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Naturschutzbund sieht alarmierenden Rückgang von Wiesenvögeln

Artenschutz: Naturschutzbund sieht alarmierenden Rückgang von Wiesenvögeln (13.04.06)

Mit Blick auf die Ostertage hat der Naturschutzbund NABU auf "die alarmierende Situation bei Deutschlands Wiesenvögeln" aufmerksam gemacht. Den Feld- und Wiesenvögeln gehe es so schlecht wie nie zuvor, einige seien mittlerweile in Deutschland sogar vom Aussterben bedroht. Aktuelle Auswertungen des NABU zeigten, dass typische "Ostervögel" wie Kiebitz, Uferschnepfe und Feldlerche bundesweit erschreckende Bestandsrückgänge aufwiesen.

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Überfischung: Greenpeace protestiert gegen "Piratenfischer" vor Gran Canaria


Auf einem Kühlschiff vor Gran Canaria, das nach Darstellung von Greenpeace mit "Piratenfischern" zusammenarbeitet, protestieren Aktivisten der Organisation seit Mittwoch abend gegen "illegale Fischerei". Die "Binar 4" liege im Hafen von Las Palmas auf Reede und wolle Fisch entladen. Vier Umweltschützer, darunter ein Aktivist aus Hamburg, kletterten auf die Masten des Schiffes, wo sie die ganze Nacht ausharrten. Sie wollen nach eigenen Aussagen den Protest so lange fortsetzen, bis die spanischen Behörden die illegale Fracht beschlagnahmen. Die Aktivisten vom Greenpeace-Schiff "Esperanza" schrieben auf die Bordwand der "Binar 4" die Warnung "Gestohlener Fisch". Die Behörden Guineas hatten den Angaben zufolge bestätigt, dass die "Binar 4" gegen das Gesetz verstoßen hat.

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Judaslohn in Bützow?



Leserbrief an die Schweriner Volkszeitung SVZ zu



Funken von der Stiftskirche

Kirchgemeinde hat UMTS-Anlage zugestimmt / Gegner sind ratlos

Judaslohn in Bützow?

Auf zynischste Weise werden Menschenrechte, d.h. universelle Werte, die nicht nur im Grundgesetz verankert sind, sondern gerade den ureigensten ethisch-moralischen Grundprinzipien der Kirche entsprechen sollten, mit Füßen getreten.

Monetäre Interessen werden für erforderliche kirchliche Umbauarbeiten favorisiert.

Statt sich konkret für die Menschen und einer Prävention zu entscheiden, wird für einen Judaslohn der Freilandversuch am Menschen in unchristlichster Weise vorgezogen. Dies geschieht, obwohl immer mehr Wissenschaftler weltweit und ca. über 1500 Ärzte in Ärzteappellen dringendst vor der Gefährdung der Mikrowellenstrahlung via Mobilfunk warnen. Selbst kirchliche Institutionen wie fast 50% der katholischen Bistümer und einige evangelische Landeskirchen haben teilweise ein Verbot von Neuinstallationen ausgesprochen. Dies geschah bereits schon in der 60-seitigen ökumenischen Handreichung beider Kirchen “Mobilfunk auf dem Kirchturm?“, welche auf dem Kirchentag 2003 in Berlin verteilt und für 5,00 € erworben werden konnte.

Fakt ist, dass im Umfeld von Mobilfunkanlagen immer mehr Menschen vielfältig erkranken, insbesondere erschreckend hierbei sind die massiven Krebserkrankungen!

UMTS soll lt. vorliegender TNO Studie und anderweitigen Erkenntnissen noch fatalere biologische körperliche Einwirkungen haben, als dies bei GSM bereits der Fall ist.

Den Kirchenverantwortlichen sei dringendst angeraten, vom Vertrag zurückzutreten.

Anderenfalls kann man den Kritikern nur empfehlen, in massivster Weise Ihre Menschenrechte zu verteidigen: Veranstalten Sie Massenproteste, inszenieren Sie Mahnwachen vor der Kirche und treten Sie aus der Kirche aus.

Mehr zur Polarisierung Mobilfunk und Kirche finden Sie unter

Alfred Tittmann, 63486 Bruchköbel


Protesters step up phone mast fight

CAMPAIGNERS have stepped up their fight against a second mobile phone mast in a park with a children's play area.

T-Mobile want to build a 14.7metre mast in Cross Park, Thornwood, just 34 metres away from an existing 02 mast.

They have been refused planning permission, but have appealed to the Scottish Executive.

Protesters descended on the west end park yesterday during a site visit by a Scottish Executive reporter.

The reporter will make the final decision on whether the controversial structure is to be allowed.

One protester, Graham Morrisson, of Thornwood Gardens, said: "We are determined to keep up the opposition to this mast.

"If it goes ahead there will be two masts in this park and a total of 19 in the west end. That's way too many.

"We are concerned about the detrimental effect upon our health.

"I am among those who suffer symptoms which have been linked to phone masts including headaches and dizziness."

The proposed second mast would be sited close to the railings at the front of Cross Park.

Glasgow City Council threw out T-Mobile's application last October on the grounds it would cause visual disruption and there were already several masts in the area.

Campaigners say the existing mobile mast is already too close to nearby Thornwood Primary and Harley's Nursery and insist a second structure is out of the question.

June McBlane, chairwoman of Thornwood Community Council, said: "There has been much debate about the health risks associated with mobiles and masts and I accept some arguments may be difficult to back up.

"However, there is no way a mobile phone mast should be allowed to go up in a children's playpark."

A consultant acting on behalf of T-Mobile said a health compliance certificate had been submitted with the original planning application.

"This means it should not be necessary for the company to provide any more information about health or for health issues to be considered during the appeal," he said.

The reporter's decision is expected within the next six weeks.


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Massive quarry mast needed for mobiles

13 April 2006

A MOBILE phone company has been given permission to put up another telephone mast in Cheddar, despite fierce objections.

The parish council had reacted angrily to proposals to replace a mast in Batts Coombe Quarry, with an even bigger one, saying it would ruin the appearance of the area.

But Sedgemoor District Council has given mobile phone firm O2 permission to put up the 17.25m high mast. It will have three antennas and two dishes and will be able to serve phones with '3G' technology.

The decision to grant permission comes after another mast was put up by T-Mobile in the quarry last year, despite objections from villagers.

Parish councillors said they do not understand why a mast is necessary and believe the company should be sharing a mast with another provider.

They also said they feared masts with higher power output and upgraded technology could jeopardise future digital television broadcasts.

When approving O2's application, members of Sedgemoor's development and control committee said the company should consider sharing the site in future.

Bosses at O2 said the mast was necessary because of the number of people buying mobile phones in the area. They also expect many users to upgrade to 3G technology in the future.

A company spokesman said: "Often we are asked why we cannot share masts with other networks. We do try to but the only way we can share is with one of the bigger tower masts.

"Unfortunately planning rules dictate we cannot build this type of mast in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty like the Mendip Hills.

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Why the United States Will Attack Iran in 2006

Informant: Kev Hall


Petition by physicists on nuclear weapons policy -

You can sign under non-physicists and under institution many people wrote "Student" or "Self"

Petition by physicists on nuclear weapons policy, September 2005

As physicists we feel a special responsibility with respect to nuclear weapons; our profession brought them into existence 60 years ago. We wish to express our opposition to a shocking new US policy currently under consideration regarding the use of nuclear weapons. We ask our professional organizations to take a stand on this issue, the Congress of the United States to conduct full public hearings on this subject, and the media and public at large to discuss this new policy and make their voices heard. /

Will The U.S. Nuke Iran?

Professor of Physics Highlights The Dangers....

NO ONE in the reality-based world could ever be prepared for the foreign policy of this administration. In a sense, it's the perfect storm: bigots, a population of disinterested, seemingly decorticate workers clinging to their jobs with a hope and a prayer (for those outsourcing said jobs), greedy economic ideologues, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Muslim nutjobs,and the reins of government of the most powerful nation on the planet held by a group of people so severely pathological it's amazing they're able to function. Now what training could every prepare anyone for that?

=pertinent here as well. (re NRFE *ilson #19)

When Truman faced the decision of whether or not to use the A-bomb in 1945, no one outside of the project (except numerous Soviet spies) knew about it. President Harry S. Truman didn't learn about it until he was informed (by Stimson, IIRC) a few hours after FDR died.

Also, obviously, no one had any idea of the long term affects such as fallout, etc. But the key factor was that he was getting estimates from the JCS that the invasions of Kyushu and Honshu, planned for October, 1945 and Spring, 1946, respectively, would likely result in 500,000+ KIA for the US forces alone. This, pus growing concern about the geopolitical implications of the Soviet Union entering the war against Japan, led to his decision. If he had not used it and the casualty rates of the invasions of the home islands had been in accord with projections he would have been villified.

Things are very different now, and there's no excuse for the use of nuclear weapons, even "tactical" ones, not being dismissed out of hand. In today's environment there is no such thing as a "tactical" nuclear weapon because their use would have profound strategic blowback. In this I disagree with Billmon's awsome post of yesterday.

Anyone morbid enough to want to pursue this topic should check out The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes.

==BC, i keep on mentioning this, but no one has picked up on it yet. If there is an order to nuke Iran, this will have to go to officers who are especially trusted. Who are those?

People like Boykin—crazy, end-timer christians who want to bring on Armageddon, whom Bush will use for his own purposes, whatever they are. I really think that if there is a way to look at recent officer promotions for suspicious patterns, it would be worth doing.

=I try to keep up with Prof. Cole and others as often as I can. All of my int'l relations studies never really prepared me for a foreign policy analysis of an Administration THIS out of whack. SIGH

=And while we're discussing Iran and nuclear weapons, Mr Preznit really needs to get out the bubble.

His saber-rattling appears to be causing a crisis of conscience in the military's officer corps.

Apparently some general officers who would have to counter-sign an order to use WMD have announced they would not do so. I know quite a few of the ROTC cadets on our campus and the more thoughtful among them are trying to figure out what to do.

I've never heard ROTC cadets questioning the command authority before. Not even during the Vietnam wind down.

© Virginia Metze

Protect the Dumoine Watershed in Quebec

Filing in Libby case reveals duplicity of Bush and Cheney

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Are Women Human?

An interview with controversial feminist Catharine MacKinnon about her new book. The book includes an essay called "Women's September 11" claiming that roughly the same number of women are murdered by men in the US each year as were killed in the Twin Towers (between 2,800 and 3,000), and asks why there is no war on this terror.

How Do Unions Defend Pensions When Most People Don't Have One?

Twenty-five years ago, 81 percent of all workers with retirement coverage were entitled to a "defined benefit" - if they qualified under their plan. Today, that number is less than 38 percent of the 100 million workers with pension coverage. Another 48 million workers have no job-based retirement benefits whatsoever.

Restoring Wetlands Key to Curbing Bird Flu

The clearance of wetlands due to drainage for agriculture or hydroelectric projects is forcing some wild birds to move on to alternative sites such as farm ponds and paddy fields, bringing them into direct contact with domestic poultry, a UN report said.

Drug Firms Accused of Turning Healthy People Into Patients

New studies accuse the pharmaceutical industry of "disease mongering." Healthy people are being turned into patients by drug firms which publicize mental and sexual problems and promote little-known conditions only then to reveal the medicines they say will treat them.



By Ian Sample
The Guardian
Tuesday, April 11, 2006,,1751362,00.html

You are lying on the sofa after a hard day at work and should be relaxing. But you are overcome by an insatiable urge to kick your legs about. As you struggle to control yourself, your kids run riot in the room. And to cap it all, your sex life is rubbish.

Just an everyday scene in many people's ordinary lives, or the combination of three newly identified medical conditions that can be treated at the pop of a pill?

The latter, according to some of the world's biggest, most profitable pharmaceutical companies, which have come up with a range of new drugs to treat "restless legs syndrome", attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, and female sexual dysfunction. But according to reports published today, the truth is more complicated. Healthy people are being turned into patients by drug firms which publicise mental and sexual problems and promote little-known conditions only then to reveal the medicines they say will treat them.

The studies, published in a respected medical journal, accuse the pharmaceutical industry of "disease mongering" -- a practice in which the market for a drug is inflated by convincing people they are sick and in need of medical treatment.

The "corporate-sponsored creation of disease" wastes resources and may even harm people because of the medication they turn to, the researchers add.

In 11 papers in the journal Public Library of Science Medicine, experts from Britain, the US and elsewhere argue that new diseases are being defined by specialists who are often funded by the drug industry.

According to the researchers, the campaigns boost drug sales by medicalising aspects of normal life such as sexuality, portray mild problems such as irritability in children as serious illnesses and suggest that rare health conditions, such as the urge to move ones' legs, are common.

"Disease mongering exploits the deepest atavistic fears of suffering and death," said Iona Heath, a general practitioner at the Caversham Practice in London who contributed to the journal. She added: "It is in the interests of pharmaceutical companies to extend the range of the abnormal so that the market for treatments is proportionately enlarged."

In the journal's editorial, guest editors Ray Moynihan and David Henry write: "Informal alliances of pharmaceutical corporations, public relations firms, doctors' groups and patient advocates promote these ideas to the public and policy makers, often using mass media to push a certain view of a particular health problem."

In one of the reports, Dr Joel Lexchin, a drug safety expert at York University in Toronto, alleges that Pfizer, the maker of Viagra, devised ways to "ensure that the drug was seen as a legitimate therapy for almost any man", and "took steps to make sure Viagra was not relegated to a niche role of just treating men with [erectile dysfunction] due to organic causes, such as diabetes or prostate surgery".

The message from adverts and Pfizer's website, "is that everyone, whatever their age, at one time or another, can use a little enhancement," he claims.

In a statement, Pfizer said it "only promotes prescription medicines to healthcare professionals and only in line with its licensed indications. Pfizer does not promote any of its prescription medicines to the general public and does not recommend, or promote the use of Viagra, outside of its licensed indications."

It added: "Viagra has been available in the UK for over seven years and is an important treatment for erectile dysfunction. All promotion of Viagra is aimed at educating health professionals on this serious condition, to enable them to effectively treat patients with this condition."

According to Leonore Tiefer, clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University, a textbook case of disease mongering is the creation and promotion of "female sexual dysfunction". The campaign by a number of drug companies has been especially successful in the US, he notes, where there has been a heavily contested attempt to convince the public that 43% of women live with the condition.

In another paper, David Healy, director of the North Wales sub-department of psychological medicine at Cardiff University, describes how a TV advertisement from Lilly Pharmaceuticals encouraged people to find out about mood disorders via a website sponsored by the company. "This advert markets bipolar disorder," he writes in the journal.

Dr Graham Archard, vice-chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, said it was inevitable that drug companies benefited from such campaigns.

"If a company produces a product, they are going to want to market it in the best way they can and if they can increase public awareness of a condition that may or may not exist, then a person may well believe they have that condition and look for treatment," he said. "There's a limited amount of cash in the NHS and if people are spending limited resources on areas that aren't terribly important, that will detract from areas of greater importance. Potentially we could all be losers."

Lilly Pharmaceuticals said: "Bipolar disorder is one of the most debilitating and serious psychiatric illnesses there is. Appropriate treatment should be decided after the treating clinician has fully evaluated the person's condition and discussed the full range of treatment options. The advertisement that Dr Healy refers to was not designed for and was not shown to the general public in the UK. Olanzapine (Zyprexa) is not approved for use in children. Lilly does not market it for use in children."

GlaxoSmithKline said: "It's estimated that 10-15% of adults suffer from restless legs syndrome, yet it is a very underdiagnosed medical condition, which even when diagnosed, often leaves people without effective treatment. About 3% of adults experience moderate to severely distressing RLS symptoms at least two to three times a week and are likely to benefit from treatment."




Pfizer asserts that more than half of all men over 40 have difficulties getting or maintaining an erection, a figure contested by many studies.


Prescriptions for ADHD drugs escalated during the 1990s following the organised penetration of the education system by the pharmaceutical industry. Teachers may be most likely to report signs of behavioural disorders.


Publicised as the female equivalent of erectile dysfunction, FSD has been plagued by vague definition. In the British Medical Journal, John Bancroft, director of the prestigious Kinsey Institute, called it "preconceived" and "non-evidence based".


Selling bipolar disorder has become "the latest mania" according to David Healy at Bangor University in Wales. Awareness campaigns have encouraged people to "mood watch".


A campaign launched by GlaxoSmithKline in 2003 raised RLS as a "common yet unrecognised disorder". In 2005, the company was granted approval to use its drug, Ropinirole, to treat the condition.

Informant: NHNE


Drug firms accused of turning healthy people into patients,,1751362,00.html

Informant: Sianette Kwee

Quarter of Species Gone by 2050, Study Predicts

Using several models that project habitat changes, migration capabilities of various species, and related extinctions in 25 "hotspots," scientists predict that a quarter of the world's plant and vertebrate animal species would face extinction by 2050.

The American Caesar

Ralph Nader

In the name of fighting stateless terrorism, George W. Bush is looming as the American Caesar running roughshod over the civil liberties of the American people who have turned against him in ever larger majorities.

This George is no Washington

Bush Must Be Shocked: He's The Leaker

Why didn't President Bush just come out and say that he was the leaker? Instead, when this leak first became public, the president said that anyone in his administration involved in the leak would be fired. Is he going to fire himself now?

From Information Clearing House

Empire’s War on Labor

By Charles Sullivan

Why are we so afraid to acknowledge that U.S. aggression is interrelated with capitalism, class privilege, war profiteering and worker abuse in every part of the world? Are we just going to sit quietly in our living rooms before the television’s tiny light while the world burns? It appears so.

The Century of the Self

Part 4 - Windows Media Video

This episode explains how politicians on the left, in both Britain and America, turned to the techniques developed by business to read and fulfil the inner desires of the self. The Democrats, led by Bill Clinton, used the focus group, which had been invented by psychoanalysts, in order to regain power. They set out to mould their policies to people's inner desires and feelings, just as capitalism had learnt to do with products.

How to Break the American Trance

Doris "Granny D" Haddock

If we Americans are split into two meaningful camps, it is not conservative versus liberal. The two camps are the politically awake and the hypnotized.

The war on Iran

By Pepe Escobar

The ominous signs are "on the table" for all to see. The Pentagon has its Long War, the rebranded "war on terror" that Vice President Dick Cheney swears will last for decades, a replay of the war between Eastasia and Oceania in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The trailer park HQ where the 'long war' is being waged

Suzanne Goldenberg in Fort MacDill, Florida

They are planning for a global conflict that, Washington believes, will dominate the next 20 years. The Pentagon calls it the "long war": an integrated military, financial and diplomatic campaign against al-Qaida and its affiliates that will eventually span the globe, shaping the lives of the coming generation much as the cold war defined the baby boomers.,,1750657,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Democracy Be Damned - Republicans Need Another War

By Thom Hartmann

Unless Democrats in Congress and the American people stand up and speak out - in the process Bush and his Republican enablers may just bring about the end of the great American experiment in democracy.

Residents: enough is enough, no more masts

WORRIED parents are hoping people power will prevent two phone masts from going up near their Chorley homes.

The masts, from two different mobile phone giants, would also be close to a playing field and Eaves Green Community Centre.

T-Mobile has approached Chorley Borough Council with prior notification of a slim line lamppost supporting three antennas, measuring 11.7m on land opposite the playing fields 70m south east of The Minstrel Public House on Cottage Fields.

And Vodafone has submitted prior notification of a 12m 'street works' mast with a tri-sector antenna on grass land 60m south west of the same pub.
Brian Taylor, 65, of Eaves Green Road, has organised a petition and has already attracted 300 signatures. He said there is already one mast in nearby Moor Road with a potential second one by O2, in addition to the proposed ones for the Lower Burgh Way area. He said: "We are not objecting to them being up, but they should share them on one pole."
Mr Taylor is urging residents to write to the council stating objections on grounds of siting and appearance.

Julie Frederick, 39, has two children aged six and 11 and her home on The Oaks backs on to Lower Burgh Way. She said: "It's a bit too close with it being a big neighbourhood with lots of children about. I signed."

Neighbour Shelley Williams, 39, who has a three-year-old daughter, said: "I am not very happy, I don't like the thought of them being in a residential area. I will be objecting."

But both mobile companies have assured residents their base stations always adhere to national and international guidelines.

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under:

Jane Frapwell, electro-magnetic field advisor for Vodafone, said: "The reason for any radio base station is to provide a service for local people who use mobile phones which would be the case in this instance.

"They have to be locally based because they are low powered so they have to be placed where people live, work and travel. These are fairly discrete structures designed to blend in with existing street furniture They have the same sort of appearance as lighting columns and telegraph poles."

A T-Mobile spokesman added: "The mast is to enhance our network because more people are using mobile telephones, there are more than 60 million mobile telephone users in the country and we have to supply a network that will keep up with that demand."

A council spokesman said: "We have not yet received a petition."

The register includes 38 masts in the Leyland Guardian area.

The masts near you

They are:

1. Global Trading, Walton Summit Road, Bamber Bridge; LFA;
2. LFA, King Street, Leyland;
3. Walton Hall Farm, off Carrwood Road, Walton-le-Dale;
4. Transco Compound, Walton Summit Industrial Estate, Walton Summit;
5. NTL Bamber Bridge Telecommunications Site, Charnley Fold, Bamber Bridge;
6-8. Leyprint, Leyland Lane, Leyland (3);
9. Land on the northern side of Preston New Road (opposite Quattros) Samlesbury;
10-12. Bamber Bridge Football Club, Irongate, Bamber Bridge (2);
13. Global Trading, Walton Summit Road, Bamber Bridge;
14. Land adjacent Global House, Walton Summit Road, Bamber Bridge;
15. Fox Lane Sports Club, Fox Lane, Leyland;
16. Leyland ATE, Golden Hill, Leyland;
17. Yew Tree Farm, Fowler Lane, Leyland;
18. Land adjacent Church House Farm, Preston New Road, Samlesbury;
19. Freshfields, Wigan Road, Leyland;
20. South Ribble Industrial Estate, Winery Lane, Walton-le-Dale;
21. British Car Auctions, Reedfield Place, Walton Summit;
22. Land adjacent 16 and 17 Charnley Fold Lane, Bamber Bridge;
23. Chandler Ltd, Chandler House, Talbot Road, Leyland;
24. Grass verge, Carrwood Road, Bamber Bridge;
25. Dog Kennel Wood, London Way, Walton-le Dale;
26. Land at Tomlinson Road, Leyland;
27. Land to rear of the Poachers, adjacent Cuerden Way, Bamber Bridge;
28. Land to north of Slater Lane, Schleswig Way, Leyland;
29. Opposite junction of Dawson Lane and Western Avenue, Leyland;
30. Schleswig junction with Dunkirk Way, Leyland;
31. Land off Langdale Road, Leyland;
32. Grass verge adjacent 219 Brownedge Road, Bamber Bridge;
33. Clayton Brook Farm, Preston Road, Bamber Bridge;
34. Schleswig Way, Leyland.
35. Land adjacent Barton Dene, Heald House Road, Leyland;
36. Land adjacent Church House Farm, Potter Lane, Samlesbury;
37. South Ribble Industrial Estate, Winnery Lane, Walton-le-Dale;
38. 311 Croston Road, Farington Moss, Leyland.

13 April 2006

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Arbeitsamt: Alltägliche Schikanen

Erwerbslose solidarisch gegen Zumutungen und Schikanen

Sozialpolitische Aktionen und Proteste 2006

Aktionstag Jobcenter Berlin Neukölln

„Erwerbslose solidarisch gegen Zumutungen und Schikanen“ – unter diesem Motto stand der Aktionstag der FAU Berlin vor dem Jobcenter Berlin-Neukölln am 11.04.2006. Siehe dazu

Den Bericht von faub32 vom 11.04.06 bei der FAU

Rote Punkte für das Jobcenter Die kleine anarchosyndikalistische FAU befragt Hartz-IV-Betroffene nach ihren Erfahrungen im Jobcenter. Die freuen sich, einmal Dampf ablassen zu können. Artikel von Peter Nowak in der taz Berlin vom 12.4.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 13. April 2006


Alltägliche Schikanen

Bericht einer frustrierten Beamtin in einer Arge für Hartz IV

Frau K. ist Beamtin, Anf. 60, und arbeitet in einer Arbeitsagentur in einem der alten Bundesländer. Sie möchte aus nahe liegenden Gründen hier anonym bleiben. "Sie haben angedeutet, dass Sie zahllose schlechte Erfahrungen seit der Einführung von Hartz IV gemacht haben?" Frau K. sagt heftig: "Nein, ich mache nicht zahllose, ich mache vor allem eine grundsätzliche, hässliche Erfahrung, und das ist die der Würdelosigkeit. Die ist quasi schon per Gesetz so angelegt und zusätzlich wird sie dann noch durch schlecht qualifizierte Kollegen verschärft. Dem Arbeitslosen ist seine Würde aberkannt worden … das schlägt natürlich auch auf uns zurück, ich habe eine richtige Wut im Bauch! Und da stehe ich nicht alleine…“ Der Bericht (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 13. Juli 2006

Ostermärsche 2006: Rüstung und Krieg, Kapitalismus und Globalisierung

Antimilitarismus allgemein: Ostermärsche 2006

Keine neuen Kriege! - Auch die Bundesregierung auf der Anklagebank

Pressemitteilungen zu den Ostermärschen 2006 von der zentralen "Informationsstelle Ostermarsch" und vom "Bundesausschuss Friedensratschlag"

Terminübersicht mit Landkarte

Drei apokalyptische Reiter

Rüstung und Krieg – Kapitalismus und Globalisierung. Zu den Ostermärschen 2006. Artikel von Winfried Wolf in junge Welt vom 12.4.06

Aus: LabourNet, 13. April 2006


Auf dem heutigen Ostermarsch in Wiesbaden gab es einen Redebeitrag vom AKU. Zur Thematik: Atomkraftnutzung, Tschernobyl und militärische Bedrohung.

Mainz-Wiesbadener Ostermarsch am 15.04.06


Liebe Anwesende,

der Ostermarsch 2006 steht in engem zeitlichen Zusammenhang zum 20. Jahrestag der Katastrophe von Tschernobyl. Am 26.4. 86 kommt es in der Ukraine zum folgenschwersten Super- Gau in der Geschichte der Atomenergie:

Link zum Artikel:

Wir sehen uns am 29.April bei der Biblis-Demo.Bringt Eure Freunde und Freundinnen mit...


Friedensbewegung: Zehntausende bei Ostermärschen gegen einen Iran-Krieg (18.04.06)

An den traditionellen Ostermärschen der Friedensbewegung haben sich an diesem Wochenende bundesweit zehntausende Menschen in 83 Städten beteiligt. Das teilte ein Sprecher der Friedenskooperative am Montag in Bonn mit. Damit seien weitaus mehr Menschen gekommen als erwartet. Die Friedensbewegung, Gewerkschafter, Globalisierungskritiker und christliche Gruppen hätten sich lautstark zu Wort gemeldet. Wichtige Themen in diesem Jahr waren den Angaben zufolge der Iran-Konflikt, die Abschaffung der Atomwaffen, der Irak, Rüstungskosten und die Auslandseinsätze der Bundeswehr. An den Aktionen hätten sich auch viele junge Leute beteiligt, teilte das Netzwerk mit.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Drohender Kriegsschauplatz Iran


Bush prepares unmanned attack over nukes.

Informant: w r

Health-endangering masts cause the cancellation of an open-air traditional Easter Mass


And now health-endangering masts cause the cancellation of an open-air traditional Easter Mass.

Best, Imelda, Cork.




An Easter Sunday dawn Mass on a Kerry hilltop is being abandoned this year because of the number of telecommunications masts and structures which have sprung up there in recent years. Local parish priest Fr Pat Moore said yesterday there are now over 20 masts, wires and antenna structures on the hilltop of Knockanore at the confluence of three parishes - Ballydonoghue, Ballylongford and Ballybunion. "I began to wonder if it was like sticking your head into a microwave," Fr Moore said. There has been a traditioin of an Easter dawn Mass on the hilltop with the lighting of a paschal fire for the last 15 years. In 1929 the hill - its name derives from the Irish cnoc an fomhair or autumn hill - was one of a string of hills along the west coast where fires were lit to announce Catholic Emancipation. At 268m (879ft) high, Knockanore is a landmark and was always special in that part of north Kerry, partly because no one parish could claim it, Fr Moore, who is parish priest of Duagh, explained. When Fr Moore revived the dawn Mass some 15 years ago, there was just one antenna structure on the hill to guide aircraft into Shannon airport. The Mass started with a turf fire. Local musicians and choirs sang at the bottom of the hill. Fr Moore recalled yesterday that the congregation descended with a sunflower seed and a candle, to symbolise light and new life. He said it had become a social occasion and people went to each other's houses to breakfast together on Easter Sunday. The 6 am Mass had grown in popularity and last year there were over 1,000 on the hilltop and many more who were forced to remain lower down, despite its early start. The masts and "the jungle of wire" on the hill had crowded the people out, Fr Moore said. The popularity of the dawn Mass showed there was a hunger in people for a higher vision, he added. Local Sinn Fein councillor Robert Beasley said there had been concern locally. Knockanore was a landmark in the area. He said people accepted the mast which directed planes to Shannon airport, but the number of antennae, wires, and other poles had grown in recent years.

Microwaved Water

Have you tossed out your microwave oven yet?

Mast campaigners go back into battle

Here we go again... Mast campaigners go back into battle

Concerns that a proposed 12 metre high phone mast near homes in Barton Hills could be a health risk have spurred protesters to vow to repeat a battle they thought they had won five years ago.

The latest plans to put a mobile phone mast on the corner of Quantock Rise and Barton Road brought back memories from the last fight, when more than 100 residents campaigned against a One2One mast.

Paul Caris, who lives near the site, said: "We have only a few years ago fought off the erection of one of these masts. The area abounds with children and no one has proved conclusively that these things are not a health hazard.

"In any case, mobile phone reception is excellent, so why is a new mast needed?"

John Edser, who led the Barton Hills Mast Action Group, said: "It's sad for all the kids round here. There's already a transmitter on that corner. We know from last time that the place they want to put it is so close to the nearest house that it was outside the guidelines of the company that wanted to do it. I think it's an outrage what they're trying to do."

Although John is leaving Luton in the near future and will not be able to lead a campaign against the phone mast, he has pledged to support anyone who wants to step into his shoes.

He said the phone company would have to prove that the need for a mast is greater than the amenity harm, which includes the anxiety caused to local residents for their health and welfare.

A letter from Luton Borough Council to those living near the corner where the mast would be sited said that it did not need planning permission, although the council as the local planning authority could object or raise concerns.

A council spokeswoman said: "Our policy is to consult all residents within 150m of any proposed phone mast. But in the majority of cases the mobile phone company already has the legal right to erect a mast. The council does not have the right to refuse.

"Any comments that have been received from Barton Hills residents about the proposed T-Mobile mast will be reported to a council meeting on May 3."

Since the original proposal five years ago, One2One has become T-Mobile.

13 April 2006

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A council spokeswoman said: "Our policy is to consult all residents within 150m of any proposed phone mast. But in the majority of cases the mobile phone company already has the legal right to erect a mast. The council does not have the right to refuse.

Luton Borough Council making the same mistake that many other Councils have made - there is an urgent need for Local Authorities to be given proper planning advice, preferably not by ECS (Richard Newstead!!)


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network

Aufstallung: und fertig ist die Vogelgrippe

Online-Petition gegen eine mögliche Vogelgrippe-Zwangsimpfung

Mobile mast insurance

I feel this is important information because more and more people resort to moving to a new place because of mast-radiation in their old house.

But please spread it if you can, as it might be able to help some people.

Best regards.


Info for all!

I saw this article in a newspaper shortly after we had to move from our former house in Worcester.

I had a letter from Jim asking if I knew of an insurance company where people could insure against a mobile mast being sited near to a new home, and remembered that I had seen the article, so here it is for everyone’s info.

The only thing is, that it has to be done within 13 months of buying or re-mortgaging a property.

So, I for one will be re-mortgaging as soon as possible.

Althought I live in a really serious “Conservation Area” (Area of outstanding natural beauty) the Malvern Hills,

I know by experience that, that is no guaranty.

My former Worcester home was a listed building in a conservation area, and that did not stop the mast being installed next door.

I hope this info can be of use for many of you

Best regards.


Mon 23 Aug 2004
Firm Offers 'Home Blight` Insurance
By Nicky Burridge,
Personal Finance Correspondent, PA News

Homeowners worried about the impact noisy neighbours or a mobile phone mast would have on the value their property can take out a new insurance policy, it emerged today.Insurance broker Lucas Fettes & Partners has launched Home Value Protection Insurance, offering people cover against tens of thousands of pounds being knocked off the value of their home as a result of blights in their neighbourhood.

The policy will pay out up to £100,000 plus moving expenses and legal fees for a range of nuisances in the vicinity of someone’s home, including the construction of mobile phone masts, new roads, airports, retail developments and prisons.It will also pay out if noisy neighbours move in and people could even claim on the policy if a brothel was set up next door which caused a nuisance through high noise levels.The policy, which is underwritten by various Lloyd’s of London syndicates, costs a flat fee of £12 a month.The policy must be taken out within 13 months of moving to a new property or remortgaging if a local authority search was carried out, and homeowners must sign a declaration saying they are not currently aware of any problems.The group has described the move as the most important development in the household insurance market since subsidence cover became widely available in the early 1970s.It hopes to take in £1 million in premiums during the coming 12 months, and is looking at marketing the policies through mortgage lenders.Richard Heighton, partner at Lucas Fettes, said: “We are a nation of homeowners and for many our homes are our largest asset.“The impact of blight upon homeowners can be devastating and force many to consider moving, thus incurring significant additional costs as well as loss of equity.“It is for these reasons that Home Value Protection Insurance is being launched.”

Here is link to the story:

Here is a direct link to the: Home Value Protection Insurance{FE5D0643-566D-43FA-ACA0-637DA6CACF0B}

Informant: Eileen O'Connor

Pupils take to the street in phone antenna protest

By Jacqueline Theodoulou

PUPILS of the Dianellio Gymnasium in Nicosia took to the streets yesterday in a peaceful demonstration against the ever-increasing number of mobile telephone masts situated on buildings surrounding the school. Their gripe was with the government, who they say has not yet guaranteed the antennas are not posing a serious threat to their health.

Holding up banners and chanting “No to the masts, yes to our health!” the children stood outside their school, urging the island’s politicians to do something about the problem.

“They must bring the masts down so that we can have a better life,” a pupil told the Cyprus Mail. “We don’t know if our health is being affected by them and it worries us.”

Currently, there are 13 mobile telephone masts on buildings surrounding the school. On the APOEL football club building, located exactly opposite the school, there are two GSM masts.

Messages on pupils’ placards included “Electromagnetic Radiation: NO it’s killing me”, “Who can assure us that the antennas are not doing us harm? Nobody can guarantee our health”, and “My dear APOEL, why are you putting up your lethal mobile phone masts on your building when you know that they are killing me? If you kill me, how will I come to the football?”

A spokesman for the Pancyprian Committee against Electromagnetic Radiation said there was no national organisation that could guarantee the masts were not causing serious long-term damage.

“You can understand our worries,” he told reporters. “We need to use the principles of protection, precaution and avoidance in order to protect our children.”

The Chairman of the House Education Committee, Nicos Tornaritis of DISY, also attended the demonstration.

“It is unacceptable,” he told the press. “I think it is time for words to become actions. It is unbelievable to have cables surrounding our schoolchildren.”

Green Party Permanent Secretary George Perdikis condemned the Interior Ministry’s decision two years ago to cancel the need for companies to acquire town-planning permission to set up a mast.

“We sounded the alarm bells on time. But it seems the personal interests behind the development of mobile telecommunications – semi-governmental and private – are far more powerful than the need to ensure public health is beyond any possible danger.”

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