Penally TETRA Decision Deferred

Latest on Penally case. Many thanks again to all of those who sent objections to Pembs CC, and to David for providing the evidence to cast doubt on the recommendation to approve. The fight continues....


Penally TETRA Decision Deferred

11 April 2006

No decision will be made on MMO2's application to erect a TETRA mast at Penally until after a site visit. PENALLY residents have been given a temporary reprieve in their battle against the erection of a TETRA mast in the village.

A packed public gallery at today's planning committeee meeting heard an impassioned plea by Penally Cllr, Carol Cavil, for the committee to visit the site before a decision is made.

This was seconded by Cllr Brian Hall who said that clearly an issue that caused such high public attendance should merit a site visit. The meeting then voted unanimously for a site visit.

Ann Dassen, spokeswoman for the Penally Against Tetra Action Group expressed relief regarding today’s vote.

“We are relieved obviously, because the county council have tried to put such a strong case to approve the mast which we truly can't understand and we have presented evidence to them which refutes half of what was said today.

“We are very grateful to members of planning committee for proposing to visit the site and see how close it is to the Harriet Davis Trust.

“The officer said that the site was used for telecommunications already in fact there's just a television mast and a small RNLI antenna.”

Telecommunications company MMO2 originally submitted an application to erect a mast in Penally last June.

The company appealed to the Welsh Assembly appointed Planning Inspectorate after the county council failed to make a decision on the initial application.

A public inquiry, that would have either allowed or dismissed MMO2’s application, was scheduled for May 9th.

After the landmark ruling on Uzmaston by the Planning Inspectorate last January the telecommunications giant submitted a parallel planning application for the Penally mast to Pembrokeshire County Council.

MMO2's application is particularly contentious, as the mast would be sited in close proximity to the Harriet Davis Holiday Trust. A charity that provides holidays for disabled children and their carers.

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