3,000 troops dead: 3,000 precious lives, so unnecessarily lost

Tacoma observances tonight (Dec. 31) as 3000th US soldier dies in Iraq

The reading of the 3,000 names

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The real cost of the Iraq war

by Michael Munk

[T]he most consistent propaganda effort since the invasion aims to keep public attention away from the actual amount of blood being shed by American military victims of the war and their families. That cost now exceeds 50,000 casualties -- a far cry from the 3,000 to which most of the public is restricted to know. 'Casualties' in the military sense is the total number made unavailable for duty from all causes, including deaths and wounds suffered in combat as well as injuries, accidents and illness in a war 'theater' such as 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' (the official Pentagon name for the invasion and occupation). So whether caused by 'hostile' (24,965 as of Dec.27) or 'non-hostile' (25,406 as of Dec. 2) causes, the Pentagon's own web sites record a toll of more than 50,000 so far in 'OIF...


Phillies 2008: Peace with Iraq

Rational Review
by George Phillies


For three thousand Americans, their relatives, and their families, peace with Iraq is now too late. Those three thousand Americans made the ultimate sacrifice for their country: They died fighting a pointless war in a foreign land. We cannot undo the sacrifice that they made. We should seek to ensure that more Americans do not go forth, courageously, only to make the same sacrifice in the distant desert sands of Iraq...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Aaron Glantz reports on "Iraq Vets Left in Physical and Mental Agony"

"On New Year's Eve," Glantz writes, "the number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq passed 3,000. By Tuesday, the death toll had reached 3,004 - 31 more than died in the Sep. 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. But the number of injured has far outstripped the dead, with the Veterans Administration reporting that more than 150,000 veterans of the Iraq war are receiving disability benefits. Advances in military technology are keeping the death rate much lower than during the Vietnam War and World War Two, Dr. Col. Vito Imbascini, an urologist and state surgeon with the California Army National Guard, told IPS, but soldiers who survive attacks are often severely disabled for life.



Military Families Mourn 3,000th Troop Death, Participate in Nationwide Vigils and Call on Congress to End the Iraq War


Vigils, Rallies Commemorate 3000 U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq


A Heartbreaking Milestone

December 31, 2006

What a tragic way to start the New Year--3,000 troops dead. 3,000 precious lives, so unnecessarily lost. 3,000 families left to mourn their children, their siblings, their spouses, their parents.

It has been said that when George Bush launched this unjust war, he imagined the conflict would last no longer than 10 days, with a maximum of 100 casualties. Now we have been in Iraq longer than the US was involved in World War II, and more Americans have died in Iraq than on American soil during the attacks of 9/11. Of course the Iraqi casualties, all too often overlooked, continue to be even more staggering.

As the execution of Saddam Hussein fills the news, we are reminded that fighting violence with violence, that this cycle of revenge, will only lead to more of our soldiers dying. And we're worried that with the media focusing on Saddam's death, our 3,000th soldier death will be unduly glossed over. Let's not let that happen.

[ The execution of Saddam Hussein
http://freepage.twoday.net/stories/3112587/ ]

We recommend organizing or joining a vigil to mark this latest heartbreaking milestone. You can find vigil information and further suggested actions here http://www.codepink4peace.org/article.php?list=type&type=186. And join us in Washington, DC from January 27-29 http://www.codepink4peace.org/article.php?list=type&type=182 when we'll bring our Women Say Pull Out NOW message to the mass mobilization. Let us use the grief in our hearts to fuel our work for peace.

If we raise our voices loud enough--in pain and outrage and hope--we can bring our troops home in 2007.

With heavy but optimistic hearts, Dana, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jodie, Liz, Medea, Nancy, Patricia, Rae, Samantha, and Sonia


Another Thousand Lives

By Bob Herbert

If there were politicians here at home with some of the courage of the troops in the field, we could begin saving lives rather than watching helplessly as the Bush White House continues to sacrifice them. Three thousand and counting is enough.



Time to Reflect as Iraq Toll Hits 3,000

Perhaps no place illustrates the toll of the Iraq War more vividly than Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery. In this "garden of stone," in ruler-straight rows, rest one-tenth of the Iraq War's American dead, whose number has reached 3,000.


3,000 Dead: So Who's Counting?

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan writes on the hours leading up to the death of the 3,000th US soldier in Iraq: "As I was lying on a freezing-cold floor, dressed in black and white prison stripes in Waco, Texas, the other night, feeling sorry for myself for a minute, I thought of our brave young people in Iraq whom corporate greed has sentenced to a prison of a war that is turning more nightmarish by the minute, and I didn't feel so bad. As Bloody BushCo are contemplating escalating the mayhem, I know that many groups and communities are already planning candlelight vigils. However, candlelight vigils will not stop 3,001 or 3,002 - and saints forbid that we will be mourning number 4,000 sometime too soon in the too-near future."


US Peace Groups Rally After 3,000th Soldier Killed

US peace groups pledged on Sunday to start the new year with protests and vigils to mark the death of the 3,000th US soldier in Iraq and to press their call for an end to the war.


A Mile of Flags

Cindy Sheehan writes: "On December 31st, our 3,000th child was killed for the lies of another president. While Gerald Ford lies in state, our 3,000th troop will be brought home on his final airplane flight in the cargo area. This fine young example of humanity will be sneaked into the US as if he, and not his commander in chief, were a criminal. His family will be left to mourn alone, and his body will not be guarded night and day. After the funeral (which Bloody George will not attend), he will be forgotten by the country that sent him to die in a war that is as corrupt as the day is long, but his family will never be able to recover from his loss."



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