Peter King: "We'll take care of the counting"


Here it is from the horses mouth, in this case Congressman Peter King of New York. In the 2004 elections, when asked how he knew we ( "we" here meaning the Republicans) had won he replied that its all but the counting and we'll take care of the counting. When you couple that Wally O'Dells ( he was CEO of Diebold Voting Machines at the time) written statement that he was committed to delivering Ohios electoral votes to Bush, it is obvious to me that we have to be very vigilant about the vote counting. In California, as in most states, this is a function of the secretary of states office. The current appointed Republican secretary of state has certified voting machines based mainly on their manufactures assertions that there are no security problems with these machines. Remember most of these machines are manufactured by companies such as Diebold with strong ties to the Republican party. All software is "proprietary" which is another word for secret. That is why I consider this years secretary of state race one of the most important things on the ballot, and consider it extremely essential that Bruce McPherson is not returned to this job. As I see it the only serious chance of ousting him is to vote for Debra Bowen. My most recent indication is that she has a slight lead in a tight race.

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New York Representative Peter King in a candid moment admits that the 2004 elections are "already over--the election's over, we won." When the camera woman asks "How do you know that?" Congressman King replies, "it's all over but the counting, and we'll take care care of the counting."

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