Magnetic fields in cars

Sarah - Sorry to come in late on this one (as usual), but I must relate my unpleasant - and costly - experience with a Vauxhall Vectra car. We purchased a 5 month old car about 3 years ago. I immediately started to feel ill in the front passenger seat but did not apply my mind to it for a few weeks. However, while using the accousticom to test an area I was travelling through, it was going absolutely berserk!! I suspended a piece of Powerwatch nickel material from the dashboard to try to limit my exposure until we could sort out the problem. I was in the driving seat one day, having left the nickel material in place, and suffered a terrible spasm in my left side (rather like a very severe stitch). It took my breath away but, fortunately, I was able to park the car safely and turn off the engine. After about a minute or so the pain subsided.

To cut a long story short (or this will rival War & Peace), after numerous phone calls to Vauxhall, we took the car into a local dealership where it was pored over by several mechanics and staff. The accousticom showed that emissions were detected in some Vectra's, but not others. Finally, after checking with the factory, comparing chassis numbers, it was concluded that our car had been customised to accommodate a child's car seat. The sensor was "looking" for the car seat in order to disable the air bag. However, the whole car was being bombarded by pulsed microwave radiation whenever the car seat was not in place - which was whenever we turned on the engine in our case.

The outcome of this fiasco was that we traded the car in after a few months - at a loss to us of £1,500 as Vauxhall would not accept any responsibility.

I just wonder how many accidents are being caused by this problem. Neither ROSPA nor Top Gear were interested in my rantings.



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