Mobile coverage for London Underground

Just asked my local councillors (London Borough of Haringey) and local MP (LibDem Lynne Featherstone) for advice and support on this issue. All Londoners on this list must get together to organise a London wide campaign. We need to try and get the London Press behind us asap. (Locals, and most importantly, The Evening Standard). The Transport Unions might be worth a go as well.

First ideas for a list of arguments:

Installing a mobile network in the tube would be a massive blow against the human rights of electrohypersensitive passengers (circa 3% of the population) who would no longer be able to use the tube.

It also poses a security poblem with regards to terrorrists being able to remotely detonate bombs.

It also poses a health and safety risk to all employees, especially drivers, who would be continuously exposed to a strong high frequency electromagnetic field, which is not only likely to reduce their concentration on the job and make them more accident prone, but will also cause all the known long term effects such as cardio-vascular illnesses, neurological illnesses such as Parkinson's and Alzheimers and of course, cancer.



I know before I realised the risks posed by mobile phone antennae...there were loads of complaints about how unsociable it was to be around people talking on their mobiles...comedians complained quite hilariously taking the mickey out of people pretendiong to be important, hanging on their was considered a real dweeby thing to do to be forever on a mobile having a private conversation in a really public place...

Perhaps a plea could be placed that for the half hour most people spend on the tube, they could have some relief from their mobiles...and those of everyone else!

I think a much wider audience would be sympathetic to the proposal that the underground is simply not the place to be forced to listen to peoples' private mobile conversations....(worse than second hand smoke!)...than would be sympathetic to the health risks posed by antennae and the phones.



I wonder if a certain level of emissions would breach ICNIRP - I know this has been suggested as a possibility at pop concerts, etc. (and I know ICNIRP is inadequate) but some phones have higher SAR rates than others, so in a worst-case scenario, could a frenzy of calls create an unlawful environment?



Yes, Sylvia, German studies in buses have shown that even ICNIRP guidelines will be breached by the hotspots created in the carriages' faraday cage.



Calling for a phone signal? Do you love or loathe mobile phones?


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