Support Michael Herring, Richmond VA, Commonwealth Attorneys Office to Prosecute Dog Fighter

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Support Michael Herring, Richmond VA, Commonwealth Attorneys Office to Prosecute Dog Fighter

Stacey Miller of Richmond is charged with the crime of dog fighting. His case will be heard on Jan. 9 and 10, 2007. Michael, Herring, Commonwealth's Attorney of Richmond, is prosecuting the case. Let Mr. Herring know how important a conviction and heavy penalty are to you.

A note from Sylva (the petition's sponsor):

This is a window of opportunity to show support in requesting maximum sentencing allowed for this sort of human element. 45 signatures are NOT GOING TO DO IT. Please, please sign and pass this to the moon and back, I will have to fax this to Mr. Herring’s Office first thing Monday and first thing Tuesday a.m. so that at least he can relay to the presiding judge that many people are watching and looking for stiffer sentences concerning this sort of offensive and disgusting activity. If you are in the Richmond area I would highly recommend that you attend if you are able to. Banning dogs is not going to solve any problem, getting the perpetrators that fight will slow down and hopefully eliminate this at some point. I would like each and every one of you to remember the listings that are posted on dogs that have been used for bait, with missing ears, punctures all over their bodies and for those that have been so ruined by these people that they have to be killed because they are no longer adoptable. I don’t know if you remember Rufus on PBRC who had his entire face removed due to fighting, it is because of people like this man that Rufus paid with his life and countless other dogs that are killed because they won’t fight or are so damaged they must be euthanized once found by Animal Control. Dogs that are starved, made to run on treadmills for hours on end, isolated, chained, pumped full of steroids….having their teeth filed (bait dogs) so they can’t fight back and are thrown in between two others to teach them how to fight, all the puppies and kittens that are used for bait, dying in the most horrendous way.


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