Proposed mast at Kew Gardens

I hope this mast does not get permission - there has to be some emission-free sanctuaries for electro-sensitive people visiting or working at Kew.

What would be good though is if Kew Gardens carried out some much needed research from a 'test rig' phone mast of the short and long term effects of emissions on plants, especially food plants. What do others think?

Best wishes



If it does go ahead (and I can't think that the authorities are going to be more sympathetic about trees than vulnerable people, schools, hospitals etc.), then now is the time to impress upon them the need to set up experimental procedures for measuring the possible effects. Before and after starts now, and it will be important to have the right methodologies and recording mechanisms in place.

This is where some of us may be able to help, working from existing research studies on trees, plants and soil bacteria. It will be important to measure actual radiation levels and frequencies in key zones and control zones from the beginning.

Who knows, there may be biologists etc. working in Kew who are interested in this. It could be an important and respected piece of work ...



I am a keen gardener and propose to contact g bbc' 'gardeners world programme to alert them to the fact that not only humans but plant life and the ecology of kew may be affected by a mast. I presume this is a mobile phone mast.

sue g




You could say that, in Schwarzenberg (where Dr. Neil Cherry's scietific tests proved that EMR emissions had damaged human health and the Swiss Government then agreed to turn off the transmitter) young trees grew at an angle leaning away from the transmitter until it was deactivated. Trees which grew after it was turned off grew straight. I read this on the internet after typing in 'Schwarzenberg Transmitter' but can't remember whether it was a copy of someone's email, or a web site. Also, fruit trees and a honeysuckle at certain angles in our village, Kensworth nr. Dunstable - same angle from the mast as the houses worst affected - died after 2 to three year of exposure, to emissions.




For Sue G - some mentions, if of any help

Arthur J

Abstracts and links on aspects of Skrunda studies -

from the ways the NRPB has suppressed scientific ,,, 'One example is seen with the 1996 Skrunda studies, which appeared in Elsevier's longstanding, reputable, and peer reviewed Science of the Total Environment. Stewart claimed they couldn't get hold of a copy of these crucial and careful studies, which report adverse effects on children from exposure to a Russian MW Radiolocator in Latvia. They also claimed the studies were not peer reviewed. This is rubbish, because we offered the Committee a copy, and furthermore they had no difficulty in criticising another study (by Stan Smigielski reporting significantly elevated incidence of cancer among MW-exposed Polish army personnel) which appeared in the same issue of the journal!'

Ethical problems arising when the trail of professional work lead to evidence of cover-up of serious risk and misrepresentation of scientific judgement concerning human exposures to radar or microwaves. Prof. John R. Goldsmith, M.D., M.P.H. Epidemiology and Health Services Evaluation Unit, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, P.O.B. 653, 84105 Beer-Sheva, Israel.

......................In the Spring of 1994, I was asked to contribute a paper to a meeting on "The Biological Effects of Radio-frequency (RF) Radiation" at Skrunda Latvis, the site of a huge microwave broadcast and receiving station for tracking missiles. The paper was to be on epidemiological evidence to be considered in such an evaluation. I again reviewed the file and concluded that evidence was suggestive for four health effects, (a) chromosomal changes, (b) hematological changes, (c) reproductive effects, and (d) increased cancer incidence from the microwave irradiation in Moscow, and all four of these effects had been found independently in other studies as well. I prepared the paper presenting evidence that these four effects might be found for the exposed groups at Skrunda. There were few physicians and epidemiologists in the audience, so although it was agreed to publish proceedings, I undertook to publish independently, these findings and I so Goldsmith, (1995). I provided for the Skrunda symposium a manuscript, "Epidemiological Studies of Radio-frequency Radiation: Current Status and Areas of Concern", which is intended to be published in the Proceedings in "Science of the Total Environment". At a meeting on Ethics and Environmental Epidemiology 16 Sept., 1994, at the Annual meeting of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology I presented "Balancing the Interests of Patients, Science, and Employers: A case study of RF Exposure". ...............


Health effects of shortwave transmitter station of Schwarzenberg


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