BBC Click report on wireless technology

Complain to the BBC about the presenting of a programme with Alasdair Philips and Mike Clark (HPA/RPD)

Mocking on BBC, urgent, complain please

I have pasted and copied this to this email link because I know and know of too many people who are sensitive to this technology and I am also electrosensitive myself.

Please help by sending your comments.

Complaint links for BBC News 24 Click Online 6.30am Saturday 22nd April 2006

08700 100 222

BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922
G2 3WT


Please rally round all those able,

phone or email, or both, and complain to the BBC about the presenting of a programme with Alasdair Philips and Mike Clark (HPA/RPD) talking about EMF dangers and the electrosmog detector on 'click' BBC news this Saturday morning 6.30. hear or see typescript below, unfortunately it does not include the trailer-link from the start of the show which was the worst.

He referred to 'scaremongering' and took a joky approach to our serious ES reaction, Clark claimed scientific established view was no harm, please let them know how you feel. We have, at

We have badgered and threatened Mike Clark constantly over a year and he now uses the stock phrase"'no 'hard' evidence of harm" since we forced a retraction after a previous BBC interview. Such is 'progress' we do not want to lose it.


ElectroSensitivity-UK (registered charity 1103018) assisted by The Foyle Foundation.

Rod Read M.Phil.,(Cantab), Dip Psych Couns., Cert.Ed. director

A new organisation supporting sufferers and educating the public in recognition of this sensitive reaction affecting a vulnerable minority exposed to RF, microwave and general electromagnetic radiation from powerlines, mobile phones, VDUs and all manner of EMF sources.

Please support us and receive our newsletter by a donation (£10 min.) to ES-UK as below.

We particularly welcome help from scientists, doctors and health experts in understanding causes and links, especially to MCS, CFS and Thyroid problems and in diagnosis and treatments generally.

From ES-UK Office, Bury Lane, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2BB. Tel: 01353-778151 or at Also by e-mail at

Trustees: Professor of Human Radiation Effects Dr Denis Henshaw, Dr David Dowson MD., ChB, Jean Philips BA. Scientific advice from:, Keith Jamieson Dip.AAS. Bsc(Hons) RIBA. Inst.Ph., Environmental Consultant and others. Visit


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From: Iris Atzmon
Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2006 7:28 PM
Subject: BBC TV show

The message of this TV show seems to be: Don't worry, be happy: stay ignorant.

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From: Martin Weatherall
To: Iris Atzmon
Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2006 3:16 AM
Subject: Re: BBC TV show

Hi all

The comments made by Mike Clark may have been laughable if it were not for all the people who are already being harmed by this so called safe technology. I can just imagine Mr. Clark and wireless industry cronies on a beach in Thailand watching a Tsunami in the distance.

They would probably be saying "its quite safe, it just a wave, all waves are safe"

Yet others around him would be saying "tsunamis are dangerous, lets find safety quickly".

There is plenty of evidence that various high frequencies are harming many people. If Mr. Clark is not willing to look at the other side of the equation and seek all knowledge and listen to the evidence of victims and their cries for help, he should not be in the position that he holds.

Martin Weatherall

Martin and all,

Mike Clark is in his position exactly because he lies to the public so well. This is the reason he was hired to this job in the first place. Repacholi is in his position, because of his talent to lie at any situation. The INTERPHONE researchers were chosen to the INTERPHONE because of their ability to produce industry biased results and lie to the public (for example what I sent about Feychting as she told to the Swedish newspaper. She didn't have an answer when she was confroned with data). So all these people should not be in their positions as we see it, but they are good in their job according to the job's purpose, to protect profits. They should not be invited to talk on stages and given any honour, but they are invited, they are interviewed. They are given the stage to play with people, so why wouldn't they play? The job of these people is to lie and the science is not relevant. As long as the public is in the position of defense, there is no reason it will change. Only if it moves to the attack. There is an intention in Israel to move the issue of israeli liars in public positions into the attack mode- to the court. The only thing that stops it is not science, it's money. There is no choice- there is a need for a third side to interfere here, otherwise this situation can continue 30 years more. There is no reason not to attack- their game is transparent, it stands in opposition to science, all it needs is a healthy explosion.

Best, Iris Atzmon.


I don't know if anyone watched the "Click" report on BBC News 24 yesterday, but I was absolutely livid at the bias. The following is my e-mail, complaining about their attitude to this serious matter:


After watching your Click report on wireless technology, in which three people were featured, I feel I must make a comment. It was clear from the outset by the introductory comments of the presenter that a cynical and flippant scene was being set. The first person interviewed - from the mobile phone industry - quite naturally rubbished any possibility that any health risks were associated with their products or services. This is rather like the wolf asking the three little pigs if they should open the door! There followed a brief discussion involving Alasdair Phillips (Powerwatch) and Mike Clarke (HPA). Comments made during this part of the report should be challenged - for a Government spokesperson to claim that an expert study group found no evidence of risk is completely mislieading. Sir William Stewart has gone on record many times, calling for a precautionary approach, especially where children under 16 are concerned - in fact, a DOH leaflet, advising parents that children under 16 should not use mobile phones for anything other than emergency situations, were not mentioned. The Draper Report (largest ever funded study by the DOH) which found children born under power lines were at greater risk of developing leukaemia, also has great relevance. These facts were totally ignored and Alasdair Phillips was treated abominably - far from the balanced view being aired, there was a three to one bias.

The DECT phone demonstrated during this report was one of the latest "safer" models which have just become available and are not the type which are widely used in this country. Had they been, the emissions would have been picked up even when the phone was not in use.

Other colleagues of mine are of the same opinion after watching this report. One has commented that the international studies on phone masts and phones should have been mentioned, if this report was to make any serious attempt at the facts. The German Government have issued a warning on the DECT phones and the Minister for Health in Salzburg has produced an open letter to inform and advise schools on DECT and WLAN.

I'm sorry to say that, once again, we have been treated to a comic strip send up of any serious scientists or campaigners who are calling for the prcautionary approach which this Government were advised to take. One would have expected more from the BBC...however, with the latest frenzy of mobile services becoming available (watching TV through mobile phones) perhaps it is naive to expect anything else.


the bbc are currently seeking to put up their license. I wonder if there is any pressure not to put out negative views on mobile phone technology from government.

sue g


I think we have seen evidence of their bias before - my community were devastated to be treated like fools when we took part in their supposed "science and factual" programme on ill health clusters around masts. Despite my going on camera to state that the health problem was identified before we became aware of the possible risks of the masts - they still claimed that we were being frightened to death!



Already mentioned to them Sue. My response below. Good letter, Sylvia.


Dear Sirs,

Michael Clark says we must have hard evidence that pulsed microwave radiation, to include phone masts, DECT phones etc is harmful. Equally there should be hard evidence that it is safe……….and although we don’t have the hard evidence that it is safe, we are constantly told it almost nearly is.

The actual facts are:

1) That there are people living around phone masts, especially 3G and clusters of 2G and 3G masts, and people near TETRA masts or along the lines of emissions from TETRA masts, who are suffering ill-health or unpleasant symptoms.

I have spoken to many of them while answering the advice line for as a volunteer. Only a small percentage of the population find the website and a smaller percentage phone or email us (phone calls in 2005 averaged 200 per month, emails higher but these were not logged as there are several email coords)

2) No one in authority acknowledges that these pockets of ill-health do actually exist, nor has any in situ research been done..... the feeble argument given is that other things could interfere outside of a controlled research area. The Naila Study was conducted by German doctors on patients living in their own area. I can send the translation of this study to you.

3) Doctors in this country are advised by the BMA to ignore the issue of ill-health around this pulsed technology because "the jury is out." Therefore all those who are suffering or are unwell can unwittingly be misdiagnosed at high cost to the NHS; or ignored; or sent for psychiatric or psychological appraisal; or be asked to leave the doctor's surgery, which has happened in a few cases.

Michael Clark tells us that it will take 10 to 20 years to know for sure and informs us that we have only had about 10 years with mobile phones.

Since the electro sensitive get more sensitive and the sick get sicker with no protection from these pulsed frequencies of microwave radiation, are we looking at the corporate murder scenario, I wonder? Once we get to the stage where it is proved to be harmful for at least a percentage of the population, and with children, the elderly, and the sick being more vulnerable, isn’t it a bit too late?

Isn't it about time that the media, and especially the BBC, worked for the people and not against them?

Time and time again we see this "mockery" of something that is actually happening and the supposed "unbiased view" which supports the "wealth and power bodies” far better than the less wealthy and suffering.

If I survive until the truth is finally acknowledge then I will remind those of you who allowed this to go on unheeded and unchecked. This will include the BBC with its penchant for mocking comments. I would rather give up my TV and deprive you of the licence fee than watch this cruel and tasteless practice that the BBC management seems to find amusing.

Click Online does not cover health issues but in my view it does not have the right to demean via mockery a subject that concerns many people who suffer from this pulsed technology.

Nor should the BBC allow the promotion of deceptive and inaccurate statements such as "the weight of evidence suggests that this technology is safe etc" There is nothing definite about a suggestion. Nor is there hard evidence that this technology is safe.

I wish to make a complaint about the presentation of this subject matter and I expect the BBC to apologise for the distress caused to those who are affected by this so called “safe” technology.

Sandi Lawrence



You can view the video, but not the pre-interview stuff on the website

The propaganda here is to trivialise the idea that some people might be unwell around this technology and to endorse the fact that they say it is "safe" This is all about public image and we need to counteract that somehow.



Hello Roger,

I know the balance is tilted in favour of the mobile operators, so I have got used to that, but I will not let them forget those who are affected and unwell! Nor will I allow them to try to sweep the idea of ill-health around this technology under the carpet! Yes Alistair and his gadget did a good job of raising the health issues, so that was all very positive. Let's hope he can make a few bob on his gadget, too, as he works so hard for the cause and provides useful information etc.

I have just written to Mike Clark and will copy it to Dolan and Sir W, just so that they know that we sensitive and/or unwell folk are still around and won't be forgotten.

I did ask the BBC in my verbal phone assault to provide programs on the health effects of this technology, as well as an apology, by way of compensating for their lack of taste. I think I am on a war dance here!

Why don't you suggest a program on Asphalia? Then we get double exposure! We value the contribution you make, too.



The BBC have a jumped into bed with the phone operators with the trend towards watching clips of football matches, favourite progs, etc. - and most TV stations now encourage texting as a means of contact. They should be exposed as for this biased misinformation.


PS - Great response, Sandi


Dear Michael Clark,

I have watched your TV appearances to include the latest on the BBC News Click Online program last Saturday.

Your statements, on the issue of the safety of microwave radiation, draw ever closer to it being declared totally safe, without you actually using a direct and clear statement of fact.

Yet, during your talk at a Dorset TETRA and phone mast forum in April 2005, you verbally acknowledged that some people can be sensitive to pulsed microwave radiation. This was recorded and included as part of the content of the video “Making Waves.” Anyone who views the video can hear this quite clearly.

We, the electro sensitive, and those who are unwell or suffering because of this technology, are well aware that the Government, the mobile phone operators, and the HPA are aware of us, but that you all just dismiss and ignore us. We are not going to go away to please you.

You state that clear hard evidence of ill health is needed, knowing full well that the research carried out in this country is practically worthless.

Doctors in Naila, Germany, carried out research on cancer and noted an increase once a phone mast was present in the area. This was carried out over a 10 year period and is still ongoing.

Why doesn’t the UK Health Authority instruct UK GPs to carry out such research?

Why isn’t the Government considering the Public Health issues here?

You must know that people who develop ‘classic mast’ symptoms (which are well documented) may be misdiagnosed because UK GPs are not made aware of the side effects that pulsed microwave radiation can cause in some people. You must also know that these people can be dismissed as time wasters or that their symptoms may be thought to be psychosomatically induced.

Apart from the needless extra costs to the NHS, there is a moral issue here; the issue of the total disregard for the Human Rights of these people; and a very cruel and unethical disregard for human suffering.

That animals and wildlife also suffer only adds weight to the human suffering endured.

The HPA statement on electro hypersensitivity last year was a complete white-wash.

Why weren’t we surprised?

I find it hard to believe you can all sleep at night and that you can totally disregard the well-being of fellow human beings. None of you can take your power and money with you, and the best things in life are indeed free, you know.

I respectfully request that the Health and Protection Agency will publicly recognise that some people can be sensitive to pulsed microwave radiation, and that all medical staff in the UK are provided with information on the biological effects of this technology, so that those people who are unwell or suffering are given back their basic rights as human beings.

I would also ask that this information should please be made available to animal and wildlife societies.

It is left to a few organisations and individuals to provide support, advice, and information on protection for those who are suffering around this pulsed technology, while the Government does nothing. It is about time it did, unless it wishes to totally lose all credibility with the people who are affected in various ways from this technology.

I write to you as one of these individuals who provides support, advice, and information, giving up my time freely and willingly to help others who are overwhelmed by the effects of this technology and the ill-health it causes.

I do so because I am disgusted by this Government for allowing this to happen to these people, to serve its own private agenda.

By ‘Government’ I mean those who are responsible for making these decisions.

My final comment has to be that this deadly TETRA is most surely making the situation far worse than it need be and my opinion is that it may be inducing more sensitivity that there otherwise might be.

I am not alone in thinking that TETRA may indeed prove to be the source of a reason for charges of corporate manslaughter in the future, when the truth is finally revealed.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S L Lawrence


Great war-dance Sandi,

I was up and attem too, first thing Saturday and again today.

I gave them such an angry earfull I am pleased they then phoned me back and said they had no record of my email complaint and I had made two!

So I have made another, somewhat cooler.

Try phoning Bruce, Manderley, I think, who has replaced Rebecca Asher in complaints dept. She was embroiled in doing her best to ignore belittle and lose the communications from Ingrid Dickenson who was lied to and made a figure of fun over ES in June last year. Still no satisfaction over her complaint so necessary to be emphatic and even raise that fact. Shall we still be complaining in eleven months time without a result? Bruce is on 0207 208 9380, actually he does not seem so bad... or he is clever.

Do circulate this.

Its good so many are rallying round.


ElectroSensitivity-UK (registered charity 1103018) assisted by The Foyle Foundation. Rod Read M.Phil.,(Cantab), Dip Psych Couns., Cert.Ed. director A new organisation supporting sufferers and educating the public in recognition of this sensitive reaction affecting a vulnerable minority exposed to RF, microwave and general electromagnetic radiation from powerlines, mobile phones, VDUs and all manner of EMF sources. Please support us and receive our newsletter by a donation (£10 min.) to ES-UK as below. We particularly welcome help from scientists, doctors and health experts in understanding causes and links, especially to MCS, CFS and Thyroid problems and in diagnosis and treatments generally. From ES-UK Office, Bury Lane, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2BB. Tel: 01353-778151 or at . Also by e-mail at Trustees: Professor of Human Radiation Effects Dr Denis Henshaw, Dr David Dowson MD., ChB, Jean Philips BA. Scientific advice from:, Keith Jamieson Dip.AAS. Bsc(Hons) RIBA. Inst.Ph., Environmental Consultant and others. Visit


After reading Rod's email I decided to sent an official written complaint to the BBC, as below.


BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922
G2 3WT

25th April 2006

Dear Sirs,

I wish to make an official complaint about the BBC’s biased viewpoint on mobile phones/ masts/ microwave radiation, especially when mockery is used to promote the impression that there are no ill-health effects around this technology, as in the Click Online program on the smog detector last Saturday 22nd April 2006.

This is not the first time many of us have noted this…. and it is broadcast on emails that go across the UK and abroad. It has also been noted that the BBC mislays emails, fails to apologise after complaints are made, and never seems to redress its biased viewpoint in favour of the lucrative market for mobile phones and other technology.

I am asking for a public apology from BBC ‘Click Online’ for deriding the plight of the many people who are unwell around this technology. I also want the BBC’s assurance that it will take this issue seriously in the future and present balanced and fair interviews or programs, with some programs highlighting the devastating effect this technology has on some people’s lives.

I am not going to go away as this issue is too important to ignore.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S L Lawrence

I have enclosed copies of correspondence to include;
Copy of the email to Click to complain about the program
Copy of a letter to Michael Clark (copied to Sir William Stewart and Michael Dolan)
Copy of a news article and two letters from the ‘Letters’ column of a local paper


From Karen Barratt

While it's perfectly reasonable to complain to the BBC about specific programmes, it can be very time-consuming and achieve very little. I haven't seen the Click prog but as last year's Late Edition programme has been mentioned, I am forwarding the initial response I had from the producer Bill Dare. I was quite surprised that he promised that the item featuring Ingrid would not be repeated. At the time I thought this was quite a concession given that Ingrid had not been 'slandered.' (off the record legal opinion.) and many progs get reshown. I obviously was totally in sympathy with Ingrid's outrage as we all were but as far as media coverage of our issue is concerned we're in a 'win some, lose some' situation.

The BBC is not always negative anymore than individual newspapers are. The BBC 3 programme revealed the T-mobile 'dirty tricks' and conducted a survey of masts near schools which generated a great deal of press the time. More recently BBC South has done survey in its region of the 56 -day council 'cock-ups'. Coverage of phone mast campaigns are often reasonably sympathetic. Different journalists have different agendas - the 'techies' don't want to talk about health. Obviously industry lobbyists work very hard at getting a sympathetic message across. We don't have their time and money unfortunately. In spite of that my general impression is that the BBC and media generally reflect society's mixed feelings about the technology. Most people use mobile phones, DECT etc and don't actually want to believe that there is a problem. Every now and again 'our' message gets reported and the public start worrying but then people push it to the back of their minds because they don't want to give up the pleasure and convenience of the technology. Nobody likes bad news and that is the main problem we have in getting the message across.

Sent: Friday, July 08, 2005 11:15 AM
Subject: The Late Edition

Dear Karen Barratt,

Thank you for your letter regarding your colleague, Ingrid Dickenson's, contribution to The Late Edition. I am very sorry you found cause for complaint, and that you feel the subject was not treated with sufficient seriousness. The series offers satirical comment on topical issues and the week's events; it is not in its nature to treat most subjects with the reverence that one might expect from a serious news programme. There are a range of topics from the funeral of the pope, to the banning of blood sports, that we have addressed in a light-hearted way. Phone masts, and the opinion that they may be damaging, was therefore not singled out as a subject for humour more than any other subject.

I am very sorry if Ingrid Dickenson was insufficiently informed about the general tone of the programme when we invited her to appear on it. I think in this case we should have made her fully aware of the possible humorous turn the whole piece might take. We will try hard to make this clearer to contributors in the future and I would like to thank you for drawing it to our attention.

Once again I am sorry you felt your organisation was compromised, we will revue our procedures in the future, and I can assure you the item will not be repeated.

Yours sincerely

Bill Dare Producer
The Late Edition


I agree Karen BUT complaints do help as if the BBC are constantly getting complaints from different people .. well they add up and its noted and just maybe it adds to the reasons WHY they then make more balanced mobile stories.. I feel :>)


I've signed the petition and pointed out that Mr. Lo who spoke on their programme was working for a company involved in electronics, so of course it is necessary for him to promulgate this lie (emissions not a danger to health.) I also pointed out that the so called 'safe' rate of emissions relied upon by the NRPB is set by the ICNIRP whose most influential leader is in the pay of a large Auistralian power company and that the rate of emissions in our country is far higher than in Russia and Switzerland, where they have experienced plenty of proof of damage to health from emissions.

Best regards,



I'd just like to echo Karen's sentiments, certainly with regard to the BBC Late Edition complaint I have been engaged with so much futile correspondence with them that has wasted so much time that I could have been spending on other things that I am now inclined to think that it is a completely fruitless exercise. The BBC's Douglas Evans from the ECU told me one thing, and then Fraser Steel of the Board of Governors did another!. I am sure that someone will respond to this email and say 'Well, you shouldn't leave it at that' etc, so I will just put in this final point. There are hardly any volunteers to manage the day-to-day running of MS as it is, only three on the helpline, some of us doing several email coords, or a combination of other tasks, and, hey, guess what, - we are all human with other responsibilities (to our families, for instance) too! I wonder if people realise just how many things most of the volunteers and trustees have actually been doing for MS in the past, quite often to no avail because the system is stacked against us and this Gov in particular so corrupt.



Dear Amanda,

While I understand your view point, being a Mast Sanity volunteer myself, the complaint I made to the BBC was a personal one and does not involve Mast Sanity in doing anything at all. Rod Read also complained on behalf of so this organisation has taken it up.

My complaint may turn out to be a useless exercise, but my feeling is that every complaint is another little notch against this unfair system and like water dripping on stone it can perhaps eventually erode it - even if only a tiny little bit! Hopefully there will be other somebodies like me having a little pop at the BBC, or whoever, along the line.

I will use the free time I have to take this complaint as far as I want to, so there is no pressure for Mast Sanity in this at all.

I listened to that radio broadcast by Olle Johansson, which was fascinating and scary in so many ways, but it puts priorities in some sort of perspective - although achievement of goals can very difficult as things stand without adequate funding for independant researchers etc etc
[ ]
Olle spoke of a comparison to tobacco etc and said that basically the consumers (i.e. general public) would probably be the ones most able to turn this situation around. I have always thought that, so I will continue to chip away in my free time.

On a serious note, my own opinion is that we do need an organisation to head and broadcast the views of those people who campaign against this technology.

Perhaps some of the active people on this masts email link would consider volunteering to help Mast Sanity with all the things that need doing? Please think about it everyone.

If all groups, organisations etc do their own thing, the big thrust is necessarily fragmented. We need a national stand on this issue.

I am not speaking for Mast Sanity here because I just answer the advice line one day a week and I am not a trustee, therefore I have no idea of Mast Sanity strategy and aims at this time. I am basically just expressing my own viewpoint.



Hi Sandi,

The last comment I responded to had no name on so I didn't know it was yours.

The point that I was making was that official complaints to the BBC seem to achieve nothing at all, as far as I can see, and it is much more of a headache to the establishment to have to deal with hundreds of complaints rather than one from an organisation that will be treated no differently, or at least that has been my experience. I'm not disputing that individuals should complain, in fact, as license fee payers, I think this is who the BBC can be reminded pay the wages, and fair play to all of you who have done so.

As for the fragmentation and lack of volunteers, as you know, we have been trying to get more people on board to do these tasks forever, with very little success, and I can't see that changing, unfortunately. Rather than take on roles within MS people have tended to go off and start a new group, often ending up in us all duplicating effort in some areas while huge gaps exist in others.

In the meantime, the mast movement reminds me of that poster with all those otters or whatever they are pulling in different directions and getting nowhere, so it could well be left down to mass letter-writing etc.



Hi Amanda,

The unnamed comment was not mine. I do try to remember to add my name. I was just generally replying to your email to make it clear that I understood your viewpoint, and to explain my own actions more clearly. I have respect for you, Amanda, and the work you have done.

I am well aware of how much more effective Mast Sanity could be if people would only volunteer and give a little time, and how much is lost if groups go off and do their own thing. I joined MS because I realised that this issue was far bigger than my own backyard and too important for accolade seeking.

It is the future of our children we are fighting for here and our environment and the world we live in. We should all join together and fight this together.

Having said that I do feel Mast Sanity has been too overworked and busy to send out clear messages at times, so perhaps people didn't realise how much it did, and how badly it needed volunteers if it was to do what was required of it!

Anyone who wants Mast Sanity to do more could offer a little time!

In Olle Johansson's radio broadcast he spoke of this technology slowing down our capacity to think and react. Having been badly affected last year with periods of increased power from TETRA, I do know the feeling of being unable to concentrate, having memory loss, and feeling low, dispirited and worn down - and the sleepless nights! I am now very much recovered and realise what an awful state that is to be in! Do we all want to end up permanently in that state eventually?

Olle says in the radio broadcast that the electrosensitive ones could be the lucky ones because they try to keep themselves away from sources of pulsed microwave radiation. It is his opinion that the electrosensitive are not the only ones who will be affected long term.

I am not only electrosensitive but I also talk regularly to others who are, and many of them are quite unwell. We are the forerunners and forewarners according to Olle Johansson. Please listen to us. We bear the message that our children and our world are in grave danger.

As part Lakota Sioux I know that there is much more than this technology which is damaging us, animal life and our world, but I chose to work in this area because the mobile and DECT phones/mast, WiFi etc are far too close to our children. I have to leave flouride, chemicals, drugs, polution etc etc to others.

If we are fragmented in our efforts and seek to achieve just local victories, then the Government and the operators will surely win. We have a tough battle against so much power and money, but joined up people power can achieve wonders in a peaceful and legitimate way.

These opinions are my own and what I truly believe, what I have always thought and said. I will carry on for as long as I am able in some way or another.



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