Weekend Eating: Mobile Cooking - Is it possible to weld egg with the aid of the cell phone?

Someone told me about this story on a Russian website. Comments?

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http://www.kp.ru/daily/23694.4/52233/ ===== Is it possible to weld egg with the aid of the cell phone? Today - clean Thursday. But it means, it is time to cook eggs to Easter. The matter this is simple and is dull, but only not for the experimenters?KP?

On one popular British Internet- forum for the students appeared the uncommon prescription of the melting of eggs - without the plate and the saucepan. And even without the water. But with the aid of two cell phones. Method, directly let us say, highly technological. But how it is real? We decided to verify.

Which is necessary:

egg; support under the egg - not metallic, and plastic, ceramic or wooden; two cell phones - than "it is more ancient", those better. Old telephones emit more strongly. And it is desirable, so that they would be attended by the different operators of honeycomb connection; radio receiver.

Plan of the actions:

No magic and charlatanism. Secret - in the radio waves, which emit cell phones. According to the idea of the anonymous author of prescription they must create the effect of SHF- stove. I, therefore, to heat egg.

It built from the improvised means plain installation of three cigarette bundles. We ring from one telephone to the second (the call compulsorily necessary to answer), we leave both apparatuses in the regime "conversation" and accurately attach on the contrary each other - close to the egg. It is here necessary to try, in order to the antenna of the telephones (internal or torchashchiye - nevertheless) the middles of egg were located approximately at the level.

SHF- to bake it is ready! We include radio tape recorder. The sound published by it - let us assume music - imitates conversation on the telephones. They continuously transfer to its each other through the honeycomb station, i.e., radio waves intensively emit. But the power of our instrument in this case is strengthened.

English student, the author of know-how, it asserted, that thus it welded usual chicken egg in three minutes...

It is incomprehensible, that whether cell phones in it were the times of Margaret Tetcher and "Cold War", that whether egg in our Russia "incorrect", but nothing with our egg it occurred in three minutes. It even was not heated.

(Photo: Support under the egg - ceramic. Telephones to it are put as nearer as possible. Apparatuses are inserted into the cigarette bundles for the stability. Radio tape recorder plays, and telephones the sound of melody chase to each other. In the regime "conversation" cell phones continuously emit the radio waves, irradiating, nagrevaya our egg.)

They decided to prolong experiment. Left our improvised mikrovolnovku to work longer.

15 minutes - nothing occur. We swear chatterer- Englishman.

25 minutes - egg by feel became noticeably warmer! Which very heated our showers by hope for the successful completion of experiment.

there are no 40 minutes -, not navral English gentleman. Outside egg is terrifically hotter. But it is felt, that inside it is still somewhat damp.

65 minutes - experiment it was necessary to complete vynuzhdenno: the money ended on one telephone.

We carefully remove shell... Protein welded completely, and here yolk a little did not reach. 3x, still polchasika...

(Photo: Hour with the small - and egg is welded "into the sack"!)


Conclusion ? 1

To cook eggs by cell phones is possible, but it is too applied. The minute of conversation costs 7 American cents. It means, 65 minutes managed into 4 dollars of 55 cents. Or - 123 rubles. If we transfer this sum into the kilowatt-hour and to spend on the payment of usual everyday electric stove, that it would be possible to weld on eggs, for example, for all passengers of the air bus oppressed under the string, flying along the route Moscow - London. On top of that and to crew it would be reached.

Conclusion ? 2

Conversations about the dangerous emission of the apparatuses of honeycomb connection are actually exaggerated. The brains even if curdle, that only from the multihour conversations. The people very rarely are located moreover, which speak immediately on two cell phones.

Conclusion ? 3

Egg nevertheless almost welded!

But therefore - to bear in the pockets of pants immediately two cell phones are not recommended.

Andrey MOISEYENKO moisey@kp.ru
Anatoliy ZHDANOV'S photos.


How To Cook An Egg With Two Cell Phones


Weekend Eating: Mobile Cooking

Informant: Agnes


Mobile Cooking


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