. Even Oliver North and George Will are speaking out against Bush's surge insanity. Then WHEN Bush defies the unanimous will of Congress, which he WILL, we will have set the stage for immediate consideration of impeachment, which is the only ultimate cure. Once the battle lines are clearly drawn, George Bush AGAINST us all, everything else will follow from there.

How foolish the Democrats have been in publicly giving away their remedies up front. Impeachment is off the table they say. They won't cut of the funds they say for fear of being seen as not supporting the troops. Pelosi must have said it a dozen times on Meet The Press this weekend, "but we support the troops, but we support the troops." So Bush ships the troops anyway, and then accuses the Democrats of not supporting them after they are already there. What a loser's game.

It all comes down to fear. The Democrats are AFRAID that the American people will not back them. They have a tenuous edge in the Senate, and even in the house they have potted plants like the newly elected Nancy Boyda who actually said about increasing troops, "[the American People] should have thought about that before they voted for President Bush not once, but twice." What's the matter with her? Boy, does she need to hear from us (if you live in Kansas)!! They ALL need to hear from us, in numbers like never before. That is the only antidote against their own political cowardice. Our voices.


If you have ever submitted an action page in your life, submit this one. If you have ever sent out an alert to a friend, the people need you this week. If you have ever put up an action page on your own web site, now is the time. We need the ENTIRE Congress to stand up to Bush just one time on SOMETHING. After that, AFTER Congress finally reasserts its constitutional and rightful power, then all the other resolutions will come naturally. And then we can get down to the real and most urgent business of this country, impeaching the president and vice-president before they self-destruct and take us all with them.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours.

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