Samstag, 8. April 2006

Kerry Sharply Criticizes Bush on Several Fronts

Senator John Kerry made a slashing attack on the Bush administration yesterday, comparing it to the faltering government in Iraq and equating its war strategy with its planning for Hurricane Katrina, while also invoking Jesus as he criticized federal Medicaid policy.

US considers use of nuclear weapons against Iran

Informant: Kev Hall

White House Facing Firestorm Over CIA Leak

The White House tried today to quell the furor over the leaking of sensitive pre-war intelligence on Iraq, as President Bush's spokesman insisted that the president had the authority to declassify and release information "in the public interest" and had never done so for political reasons.

060408 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter

060406 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter

Long mobile phone use raises brain tumor risk

Anrainerprotest in Telfs


1.300 Unterschriften gegen Handymast In einem Luftschutzkeller haben am Freitag die Gegner in Telfs zur Pressekonferenz geladen. Dass dort auch auch telefoniert werden könne, sei ein Beweis für die gefährliche Strahlung.

Strahlung unter Grenzwerten

Die Anrainer fühlen sich von den Netzbetreibern überrumpelt, noch etzte Woche hatten diese ein Gutachten vorgestellt, wonach die Strahlung weit unter den erlaubten Grenzwerten liege.

Eigentlich wurde der Keller in der Wohnsiedlung gebaut, um mit dicken Wänden vor einem Atomschlag zu schützen. Dass trotz dieser Betonwände auch unter der Erde telefoniert werden kann, regt zum Nachdenken an.

Rechtlich kein Mittel möglich

Rein rechtlich kann gegen den Masten im Moment aber nichts unternommen werden, sagt Landesvolksanwalt Josef Hauser gegenüber Radio Tirol. Auch wenn die Anrainer gesundheitliche Konsequenzen befürchten.

Signal von der Politik

Ein Signal von der Politik gibt es aber bereits, bestätigt der für Baurecht zuständige Landesrat Hannes Bodner. Er kann sich eine ähnliche Regelung für Tirol vorstellen, wie sie in Vorarlberg bereits gilt. Dort haben die Bürgermeister ein Mitspracherecht über den Ortsbildschutz, wo Handymasten gebaut werden dürfen.

Derzeit wird aber nur über ein Novellierung der Tiroler Bauordnung beraten, so Bodner.; 30.3.06 Handymast bleibt stehen; 30.1.06; 30.1.06 Suche nach Alternativstandorten; 28.12.05 Streit um Handymast

Link: Plattform gegen Handymasten



Telfs: Keine Funkstille im Masten-Streit

Ohnmächtig fühlen sich Telfer Bürger angesichts der Sendeanlage am Thöni-Areal. Ihren Protest wollen sie fortsetzen. Masten-Protest im handytauglichen Luftschutzkeller. Bild: Mair

"Unser Ziel bleibt, dass der Mast verschwindet", gibt sich Benedikt Frischmann, Sprecher der Telfer Plattform gegen Handymasten im Wohngebiet, weiter kämpferisch. Auch nachdem Bemühungen um eine Verlegung nach einer Simulation gescheitert sind, wie die TT berichtete.

"Die Netzbetreiber sind nur von einem Handymast in Telfs ausgegangen, aber es gibt mehrere", will Frischmann nicht glauben, dass eine Versetzung des Mastens um 300 Meter zu Engpässen führen würde. Demonstrativ bat die Plattform zur Pressekonferenz in den Luftschutzkeller der Wohnanlage, in dem voller Handyempfang besteht.

"Noch sind die Langzeitfolgen intensiver Handystrahlung nicht abschätzbar", forderte die Ärztin Manuela Baumann, dass die Sendeanlagen zur Verringerung der Strahlenbelastung aus Wohngebieten verbannt werden sollen. Enttäuscht zeigten sich die Anrainer vor allem auch von der Gemeinde Telfs. Bürgermeister Stephan Opperer habe zwar vermittelt, aber verabsäumt, die Bevölkerung vor der Errichtung der Anlage zu informieren.

Diesen Fehler gesteht Opperer ein, räumt aber ein, dass sich die Gemeinde trotz fehlender rechtlicher Mittel intensiv um eine Verlegung bemüht habe. Nachdem das nicht möglich sei, müsse jetzt ein Schlussstrich gezogen werden.

07.04.2006 20:44

Disease Economy: How the United States economy runs on "treating" chronic disease

Disease Economy: How the United States economy runs on "treating" chronic disease

This is an article about the disease economy. That's a term I coined because I could find no other existing term to describe what I'm observing in our economy today. I call it the disease economy because such a huge percentage of the economic activity and economic growth I see in this country is based on the manufacturing, marketing and selling of products and services based on disease. That is, products and services that either cause diseases or "treat" those diseases.

Informant: Scott Munson

Americans are refusing to stand by silently and let the government’s illegal spying programs go on unquestioned and unauthorized

From: Anthony D. Romero, ACLU

Americans are refusing to stand by silently and let the government’s illegal spying programs go on unquestioned and unauthorized. I’m writing to ask you to add your voice by participating in our next live National Town Hall meeting on spying, secrecy and presidential power.

On Tuesday, April 11, you can go online and tune in to our live forum in Denver, Colorado, where I will be joined by several distinguished panelists, including Bruce Fein, former Deputy Attorney General under President Reagan, former Colorado Senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart, and Mark Silverstein, ACLU of Colorado Legal Director. Dottie Lamm, the former first lady of Colorado, will moderate the event.

On Tuesday, you can tune in live and submit your own questions for the panel by going to:

The event begins at 6 p.m. PDT/9 p.m. EDT. Experts from both sides of the aisle will discuss the controversy surrounding the Bush Administration’s program of illegal spying on Americans, and take questions from web audience members and live in Denver.

Together, our panel and live and online audience will break through the misinformation coming from the White House and address questions regarding the president’s violation of constitutional authority and federal law.

I hope you’ll join us live next Tuesday evening at 9 EDT/6 PDT:

You can also watch a video archive of our February 20 National Town Hall. View the discussion, sign our Demand for the Truth and add your own comment to our call for an end to illegal spying on Americans. Selected questions and comments will be read live during the April 11 Town Hall.

Please join us then, and I hope you'll invite your friends to tune in as well. Thanks as always for your participation and support.


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director American Civil Liberties Union
April 7, 2006


More than 40,000 people have signed the ACLU's Demand for the Truth petition, calling on Congress to investigate illegal government spying on Americans.

Add your name and a comment now!

Help us keep the pressure on Congress to hold the President accountable.

Thousands have also added their own words about the Administration's warrantless program:

Hiding and distorting the truth and making claims that in essence would mean that the President is above the law are serious abuses of executive power and impeachable offenses. An independent prosecutor should be named to pursue the full scope of these abuses. -- H. Sanborn, Fort Collins, CO

I voted for President Bush and I believe in standing behind my President as long as he is keeping in check with our system of check and balances. … We should show respect to that man because of his office. Still that man needs to remember that he, too, is a citizen of the United States of America and he must abide by the laws just as I and many other Americans must do. -- C. Marchant, Beaumont, TX

All public officials in our government serve the people as authorized by the Constitution and must remain under the law as promised when they took their Oaths of Office. When the Executive Branch presumes to judge the legality of its own actions without judicial review, it opens the door to such abuses of power as the Founding Fathers sought to prevent. -- R. Henderson, Mason, MI

My parents were refugees that came to this country from Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. They came here to be free, to be able to speak freely and to not have to worry about being spied on. -- S. Barker, Del City, OK

Add your name and a comment now!

Help the Defense of Civil Liberties! Become a Card-Carrying Member today! Tell your friends. Visit the ACLU's Action Center and get active.

© ACLU, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor New York, NY 10004

Informant: Martin Greenhut

Last Hope For Impeachment

Greenpeace Investigation Links Fast Food Giants to Amazon Destruction

McDonald's Is Super-Sizing Destruction of Amazonia: Greenpeace

The environment group Greenpeace has launched a campaign against McDonald's, accusing the US restaurant chain of abetting the destruction of the Brazilian rainforest by buying meat raised from Amazonian soya.


The 7,000km journey that links Amazon destruction to fast food,,1747904,00.html

Informant: Scott Munson

Lung Cancer Epidemic From DU Has Begun in U.S.


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